Thrills And Spins: A Traveler's Guide To Exploring La Ronde In Montreal

Fri Dec 29 2023

A Traveler's Guide To Exploring La Ronde In Montreal

La Ronde in Montreal, Canada is a premier amusement park offering an incredible array of thrills and experiences! With over 40+ rides and attractions, including some of the fastest, tallest, wildest roller coaster rides in all of Canada - from Goliath to Le Vampire - it’s easy to have an amazing time with friends or family regardless of age.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, as La Ronde also offers live entertainment shows, water-based adventures such as Aqua Twist, theme park dining options and plenty more for your pleasure.

This guide will provide helpful information on ticket prices and passes; nearby accommodations; safety services; tips for a worry-free experience; detailed descriptions about thrilling rides like Vipère Free Fly Roller Coaster as well as family friendly rides assume Ednör.

Let's get ready to explore La Ronde and make sure you don't miss out on any serious thrills or spills during your visit!

Key Takeaways

  1. La Ronde is a premier amusement park located in Montreal, Canada and boasts over 40+ rides and attractions with something to offer for everyone - from thrill-seeking roller coasters like Goliath & Le Vampire to family-friendly activities such as Ednör & Bateau Pirate.
  2. The park is easily accessible by car, public transportation, bike or even without a ride share service from downtown Montreal!
  3. Visitors can experience interactive campaigns like Bateau Pirate, take a plunge on one of the water slides or enjoy live entertainment performances while exploring miles of walking paths featuring fantastic views.
  4. Safety protocols have been implemented since opening its doors over 50 years ago so visitors are encouraged to follow these guidelines before experiencing any thrilling rides at the theme park complex.
  5. There are many discounts available including food, merchandise, tickets and more that will help ensure visitors get maximum value out of their La Ronde experience!

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What is La Ronde?

Located in Montreal, La Ronde is Canada's premier amusement park, boasting over 40 thrilling rides and attractions ranging from the intense roller coasters of Goliath & Le Vampire to family-friendly attractions like Ednö́r & Bateau Pirate.

Visitors can also enjoy live entertainment, breathtaking views of the city skyline, and a variety of water-based adventures.

Canada's premier amusement park in Montreal

La Ronde is a thrilling amusement park located in Montreal, Quebec. Opened originally in 1967 as the entertainment complex for Expo 67, La Ronde has become an iconic landmark and premier attraction destination for family fun.

Featuring over 40 attractions including thrill rides like Goliath and Le Vampire, family-friendly activities such as Ednör and Bateau Pirate, and live entertainment shows throughout the summer months.

La Ronde is easily accessible by car or public transportation from downtown Montreal and offers special discounts on food, merchandise, tickets, and accommodations to ensure visitors get maximum value out of their experience at the park.

40+ rides and attractions

La Ronde in Montreal proudly offers 40+ thrilling rides and attractions for visitors of all ages, making it Quebec's premier amusement park. There are 13 intense thrill rides – such as Goliath and Le Vampire – that offer an adrenaline-packed experience of extreme heights, gravity-defying speeds, and sudden drops.

For those looking for a more family-friendly ride, La Ronde also houses the Autos Tamponneuses bumper cars and Pommes d'api spinning apples ride perfect for the young ones. Additionally there is something for everyone here at La Ronde with Ednör which is a junior coaster suitable even for toddlers.

Older kids can embark on swashbuckling adventures aboard Bateau Pirate where they will be taken through exciting scenes from classic pirate films or try their hand at mastering the Carrousels merry go round along with Marché du MILLÉPATTES to experience all these visually delightful experiences! Not only this there are several amazing summit Plummet water slides located around Hurrican Harbor Oaxtepec which provides hours a fun filled time spent splashing about in the water!

Exciting roller coasters and family-friendly attractions

La Ronde in Montreal offers something for everyone - thrills and spills to keep adrenaline junkies happy, family-friendly attractions that will delight the little ones, and even live entertainment to captivate its visitors of all ages.

Perhaps one of La Ronde's most thrilling plays is Goliath, an 856-metre long roller coaster speeding up to 84 kph with a gut-wrenching 67 metre drop! For something slightly tamer yet equally exhilarating, try out Le Vampire - a 50 metre tall suspended looping coaster taking riders on 3 upside down loops while also spinning around! Families can have plenty of fun too; Ednör allows the little ones to go wild on 3 different levels full of slides, tunnels and obstacles ideal for children 2-8 years old.

Take them aboard Bateau Pirate – 4 boats navigating through twists and turns inside a giant skull as well as under waterfalls – perfect gentle ride for kids aged 6 or over. An awesome day out at La Ronde is easy with such a wide selection of exciting rides and attractions available.

How to Get to La Ronde

Easily access La Ronde from anywhere in the Montreal region by car, bike, public transport, or rideshare services. To get there more quickly and conveniently, hop on Saint Helen\'s Island’s free shuttle bus for a direct connection to the amusement park - easily recognizable due to its bright colors and iconic architecture!

Located on Saint Helen's Island in Montreal

La Ronde is a premier amusement park that covers 146 acres of land on the eastern end of Saint Helen's Island in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Its prime location near downtown Montreal and its proximity to other attractions make it a top destination for tourists from around the world.

With 40+ unique rides and attractions, La Ronde promises thrills and excitement for guests of all ages.

The park is conveniently accessible by car via Autoroute 15 or 20; if you're taking public transportation there are multiple routes available via STM (Société de transport de Montréal), buses, ride-share services like Uber and even ferries that traverse between Old Port Harbor & Longueuil Metro Station from May to October.

Easily accessible by car, public transportation, or bike

Travelers looking to visit La Ronde amusement park in Montreal can easily get there by car, public transportation, or bike. Located on Saint Helen’s Island, the amusement is just a thirty-minute drive from downtown Montreal and readily accessible to those traveling by vehicle.

Alternatively, public transport such as bus routes 167 & 78 offer frequent service between downtown Montreal and La Ronde. Finally, those of us who like an active lifestyle - may switch up their transportation method this time and travel by bike! La Ronde has designated bicycle parking areas near many attractions within the park with plenty of room for cyclists.

Not only does taking advantage of any one or combination of these convenient options help you make closer connections with nature it also offers travelers additional safety during these Copid times too! So go ahead—explore your preferred mode(s) of self-transport and see where each journey takes you - because more often than not thrills will be apart of that adventure!

Activities and Attractions at La Ronde

From thrilling roller coasters like Goliath and Le Vampire to kid-friendly rides like Ednör and Bateau Pirate, La Ronde offers an incomparable range of entertainment options for the whole family.

Experience live show performances, take a plunge on one of their enchanting water attractions, or explore miles of walking paths featuring fantastic views.

Thrill rides like Goliath and Le Vampire

  1. Goliath is a steel roller coaster with intense drops, fast speeds, and plenty of thrills. It includes two inversions and reaches top speeds up to 82 km/hr (51 mph)! Different lighting sets the mood on this exciting ride at dusk or nighttime.
  2. Le Vampire is another thrilling adventure! This inverted steel coaster takes you 4 stories high - the ideal height for an adrenaline rush! The long track leads you through two loops and one corkscrew, all while suspended upside down for maximum thrills as it reaches its peak speed of 81 km/hr (50 mph).
  3. Both rides offer safe and secure experiences due to their over-the-shoulder restraint systems that ensure riders stay comfortably in place throughout each wave of exciting motion they experience onboard these fabulous coasters!

Family-friendly attractions like Ednör and Bateau Pirate

  1. Ednör - children can prevail over adventurous heights and navigate their way through suspended passages to different platforms with the help of hanging bridges, climbing walls, turnstiles, and zip lines
  2. Bateau Pirate – a whimsical pirate ship ride that offers interactive campaigns complete with cannons, synchronized singing birds, treasure chests filled with surprises and animations as wellas water jets for splashing around in the sea

Live entertainment and water-based adventures

  1. At La Ronde, visitors can experience a variety of thrilling live entertainment options such as the Fireworks Competition and Fright Fest. During firework shows, crowds are captivated by the dazzling displays of light! While at Fright Fest, participants navigate haunted houses filled with undead inhabitants and terrifying monsters trying to scare them away.
  2. For an adrenaline rush like no other, guests should try out some of La Ronde's exciting water-based attractions like Air Papillon and the Toboggan Nordique. Air Papillon offers a family-friendly parachute tower ride while on Toboggan Nordic daring riders freefall down a bold course surrounded by a stunning view of Montreal.
  3. Families with young children will be sure to enjoy Le Monstre, Canada's most intense roller coaster! Kids also love Ribambelle’s Land which features some much loved characters from Quebec folklore while Ednör is perfect for younger thrill seekers who want to get their first taste of adventure rides! There are countless more kid-friendly activities to choose from in this sprawling amusement park complex .
  4. Finally, there's something for everyone at Grande Roue - one of Europe's largest Ferris wheels with breathtaking views over downtown Montreal - and Pommes d'Api featuring two fast flying swings that offer riders unforgettable bird’s eye views from high above ground level!

Tips for a Fun and Safe Visit to La Ronde

From ticket prices and passes to nearby accommodation options, make sure you plan ahead in order to maximize the thrills and minimize any stress during your visit!

Ticket prices and passes

Exploring La Ronde in Montreal presents an array of ticketing options to fit every traveler's itinerary and budget. Whether you're planning a single day of thrills or envisioning multiple visits throughout the season, understanding the available passes and pricing structures can enhance your experience.

Type of PassDescriptionPrice RangeAdvance Purchase BenefitsSingle-Day TicketOne-time park entry on any day during the seasonApprox. CA$45Discounted rates online; time-savingSeason PassUnlimited visits during the seasonVaries based on promotionsSignificant savings; exclusive pass-holder perksFast PassAccess to a shorter line for popular ridesAdditional cost to regular admissionMaximize your time with more ridesAdd-OnsExtra activities like slingshot and go-kartsExtra charges applyEnhance your visit with unique experiences

With the option to purchase your tickets online, you'll not only save money but also secure immediate entry upon arrival, bypassing long lines at the gate. Season passes entitle you to unlimited fun, with the added advantage of special discounts during promotional periods. For those eager to squeeze in as many rides as possible, the Fast Pass option is a game-changer. Consider add-ons if you're seeking to amplify your adrenaline rush beyond the included attractions. Remember, planning ahead isn't just a cost-cutter—it's the gateway to a seamless La Ronde adventure.

Nearby accommodation options

There is a wide variety of places to stay near La Ronde amusement park, ranging from hotels and hostels to bed & breakfasts and vacation rentals. For convenience during their visit to the park, visitors may want to choose accommodation within 10 miles of its location on Saint Helen's Island in Montreal.

  • Hotels: The closest hotel options are located just across the river from La Ronde, providing quick access by car or public transit for those travelling without luggage or planning an early start for the day at the park. Hotels usually offer discounts if block booking is done in advance as well as packages that include tickets or transportation costs to/from La Ronde attractions.
  • Hostels: Hostel accommodation provides great value for budget travelers looking for affordable stays close to all major area attractions with comfortable shared rooms (with private bathrooms) and common areas including lounges where visitors can socialize with other tourists coming into town.Hostels also typically offer lockers and chairs outside each room so guests can store personal items safely while they explore the city’s sights.
  • Bed & Breakfasts: Bed & Breakfasts provide a homey atmosphere ideal for couples seeking an intimate experience during their journey through Montreal – many feature special touches like expressing loaves of bread delivered fresh daily, wood burning fires in winter months upstairs bedrooms facing harbour viewsupon request; plus some B&Bs even have bicycles available free use around town!
  • Vacation Rentals: Families traveling together may be interested in renting out self-caters homes instead will pride flexibility when it comes cooking meals lower prices than traditional resorts could opt book one these option them ultimate control over satisfactionof their own vacation stay needs . Most rental sites feature comparison tools allowing visitors choose desired features such locations amenities size availability type style price range . Furthermore there websites Canada Quebec where search specifically condos apartments villas suit postcode 4441B8 =.'

Safety measures and services for a worry-free experience

  1. La Ronde has developed a comprehensive opening safety plan which includes best practices from theme park industry experts and complies with all current public health guidelines to ensure the health and safety of its visitors.
  2. Park services such as answering FAQs, providing information on attractions, ticket prices and passes, online purchases, trip planning tips, discounted food and merchandise are available for convenience during your visit at La Ronde.
  3. All rides have been thoroughly inspected for signs of wear-and-tear or any mechanical defects prior to being put into operation by trained ride operators who will also be continuously monitoring them throughout the day in order to respond swiftly to potential risks while keeping guests safe on their ride experience.
  4. First Aid Centers are located around the amusement park staffed by medical professionals ready to provide medical assistance 24/7 in emergencies or minor injuries alike if needed during your stay at La Ronde.
  5. Enhanced cleaning procedures including wiping down surfaces with approved disinfectants after each use have been implemented across all dining locations and retail stores within the park for peace of mind among fellow travelers wishing to practice healthier hygienic habits while still enjoying everything La Ronde has to offer!


The world of amusement parks, both in Canada and worldwide, has something to offer for everyone. La Ronde is a testament to this fact—a premier destination for families and thrill-seekers alike who want to experience the country's best roller coasters and attractions.

Offering 40+ rides and activities, there’s something for everyone at La Ronde! From the heart-pounding Goliath coaster or the High Tour Eiffel observation tower, to family-friendly attractions like Ednör and Bateau Pirate which will keep little ones entertained all day long—your visit promises breathtaking thrills that you won't soon forget.

Located on Saint Helens Island in Montreal, with easy access by car, public transit or bike—your dream trip awaits! Ticket prices vary depending on services offered; be sure to explore all discounts available as well as look into nearby accommodations before visiting.

Above all else make sure your safety is top priority while riding any of their thrilling rides following their strict safety protocols they’ve put into place since opening its doors over 50 years ago.

Now what are you waiting for? Get ready it's time jumpstart some serious fun - la ronde awaits your arrival!

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