Curiosity Unleashed: A Traveler's Guide To Melbourne Museum

Tue Jan 09 2024

A Traveler's Guide To Melbourne Museum

From historical artifacts to modern attractions, Melbourne Museum is a hub of curiosity and exploration. Located in the heart of Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne Museum is one of the world’s biggest and most impressive museums with 19 different museums making up part of its sprawling complex.

With its diverse collection spanning ancient history to cutting-edge technologies, this iconic museum provides interactive experiences for travellers to uncover new thoughts and perspectives on our past and present.

Whether it's learning about ancient civilizations or discovering something totally new in the Creative Lab workshop space – there's plenty you can explore at this incredible institution.

As one of Australia’s oldest tourist destinations, let us unlock your curiosity by presenting an easy guide that will help bring out your inner explorer!

Key Takeaways

  1. Melbourne Museum is a hub for curiosity and exploration with 19 museums tackling different facets of life from ancient to modern.
  2. Must - see exhibitions include the Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition, RELICS: A New World Rises and Creative Lab at Melbourne Museum.
  3. Interactive experiences range from guided Tiny Tours through the museum, Children\'s Gallery activities like Horridus the Triceratops, slime making workshops in Creative Lab plus Road To Zero Helmet Heroes program designed to educate children about bike/scooter safety .
  4. Other attractions comprise of Gandel Gondwana Garden with palaeontological exhibits providing an insight into Victoria’s ecosystem plus the emotive Phar Lap Gallery celebrating Australia's most famous racehorse's legacy
  5. Travelers visiting Melbourne Museum can expect a world class experience uncovering new discoveries, revisiting historic cultures & interactive engagement all rolled into one!

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Must-See Exhibitions at Melbourne Museum

Delve below the surface and explore hidden worlds as you uncover some of Melbourne Museum's premier exhibitions, showcasing collections from prehistoric relics to oceanic treasures.

Immerse yourself in interactive experiences that feature rare artifacts and state-of-the-art technology!

Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition

Travellers looking for an engaging and educational experience can explore more than 200 real artefacts from the Titanic at the Melbourne Museum. This visually stunning exhibition is a partnership between E/M Group, RMS Titanic, Inc., and Museums Victoria, bringing powerful stories of tragedy and awe to life through artifacts such as ship components, objects belonging to passengers on board, photos of lost individuals, medical supplies used in recovery efforts – all accompanied by audio-visual technologies including film clips.

It provides a unique insight into one of the world’s most iconic ships; along with personal stories behind its voyage while also delving into the engineering marvel that was The Unsinkable Ship! A must-see for history buffs and anyone interested in maritime disasters.

RELICS: A New World Rises

is an incredible exhibition at Melbourne Museum, created by Perth duo Jackson Harvey and Alex Towler. It blends both real-world items from the museum\'s collection with LEGO® civilizations to tell a story of a world where minifigures have risen from the debris long after humanity's reign.

Visitors will get to witness life 2530 years in the future as imagined through this unique merger of cultures and time periods.

Themed areas within RELICS: A New World Rises provide visitors an immersive experience — they can explore interactive elements such as tiny robots moving around on rails that help bring relics back to life or even view hidden floors using augmented reality technology! Moreover, entry into the Tata Djunkarren section allows guests to discover more about Boon Wurrung Peoples  —  descendants of one of three nations who make up Eastern Kulin Nations - and their cultural heritage which includes stories associated with Woi Wurrung Country near present day Melbourne, Australia.

The extensive education resources available about Boon Wurrung Peoples also align closely with Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre located at aboriginal centre at Melbourne Museum.

Interactive Experiences at the Museum

immerse yourself in hands-on experiences tailored to engage, stimulate and inspire visitors of all ages. Explore the everchanging exhibits, enjoy interactive activities at the Children's Gallery, create artworks with Creative Lab and hop on Tiny Tours for an interactive tour around the museum!

Children's Gallery

At Melbourne Museum, the Pauline Gandel Children\\\'s Gallery provides an unsurpassed hands-on exploration experience for kids of all ages. From babies to teens, this gallery offers interactive activities designed to create an immersive and inclusive experience.

It features open-ended play-based learning experiences with nearly two years of research and design poured into new exhibits. Familiar favorites like Horridus the Triceratops and Triceratops: Fate of the Dinosaurs are joined by fantastic Tiny Tours that take visitors on exciting science adventures to spark creative thinking and discovery.

Parents can rest assured knowing their little ones will have a world class experience at the museum while keeping everyone entertained!

Creative Lab

Located at the Melbourne Museum, Creative Lab is a unique interactive and creative experience for children and families. The program offers a range of activities, workshops and learning opportunities designed to help visitors immerse themselves in the local environment.

From ball pits populated with plastic fish to slime stations filled with colourful concoctions, there's something for everyone. These hands-on experiences allow participants to get up close and personal with creatures from deep beneath the sea as they explore their natural habitat while learning about biodiversity in a fun and engaging way.

Children can also create real-world objects such as masks that represent different species or pieces of artwork inspired by nature. For aspiring techies, there are even 3D printing workshops where they can bring their designs come alive through cutting-edge technology! By providing an array of interesting activities to choose from, Creative Lab at Melbourne Museum encourages exploration on multiple levels - educational, physical, emotional and creative all rolled into one!

Tiny Tours

Tiny Tours at Melbourne Museum is an 45 minutes interactive tour for early year audiences. Aimed to ignite the curiosity of young visitors, these tours include a custom-made guide who explains and shows the most curious and interesting parts of the museum in an easy-to-understand language. The Tiny Tours are scheduled to run until January 19, 2024, providing ample opportunity for families to participate during the summer school holidays. This tour will give your kids a unique and immersive museum experience uncovering's the different collections, decorations and galleries that this museum offers. The specific areas covered by this tour includes the Children’s Gallery, Creative Lab and other attractions such as Gandel Gondwana Garden or Phar lap Gallery. Make sure you check out the schedule and session times beforehand so you don't miss out!

Road to Zero Helmet Heroes

Road to Zero Helmet Heroes is a program at Melbourne Museum that provides interactive experiences and hands-on learning environments for families with children aged three and above. The program offers tips on how to choose and correctly fit helmets for bike, scooter, and skateboard safety – part of the museum\'s efforts to educate about road safety and promote a future free from deaths or serious injuries on the roads. Visitors are encouraged to bring their current helmet along so they can have it professionally adjusted if needed, as well as being given advice on how best select one suited for their needs if they do not already own one. As part of the experience, visitors can take photos wearing cool retro helmets at an interactive photo booth in Characters Café, Sprit Winners Gallery or Near Museum Entrance Foyer 1.

Other Attractions at Melbourne Museum

From the unique Gandel Gondwana Garden to the nostalgic Phar Lap Gallery, Melbourne Museum offers plenty of sights and sounds to amaze visitors, not least of which is a traditional Djirri Djirri Coming of Age Ceremony.

Start exploring and uncover something new today!

Gandel Gondwana Garden

Gandel Gondwana Garden, located at Melbourne Museum, is a 900sqm outdoor space dedicated to Victoria's environmental history and biodiversity. Named after the supercontinent of Gondwana that connected most of the southern hemisphere during prehistoric times - including Australia - the purpose of this garden is to be educational yet entertaining for all ages.

Through its displays such as palaeontological exhibits and play areas, visitors can explore how animals, plants, and rocks have changed over time in Victoria’s ecosystem. It allows adults and children alike an interactive learning experience about their environment while simultaneously providing them with an opportunity to get close to nature.

It also serves as a unique attraction to enhance overall travellers' experiences when exploring Melbourne Museum; even native Victorians may be able discover more than what they already know about their locale through exploring Gandel Gondwana Garden.

Phar Lap Gallery

Located in the Melbourne Museum, the Phar Lap Gallery celebrates one of Australia\'s most famous racehorses and the legacy that he left behind. Visitors to this collection will experience an array of over 350 items related to Phar Lap's racing career, including programs, winner’s cups and stakes, saddles, bridles and other equipment used throughout his races.

The gallery also proudly houses and displays another unusual artefact associated withAustralia's legendary gelding - his unusually large heart!

The museum encourages visitors on a virtual adventure through time as they explore the significance of Phar Lap's impact upon Australian culture. Not only can you view interactive exhibits which give a unique insight into how such a powerful horse became part of our heritage but you can also be taken aback by looking at video footage from some of his most electrifying victory laps! Furthermore there is an online program available specifically for visitors wishing to learn about Australia’s greatest champion virtually from anywhere in world and understand what made him remarkable during a time without modern technology or facilities.

Djirri Djirri Coming of Age Ceremony

The Djirri Djirri Coming of Age Ceremony is of great cultural and historical significance for the Wurundjeri First Peoples, who are traditional owners and custodians of the land on which Melbourne Museum stands.

After being dormant for as long as 180 years due to colonization, this tradition has been revived in 2019 at Melbourne Museum with an interactive exhibition featuring traditional Indigenous challenger sticks, artefacts, and story-telling that bring to life its dramatic revival.

This celebration marks a significant milestone in preserving Australia's history as well as reconciling past wrongs against its first peoples through recognition of their living cultures and histories.

As a reminder that reconciliation takes time it also serves to highlight our shared responsibility in acknowledging meaningful steps towards Truth & Reconciliation. Every year more than three hundred visitors come here to witness one of the oldest ceremonies still practiced by many Aboriginal groupings across Australia celebrating coming-of-age within Indigenous families today.

Tips and Recommendations

With just a few tips and insider knowledge, travelers can make the most of their visit to Melbourne Museum. From taking advantage of Membership benefits to exploring nearby attractions, there are lots of ways to get the best out of this museum experience.

Become a Museum Member

  • With a Museum Membership, you can enjoy free general entry to the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum as well as discounts on special exhibitions, parking and in the museum shop.
  • Membership also gives access to events, scientific meetings, and exhibitions hosted by the Royal Society. A single adult Museum Membership costs $59 while a concession Museumship is $39 – making it the most cost-effective way for travelers to explore all that Melbourne Museum has to offer.
  • In addition to the free access and discounts associated with membership, members of Melbourne Museum benefit from exclusive offers such as previews, invitations, discounts throughout the facility (including shop merchandise), priority bookings for activities and events like Little Sparks Lab or Wildlife Photographer of the Year show.
  • Members also get priority notifications about upcoming programs and events around town through easily accessible monthly newsletters on their email address.
  • Finally, once a member you benefit from loyalty program points every time you visit which accumulate towards additional privileges such us discounted tickets for special activities or free entry for family members etc.

Check the schedule and session times

To make the most of your Melbourne Museum experience, it is essential to check both the daily schedule and session times prior to and during a visit. With exhibitions such as Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition, RELICS: A New World Rises, Children's Gallery interactive activities, Creative Lab workshops, Tiny Tours for pre-schoolers and Road to Zero Helmet Heroes; there is something to suit all interests. Live shows are available in various galleries across the museum including demonstrations on plants & animals from Victoria’s diverse climates given by passionate Park Rangers. Furthermore those with an interest in science have access to exclusive Royal Society events held at Melbourne Museum regularly throughout each quarter. All adult sessions require a ticket so make sure that you plan out which ones you want beforehand. School holiday programs also run at different times providing unique opportunities in a safe learning environment focused around budding creativity amongst young minds…so don’t forget the kids either!

Get a taste of Melbourne with High Tea at the Museum

The Melbourne Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the incredible history of the Titanic in more detail. When visitors purchase tickets for an exclusive High Tea experience, they can recreate one of the most memorable meals from aboard that fateful voyage.

Treats inspired by what passengers enjoyed on board are served as part of a tiered menu they will never forget. Accompanied by teas, coffees and speciality drinks, this indulgent afternoon tea has been replicated directly from a sold-out season at the Haute Epoque dining cabaret in Paris – allowing guests to enjoy something both delicious and rare.

As part of their visit to The Mercury restaurant at Melbourne Museum, travelers receive not only food but an unforgettable atmosphere created just for them with luxurious shabbiness inspired by ocean liners of yesteryear coupled with modern touches like lighting installations over dinner tables serving up lightshows during breaks between courses or sipping coffee beneath an arching canopy made out delicate blown glass bubbles framed against stunning views of Port Phillip Bay.

Accessibility and accommodations

At Melbourne Museum, visitors are greeted with an array of resources to ensure all individuals can have an equal opportunity to experience the exhibits and activities. The museum provides wheelchair accessibility through a lift in the Royal Exhibition Building Dome Promenade, allowing for three levels of exhibition exploration.

Additionally, the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle is also wheelchair accessible and stops nearby the Immigration Museum - making it easy for visitors with mobility needs to get around.

Outside of physical accommodations, the Autism friendly museum offers social stories as well as sensory-friendly maps and information designed specifically for those who may require extra support due to autism or other sensory sensitivities.

Insight Guide Melbourne provides travelers with comprehensive information on how their trip should be planned out while taking into account accessibility features at attraction sites such as this one.

Explore the surrounding area and nearby playgrounds

Melbourne Museum is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by a vibrant and bustling landscape. Within minutes you can find your way through Southbank Promenade along the Yarra River, sample sumptuous eats from Melbourne's laneways or stroll through Carlton Gardens with its floral displays, historic statues and picturesque lake.

The Botanic Gardens nearby provide another verdant escape to explore and discover lush attractions away from the hustle and bustle. Best suited for families with young children are nearby playgrounds such as Queen Victoria Gardens right behind the Melbourne Art Centre which boasts expansive grass covered hills to run up and down on, while older kids might enjoy getting active at Franklin Street Playground with its basketball courts, bike tracks as well as scooter-friendly paving paths.

With so much available within walking distance of Melbourne Museum it makes perfect sense to check out what else this area has to offer when visiting Australia's premier museum!


Melbourne Museum provides adventure and educational experiences for visitors of all ages. With its unique exhibits, interactive activities, and nearby attractions, the museum offers something for everyone with enough to explore over a day or multiple visits.

From examining ancient artefacts to taking in views from iconic Eureka Tower Skydeck, step into a world of discovery at Melbourne Museum. Immersion into different cultures is further amplified by experiences such as Djirri Cultural Ceremony and Road To Zero Helmet Heroes where people can gain more knowledge about Australia’s first peoples living cultures and histories.

Whether you're a local resident or tourist looking for enrichment beyond sightseeing adventures - be sure stop by one of the largest museums in the world when exploring Melbourne!

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