A Traveler's Guide: Best Places To Visit In Beautiful Hungary

Tue Nov 14 2023

A Traveler's Guide Best Places To Visit In Beautiful Hungary

Hungary is an amazing travel destination filled with stunning landscapes, rich culture, delicious food and exciting activities. An overall popular tourist attraction in east-central Europe, Hungary offers plenty of iconic places and hidden gems for travelers to explore.

In this blog post about "A Travelers Guide: Best Places To Visit In Beautiful Hungary," we will cover the top cities to visit as well as must-see natural wonders, unique historic sites and other attractions to discover on your travels around Hungary.

Find all the essential information you need so that you can plan out a perfect trip to this beautiful country!

Key Takeaways

  1. Hungary is a beautiful country to visit filled with vibrant cities, historic sites and stunning natural wonders;
  2. Popular tourist attractions include Budapest Thermal Spa, Eger Castle in the Northern Uplands region of Hungary, Gyor for its unusual cleanliness, Debrecen for its religious monuments and Keszthely for its quaint charm;
  3. Must - see natural attractions include Lake Balaton which serves as an inflow from Slovenia to Zala River with vineyards around its shores perfect for swimming or relaxing on summer days, Danube Bend boasting picturesque river towns surrounded by dramatic peaks full of trees along the riverside making it one of the most beautiful parts of Hungary and Tihany known for exquisite landscapes plus cultural heritage and breathtaking views over Lake Balaton;
  4. Unique sights can be discovered at Tokaj – renowned wine production capital - and Szentendre – home to colorful buildings topped off with impressive exhibitions at Marzipan Museum!

Top Cities to Visit in Hungary

From experiencing the vibrancy of Budapest to exploring the culture in Debrecen, Hungary offers travelers a myriad of cities to explore.


The Hungarian capital of Budapest is a sprawling city that blends classical architecture, vibrant culture, and creative spirit. From its cobblestone streets to its fairy-tale facades, Budapest stands out from other cities for having unique attractions like the Thermal Spa – an outdoor complex fed by medicinal waters.

With 127 thermal springs located within an area of less than 502 kilometers squared, it has Europe’s richest concentration of naturally heated pools - meaning you can float in therapeutic thermal baths without ever leaving the city! Aside from this natural wonder, Hungary also boasts some incredible nightlife which comes alive with music that ranges across gypsy jazz to thrumming house beats! Hurtling between centuries-old structures and modern cafes in the same day will leave any traveler enchanted; so make sure when you're planning your trip don't forget to add beautiful Budapest on your itinerary!


Located in the Northern Uplands Region of Hungary, Eger stands out as one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Tourists can take delights here at renowned sites such as Eger’s spectacular castle and its myriad churches with breathtaking architecture.

Being home to some world-class winemakers, wine enthusiasts are sure to enjoy sampling different wines from local vineyards around town. Visitors can also explore numerous attractions like climbing up Eger’s minaret for an extensive view of the city or walking around Old Town area where centuries' old structures still stand today as reminders of patriotism and perseverance against invasion forces long ago.

Some say a visit to Dobó István Square is a must due to its dozens of cafes that should be sampled by every visitor before leaving this charming city. With a compact size but great potential for exploration throughout, travelers are highly recommended to visit Eger - there's something there everyone will love!


Located along the banks of the Danube River in Hungary, Gyor is a city full of unique sights and experiences. It has been often overlooked by tourists, which makes it an ideal destination for travelers looking to avoid crowded tourist sites.

Gyor offers a rich blend of history, architecture and cultural attractions that entice visitors from all over the world. The city's mostly Baroque center is known for its unusual cleanliness and relaxed atmosphere compared to other cities in Hungary.

A quick trip from Budapest or Vienna allows visitors to take advantage of these beautiful sights such as monuments , churches filled with incredible frescoes, architectural wonders inspired by the Italian Renaissance, museums showcasing local artifacts.


Located in the east of Hungary, Debrecen is one of the country's major cities and has been a cultural center since the 19th century. With a significant historic background, Debrecen was once dubbed "the Calvinist Rome" due to its many churches and religious monuments.

It's home to iconic attractions such as Lajos Kossuth Statue, Nagyerdei Water Tower and Great Church, with plenty more for visitors to explore. The University of Debrecen adds an educational aspect that makes this city an even more interesting experience for tourists traveling around Hungary.

If you're looking for some stunning natural beauty near Debrecen, Hortobagy National Park just south features grassy plains and many endangered species living there permanently. There’s something special waiting both in town and outside it - making sure no traveler leaves disappointed!


Keszthely is known as the cultural hub of Balaton, and it makes for a great tourist destination. This beautiful lakeside city located on the northwest part of Lake Balaton boasts its stunning historic castle, Festetics.

Additionally, this charming city has a population around 20,000 friendly inhabitants which creates further vibrancy to Keszthely's streets making it an attractive place to visit. The town is easily accessible from neighbouring cities in Hungary via train meaning travelers can revel in its rich heritage which stretches back thousands of years and explore its picturesque location made even more memorable thanks to nearby attractions such as Little Balaton and Fenékpuszta Nature Reserve.

Whether you are traveling alone or with friends and family, Keszthely deserves inclusion on your next trip through Hungary!

Must-See Natural Wonders

From the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Balaton to the picturesque views at Danube Bend and from the hiking trails of Aggtelek Caves to upscale thermal baths in Tihany, Hungary offers a plethora of natural wonders that must be seen by any traveler.

Lake Balaton

Located in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is the largest lake of its region and one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe. It is known locally as the "Hungarian Sea" due to its size and numerous attractions it offers for travelers.

With a length of nearly 75 miles (118 km), the lake stretches out across parts of Hungary, yet also serves as an inflow for Zala River from Slovenia. Its calm waters are surrounded by vineyards, volcanic mountains, thermal spa resorts - with beaches along its banks perfect for swimming and relaxing on summer days! The area was declared a national park in 1997; named Balaton Uplands National Park covers much of the surrounding plains filled with forests and meadows that come alive during springtime when flowers start blooming everywhere you look.

Adventure seekers can partake in hiking or cycling trips through this breathtaking scenery while water activities such as fishing or sailing attract those who long for more intimate moments immersed in nature's embrace.

Danube Bend

Located just north of Budapest, Hungary’s Danube Bend is a popular destination for both local and international visitors. Its dramatic horseshoe curve made by the river makes it one of the most picturesque parts of Hungary attracting nature-lovers and tourists alike wanting to experience it's unique topography.

The region offers lovely river towns filled with traditional architecture, historical sites that offer insight into Hungary's culture, as well as stunning natural beauty. Comprised on peaks that are lined with trees, a shoreline full of lush vegetation along the riverside give way to breathtaking views from any angle.

Whether you're looking for outdoor activities or exploring some cultural heritage there is something unforgettable at every turn in the Danube Bend making it an absolute must-see destination during your travels to this beautiful country.


Located in the Balaton Highlands region of Hungary, Tihany is a beautiful destination known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage and breathtaking views of Lake Balaton.

The small town is positioned on the northern shore of the lake, with both an Inner Lake surrounded by hills full of vineyards and an Outer Lake offering stunning vistas across Balaton.

The modern community is also home to architectural wonders such as the magnificent Benedictine Abbey which are open to visitors all year round. Tourists come here not only to enjoy walks around some spectacular scenery but also experience a taste of fresh regional cuisine from local eateries and even take part in unique activities like boat trips or visiting nearby spas.


Located in the northeastern part of Hungary, surrounded by great plains and rolling hills, is the esteemed city of Tokaj – known as ‘the wine capital of Hungary’. Part of a larger region stretching across Slovakia and Ukraine, Tokaj has earned international recognition for its sensational wine production culture starting centuries ago up to this day.

Collectively forming what is called the ‘Tokaj Wine Region’, this area brings together grapes and man into an intricate harmony creating one-of-a-kind sweet wines distributed around wo world renowned.

This uniqueness awarded it with another well deserved nickname: The Wine Of Kings! Not only famous for its exquisite fermented drinks but also cultural attractions such as medieval castles or nature trails with enchanting views filled with vineyards where you can enjoy a lovely gourmet meal accompanied by tasting local culinary delicacies all combined are magical components that must be experienced on your travels!

Unique and Historic Places

From the mesmerizing Aggtelek Caves to the culturally preserved Holloko Village, Hungary has an array of captivating sites sure to make your trip here unforgettable. Discover more by reading this article!


Located in north Hungary near the Danube River, Szentendre is a popular tourist destination for travelers looking to explore unique and historic places. The city boasts a picturesque and artistic atmosphere with streets lined with art galleries and distinctive colorful buildings.

While visiting its enchanting old town, visitors can experience its vibrant artistic community which dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Tourists will appreciate its many museums such as Marzipan Museum where they can learn more about Hungarian culture through interactive exhibitions featuring traditional arts & crafts.

Other destinations such as churches, historical landmarks,nd fortresses offer great opportunities for sight-seeing or photography. With so much variety, Szentendre is definitely worth adding to any traveler's trip itinerary!

Aggtelek Caves

The Aggtelek Caves are a unique and must-see destination in Hungary. Located on the Hungarian-Slovakian border, they form part of an impressive cave system with 712 caves. Primarily composed of limestone, the caves are famous for their vast dripstone formations including stalactites, as well as fascinating karstic landscapes within its 55,800 hectares that make up the protected area of Aggtelek National Park.

Covering this diverse landscape is a stunning array of flora and fauna making it one of Europe’s major areas for biodiversity conservation and considered to be both culturally and ecologically important.

Visitors can explore through several passages created by stalactites, discovering little lakes while passing under archways formed by hundreds of years worth erosion all along their journey in these captivating natural wonders.

Holloko Village

Holloko Village is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Cserhát Mountains of Hungary. It is known as one of the most charming spots in the country and its unique features make it a must-see for every traveler to Hungary.

The traditional settlement developed during the 17th and 18th centuries and visitors will be impressed with its picturesque scenery, charming buildings, castle ruins, and authentic rural lifestyle experience.

The village offers an insight into life in traditional Hungary where time seemed to stand still; visitors can explore quaint cobbled streets, admire historic homes which look like they are straight out of picture books, visit age-old farms that have been passed down from generation to generation, all adding up for a truly unique experience.


Located in northwestern Hungary on the banks of the majestic Danube River, Esztergom is a unique and historic town that offers a wealth of attractions to travelers. From its colorful medieval architecture, charming town streets and Basilica of Esztergom which towers over the skyline, this small Hungarian city was once home to a royal palace and served as the capital for centuries before being replaced by Budapest.

For those looking to take an unforgettable day trip from Budapest or explore more rural Hungary, there's no better place than Esztergom—it's only 50 kilometers away! Here you can immerse yourself in history and culture as you wander through old market towns, pay homage at many sacred religious sites like the beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral containing tombs of early Hungarian kings or revel in spectacular views along one of Europe’s most impressive rivers.

Other Beautiful Places to Discover

Tapolca, Lillafured, Sopron, Hortobagy National Park and Visegrad offer wondrous destinations for travelers seeking a truly unique experience.


Tapolca is a must-visit destination for any traveler who wants to experience the best of Hungary. Located in Veszprém county and close to Lake Balaton, this small town offers an authentic and unspoiled Hungarian atmosphere.

Popular attractions include the unique underground water system known as Lake Cave, Malom lake with the hidden Marton Laszlo Studio Gallery – it’s truly breathtaking and one of Tapolca's signature sights.

It is also highly affordable yet filled with some charming restaurants, cafes and galleries. For those looking for relaxing activities such as hiking or horse riding on trails winding along the hills overlooking Tapolca can do so too! Whether you’re looking for active adventures or just a laid back getaway spot, Tapolca will not disappoint.


is an idyllic destination located in the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen region of Hungary, surrounded by lush forests and majestic mountains. It offers travelers a peaceful respite from the hustle bustle of city life with a plethora of natural attractions that are sure to please even the most discerning traveler.

Visitors can explore hidden caves like St Stephen's Stalactite Cave and Anna Sinter Cave or marvel at the Hanging Gardens and Libegő offered near Lillafured – providing plenty for outdoor adventurers to discover while on their Hungarian excursion.

The city also boasts picturesque trails dotting its landscape, allowing visitors to take long walks along its breathtaking scenery before finally taking in some fresh air as they pause for a picnic lunch within Lillafürred’s many parks! Whether your next getaway takes you there or you simply want add it to your bucket list; one thing is certain: Lillafüred will be sure leave an indelible impression on any traveler who visits this beautiful corner of Hungary.


Sopron is a beautiful and historical medieval Hungarian town which has long been considered a hidden gem of Central Europe. Home to stunning Architecture both Baroque and Gothic in the form of its incredibly well-preserved old town, Sopron offers something for everyone - from art galleries tucked away in the winding cobbled streets, to trendy bars and restaurants with traditional local fare.

Located just an hour's drive from Vienna, it's easily accessible for travelers who want to visit Hungary on their way through Central Europe. Don't miss your chance to explore the picturesque vineyards around SOPRON or sample some of the fantastic wines available throughout this wine region of Hungary!

Hortobagy National Park

Located in eastern Hungary, the beautiful Hortobagy National Park is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site for its unique natural grassland environment. This national park offers travelers an extraordinary opportunity to discover wild life species and fascinating historical sites like Nine-Hole Bridge - a feature that dates back to medieval times and stands out among other nearby bridges with nine arches supporting its bridge spans.

The park houses water buffalo, cranes and rare great bustards which make it ideal for wildlife observation activities. At the center of the park lies the village of Hortobágy offering visitors a range of attractions including visitor center, shepherds museum, traditional Hungarian restaurant as well as guided tours led by knowledgeable local guides who can share their insights into this incredible place and its history.


Located in Pest County, north of Budapest on the bank of the Danube River in the stunningly scenic Danube Bend, Visegrad is a sought-after tourist destination in Hungary. Popular attractions include its beautiful and fortified Visegrad Castle, Zugfozde Palinkamuzeum which celebrates Hungarian wine culture through interactive displays and sampling local products, whilst Museum of Matthias Rex immortalizes Hungary's 15th century ruler with artifacts from his rule when cities across Europe were significantly impacted by his wisdom.Further adding to it's UNESCO listed bridge over Drina River, that stands as an impressive reminder since medieval times,Visegrad offers everything from historic charm to modern convenience for its 1,600 inhabitants and tourists alike making it an excellent choice for all kinds of travellers!


Hungary offers unparalleled beauty and a wealth of experiences for travelers, with grand castles, vast lakes, extraordinary caves, thick forests, and magnificent churches dotting the country.

Budapest is one of the top tourist destinations in Hungary due to its vibrant nightlife and stunning architecture situated on the banks of the Danube River. Beyond Budapest lies an abundance of unique natural wonders such as Lake Balaton and Tihany that must not be overlooked.

There are also countless historical sites like Eger Castle or Szentendre alongside breathtaking landscapes to explore throughout Hungary. On top of all this culture-rich travel experience there is affordability in prices here making it a perfectly attainable adventure destination too! With 100% free travel blog guides available written by real travelers filled with insider tips and information about Hungary tourism attractions, you will surely have an incredible journey in this beautiful nation!

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