Wild Wonders: A Traveler's Guide To The Bronx Zoo In New York

Sat Jan 13 2024

A Traveler's Guide To The Bronx Zoo In New York

The Bronx Zoo is a must-visit for animal lovers and adventurers, offering an incredible 265 acres of wildlife adventures. With over 5,000 animals representing more than 700 species, the Bronx Zoo is one of the finest zoos in the world.

Whether you're looking to have up-close encounters with wild creatures or learn more about conservation and species preservation, this guide on Wild Wonders: A Traveler's Guide To The Bronx Zoo In New York has something for everyone--and it's packed with interactive maps, real-time info about exhibits, ticket prices and programming details! From symbolically adopting an animal to exploring immersive programs like Early Childhood Education and Wild Wonders: Seasons & Fur Feathers & Scales events that will make your trip unforgettable.

In this guide you'll get all of the information you need to plan your perfect day at one of America's most beloved zoos. So don't keep your feet grounded when adventure calls; join us as we explore Wild Wonders at the majestic Bronx Zoo of New York!

Key Takeaways

  • The Bronx Zoo offers an incredible 265 acres of wildlife adventures and is home to more than 5,000 animals from more than 700 species.
  • Flexible pricing minimal price starts at $20 with discounts available for seniors, children and WCS members. Parking fees also vary depending on the day of the week.
  • For food options, visitors can find something fitting their taste from hot meals to snacks in Dancing Crane Cafe or purchase it within the park from vendors offering classic New York cuisine like Italian ices or homemade pretzels. Additionally, there are specialty items like gluten free pizza and allergen friendly breakfast burritos for those with dietary restrictions..
  • Wild Encounters program provides up close experience with animals handfeeding giraffes to walking among jaguars in their habitats; You can also become part of conservation efforts through symbolic adoptions a range of virtual encounters as well! Wildlife Camp Online offer campers exclusive access to up-close experiences virtually plus enjoy private tours deep inside both ancient archaeology sites & ruins seasonally too!
  • Members get discounted ticket prices for additional guests, exclusive discounts on Wild Encounter experiences, food purchases and special events throughout the park including invitations only evenings - so make sure you join today!!!

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Planning Your Visit to the Bronx Zoo

Getting a jump on planning your visit helps you make the most of your adventure at the Bronx Zoo. Be sure to consider tickets, parking, hours and food options when planning for an enlightened experience.

Tickets and pricing

  • All visitors must have a date - specific ticket for entry to the Bronx Zoo.
  • Flex pricing allows for varying prices based on age and membership status – adults (13 & over) start at $28.00+, seniors (65 & over) start at $26.00+ and children (3 - 12) tickets start at $20.00+.
  • Children 2 and under receive free admission to the Bronx Zoo, however admission is still required for WCS members and one-day ticket buyers.
  • Discounts may also be available for seniors and children as well as special considerations for young children or Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) members.

Zoo parking

Visiting the Bronx Zoo is an unforgettable experience, and with a few simple planning tips, you can make sure that your visit goes off without a hitch. When it comes to parking at the zoo, the recommended lot for the best arrival experince is the Southern Boulevard parking lot.

Preferred Parking is also available on weekends for a fee of $27. You can also take advantage of all-day parking rates which are $20 for cars and $23 for buses. For visitors looking to get in some extra time at the park before and/or after closing hours, preferences parking might be worth considering; otherwise arrive early to secure regular fates so you don't miss out on any precious wildlife- viewing time! It may also be wise to check ahead before visiting as parking fees and policies often change depending on holidays or special events taking place at the zoo.

Hours of operation

  • The Bronx Zoo opens daily at 10: 00am, with last entry 45 minutes prior to closing.
  • Animal exhibits close 30 minutes prior to park closing.
  • Operating hours may vary seasonally; the zoo closes earlier in winter and has extended operating times during summer months. It is recommended that travelers check the Plan Your Visit page for specific seasonal timing details.
  • With the exception of Christmas Day (December 25th) when the zoo is closed, there are no other days where visitors cannot enter or explore the site year-round due to adjusted lighting hours in certain public sections of the property after dark throughout all four seasons.

Food options

At the Bronx Zoo, visitors have plenty of dinner options to keep them well-fed throughout their adventure. The Dancing Crane Cafe is a 17,500 square foot restaurant where guests can enjoy hot and cold dishes, snacks, and beverages.

Visitors are also allowed to bring in outside food or purchase it within the park from various vendors offering classic New York cuisine like Italian ices or homemade pretzels.

For those looking for something special the zoo houses additional dining experiences including an outdoor eatery called Asia on Fire and Sea Lion Splash BBQ serving casual summertime favorites including burgers with fries as well as vegan alternatives like salads and veggie wraps.

Wild Encounters at the Bronx Zoo

From up-close animal encounters to virtual experiences, the Bronx Zoo has something for everyone - and even more if you’re a member!

Up-close experiences

  1. Wild Encounters program provides an up-close and personal experience with the animals at the Bronx Zoo. Visitors can choose from a variety of programs, such as family meet-and-greets or individual animal encounters designed to match interests and ages. Personal experiences include more intimate moments with some of the zoo's most amazing creatures – from spending time handfeeding giraffes to walking among jaguars in their habitats.
  2. Become part of conservation efforts through symbolic adoptions! A fun way for families and individuals alike to show off your passion while also being part of important wildlife initiatives that protect species around the world, symbolically adopting a Vervet monkey, meerkats or red pandas are just some examples offered by The Bronx Zoo’s Wild Wonders Program throughout the year!
  3. Virtual visits will let people explore new digital spaces as you traverse different landscapes including rainforest shenanigans, twilight strolls in Coronado Bay taiga waters, mountain gorilla habitat exploration and more! You'll get exclusive views into these breathtaking habitats—all without leaving home!
4 Members will gain access to private tours deep inside both ancient archaeology sites & ruins, plus discovering WindCaves filled with special surprises unique only for members' excursions each season too - like swimming under waterfalls during summer months (with appropriate safety precautions)! Make sure you take full advantage when becoming an official member here at this New York gem called “The Bronx Zoo” today!!!

Virtual experiences

At the Bronx Zoo, you can explore a range of virtual encounters with their animals and staff. Through Wild Encounters, the zoo offers visitors an up-close experience with wildlife such as cheetahs, birds, reptiles and more –all from their own homes.

With Virtual Experiences on offer throughout the year, these unique opportunities provide a different perspective on ecosystems and wildlife through interaction with animal keepers and scientists in real time.

As part of its mission to educate all ages in conservation efforts, the zoo also hosts Wildlife Camp Online for budding zoologists providing them exclusive access to up-close experiences virtually.

Member discounts

WCS Member discounts make trips to the Bronx Zoo even more enjoyable and budget-friendly. From discounted ticket prices for additional guests, to exclusive discounts on Wild Encounter experiences, food, merchandise purchases and special events throughout the park - Members save money every time they visit.

With a 20% discount on tickets for additional members not covered under their membership and 10% off all Wild Encounters Experiences - from an intimate encounter with giraffes in two empowering bushwalks around African Plains or Picnic with Penguins - these experiences are sure to create wonderful memories without breaking the bank! Members also receive exclusive invitations to Members' Evenings at the Bronx Zoo where they can get up close and connect with some of nature's most incredible creatures.

And if that weren't enough, enjoy a 10% discount when purchasing gifts or dining at one of The Bronx Zoo's many restaurants after you've finished your wild adventure! So join now – then simply show your card each time you visit – let WCS handle the rest so you can experience truly unforgettable days out in The Bronx!

Explore the Bronx Zoo

From virtual experiences to interactive maps and early childhood programs, the Bronx Zoo offers a wide range of possibilities for travelers of all ages. Get up close with nature as you explore its educational paths and innovative attractions.

Interactive map

Visitors to the Bronx Zoo will never get lost thanks to the zoo's convenient interactive map. Visitors can easily access the interactive map on their smartphones or other devices, enabling them to plan out their visit ahead of time and make sure they don't miss a single exhibit.

With the use of 3D models and detailed descriptions for each exhibit, it's easier than ever before to find exactly what you're looking for at the Bronx Zoo. From saving your favorite animals to discovering helpful hints about animal activity times, this user-friendly tool helps visitors explore all 260 acres of wild life wonders without getting lost or wasting valuable vacation time! For members of the zoo, discounts are provided using this map as well for further savings that will be available during certain periods throughout each year.

Whether you're looking for an up close experience with wildlife or just wanting to explore all that nature has created in one place - look no more cause thanks to its innovative features, The Bronx Zoo interactive Map is here; making exploring a breeze!

In-park app experience

The Bronx Zoo offers a unique app based in-park experience to maximize visitors' enjoyment of the park and all it has to offer. The interactive map helps visitors navigate the 260 acres of hardwood forest, while individualized sections provide information on general activities, animal photos and descriptions, history and more.

Additional features like upcoming events calendars keep guests up-to-date on new attractions during their stay. Furthermore, enthusiasts can access exclusive real-time insider experiences with staff members, take virtual encounters with animals for an up close understanding of wildlife behavior or even join discounted member programs such as Wild Wonders: Seasons or Fur, Feathers & Scales.

Through the app guests can easily familiarize themselves with this incredible facility dedicated to conservation efforts without having to strain too much effort into researching every aspect before arriving at the zoo!

Early childhood programs

The Bronx Zoo offers a wide range of educational programs for children and their families to explore the natural world and learn about wildlife, conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Through its early childhood programming, the zoo provides opportunities for young people to immerse themselves in imaginative play as they are introduced to animals from around the world.

Wild Wonders gives children an up-close opportunity to observe wild creatures through interactive experiences like meet-and-greets with furry animals, touch pools filled with slippery sea life, or gazing into open exhibits that bring exotic birds from faraway places right into view.

For those who prefer a virtual experience at home, the park also provides live webcams where viewers can tune in to follow dynamic animal activities throughout the day. Early childhood memberships come with discounts on special tours and other fun events taking place year-round at the zoo.

Zoo campers get hands-on access to more than 6500 species across 265 acres of nature trails and habitats while learning about endangered species initiatives through crafts projects that help spark creative thinking associated with ecological concepts such as biodiversity loss prevention strategies.

Wild Wonders: Seasons

At the Bronx Zoo in New York, visitors can explore a diverse array of animal species and habitats all year round. During the colder months, an amazing array of seasonal experiences is available to travelers.

It's a great way for families and solo adventurers to experience nature up close in cozy warm surroundings!

Winter visitors can embark on an adventure through the indoor Discovery Center where they can enjoy playful encounters with birds, reptiles, frogs, fish and more. Plus - there are interactive games and activities designed to teach about caring for wildlife as well as fun holiday exhibits like “Candy Cane Corner” hosted by costumed characters! Outdoor guests may even spot migratory waterfowl or spot some hibernating critters hidden from view during warmer times of year.

Wild Wonders: Fur, Feathers and Scales

The Bronx Zoo offers an up-close and personal experience of viewing a variety of wild animals with their Wild Wonders: Fur, Feathers and Scales program. This program provides interactive experiences with multiple different species of wildlife such as penguins, cheetahs, sloths and more! Whether you’re visiting the zoo in person or virtually - both options provide visitors with interesting ways to learn about their favorite animal friends.

You can get close enough to pet birds like parakeets at some exhibits, spot rare creatures from around the world at others or even play educational games like scavenger hunts tailored to your future zookeeper.

Don’t forget about getting to know them too – there are talks given by caretakers that share all sorts of fun facts about animals that aren’t usually known otherwise. Plus, if anyone wants to keep exploring back home after they leave the zoo, they can purchase merchandise directly related to each featured exhibit!

Visiting Wild Wonders: Fur Feathers and Scales is great for everyone: families looking for quality time together bonding over incredible animal encounters; curious kids eager to explore; adults searching for learning opportunities in unique settings; or people just wanting a break from regular life while feeling safe amongst other nature lovers alike.

Conservation Efforts at the Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is committed to protecting wildlife and wild places, and works to provide resources for animal conservation around the world. Learn about the inspiring initiatives undertaken by the zoo, from Animal Planet\'s \"The Zoo\" documentary series to their virtual outreach programs.

Saving wildlife and wild places

The Bronx Zoo runs the Wildlife Conservation Society, a pioneering global organization that works to save wildlife and wild places from threats such as habitat loss and poaching. The WCS utilizes their multiple urban parks––including the Bronx Zoo––and various field programs around the world in their efforts to protect species great and small.

Visitors can get involved with conserving wildlife by participating in one of its educational events or through membership, which offers discounts on experiences at the zoo while also providing valuable financial support for conservation initiatives worldwide.

Additionally, virtual encounters they offer are not only exciting but help increase visibility about conservation issues; meanwhile paid memberships provide funds for monitoring endangered wildlife populations across five continents.

Animal Planet's "The Zoo"

Animal Planet's \"The Zoo\" is an incredible, multi-season docuseries that follows the true stories of both animals and keepers from the world famous Bronx Zoo. Every episode provides a behind-the-scenes look at some of their most beloved residents while also showcasing rare and endangered species in need of protection.

With its poignant portrayals of human interactions with wild animals, \"The Zoo\" shines light on many conservation efforts that the zoo is actively engaging in to save wildlife around the globe.

Visitors can learn about these efforts and hear some wonderful animal stories through discovery guides like ‘Wild Walk’ and 'Fur Feathers & Scales' or zookeeper talks throughout the park; they may even get to volunteer as a Liberty Steward – passing on knowledge, building awareness about environment issues, inspiring action for wildlife conservation across generations.

Zoo to You program

The Bronx Zoo's 'Zoo to You' program is a dedicated initiative designed to connect visitors with wildlife and nature. It provides educational resources, interactive experiences & activities for all ages through virtual tours, webinars, outreach programs, in-depth videos and other entertaining content to inspire the audience on how they can contribute towards conservation of wildlife.

The team also operates Animal Planet's "The Zoo" show which tells stories from behind the scenes at the zoo as well as works closely with its Wildlife Conservation Society partners both near and far - like supporting local communities’ efforts across Africa or giraffe research in Namibia.

Additionally, it runs a children’s early learning program which offers fun opportunities for families to learn more about animals living around them by helping plant trees or visiting animal cams – all while getting connected with each other virtually! On St.

Catherine's Island located off Georgia coast, conservationists from Zoo workady throughout year gathering data that helps save endangered species — one island ratio at time—while engaging visitors through various accessible mediums for an unforgettable experience away from home.

Supporting the Bronx Zoo through membership

  1. Membership at the Bronx Zoo supports the efforts of the Wildlife Conservation Society's mission to save wildlife and wild places. Through membership, people can enjoy added benefits and increased support to help advance conservation work done by zoo staff.
  2. Conservation Members receive exclusive discounts such as Jungle World passes that are not available for general admission, as well as discounted pricing for pre-scheduled encounters with animals, free parking on Wednesdays, early access to special events and more.
  3. By joining the Bronx Zoo members gain behind-the-scenes insights into the zoo's animal residents with access to exclusive member nights; they also have access to members-only sections in WCS publications like the Wild Animal Herald newsletter or Animal Tracks magazine. Members can also attend select open houses and workshops hosted by experts in their fields from around the world.
  4. Whatever their plans may be while visiting, Conservation Members will contribute directly to WCS – their membership fees cover all of the expenses associated with caring for wildlife at the park such as nutrition and medical needs – staying true to WCS’s motto: “welfare through conservation” which rehabilitates animals in distress and protects rare species from extinction.
  5. Members are invited to join a host of educational programs which include early childhood programs such as discovery camps where students learn how different species interact with their habitats while engaging in interactive activities; immersion courses where students learn about climate change through hands-on activities; Virtual Experiences allowing members virtual rides or walks through the zoo via video chat platforms; and evening lectures exploring various topics relating to science, culture and nature conservation among many others!
  6. Supporting Bronx Zoo through membership is an essential part of zookeepers' mission: helping conserve fragile populations of endangered species, restoring declining ecosystems, creating groundbreaking veterinary treatments for ill or injured animals – these are just some examples of how membership dollars make a real difference every day!


The Bronx Zoo is an incredible destination that offers an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking to explore natural beauty and wildlife conservation. From extraordinary animal encounters to early childhood programs, the zoo has something for everyone.

And its efforts in preserving a range of species shine through its various conservation projects such as Animal Planet's "The Zoo" and the unique experience of 'Zoo To You.' The Bronx Zoo has a rich history of environmental protection, educational programming and close encounters with animals all contributing towards it being one of the world's finest urban zoos.

There’s something truly magical about experiencing wild wonders at the Bronx Zoo – both onsite and virtually – that encourages visitors to understand their power in protecting these precious resources so future generations may continue to enjoy them too.

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