A Weekend In Dublin: Top Spots For A Quick Irish Escape

Wed Nov 01 2023

A Weekend In Dublin Top Spots

Are you looking for a short escape from your everyday routine? Look no further than Dublin, Ireland! This lively city has a rich culture full of history and is the perfect spot for an Irish-style vacation. In this blog post, we will explore the must-sees spots for a weekend getaway in Dublin. Let's take a journey through Ireland's vibrant capital and see what it has to offer!

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Overview of Dublin as a weekend destination

Dublin is a stunning city that offers many luxurious activities for those looking to escape it all. It's located on the Eastern coast of Ireland in the beautiful province of Leinster and provides breathtaking views of Dublin Bay and the Irish Sea.

The capital city also has a lively atmosphere, with several vibrant restaurants, traditional pubs offering live music and dancing opportunities, as well as an array of cultural experiences that welcome tourist from across the world.

For visitors who are interested in history or culture, there are plenty of historical sites such as Trinity College and the Irish Whiskey Museum to explore. Additionally, with its central location one can easily visit charming nearby towns such as Howth or Clontarf Castle with just a short walk away.

Why Dublin is the perfect spot for a quick Irish escape

With its convenient location close to St. Stephen's Green and the Wilder — a highly-rated hotel in Dublin — it is no wonder why Dublin has become such a popular destination for quick Irish escapes.

From exploring ancient historical sites, like the General Post Office, Ha'Penny Bridge, Trinity College with its Book of Kells, Molly Malone statue or discovering gothic buildings like Dublin Castle and Christ Church Cathedral; to soaking up nightlife at Temple Bar district while listening to music performed by locals and tasting the country’s famous dishes; Ireland offers an adventure that truly can't be found anywhere else.

Plus, with its central location within Ireland itself – meaning you can easily explore other parts of the country during your stay - there's so much more on offer than people might expect from a weekend getaway in Dublin!

Brief overview of weekend itinerary

A weekend in Dublin is the perfect way to get your Irish fix without having to commit too much time. From castles and cathedrals, historic sites and landmarks, to pubs and nightlife havens - a well-planned itinerary can enable visitors to take in all of these sights within just 2 or 3 days! Whether you're a first-time visitor or an experienced traveler looking for something new, Dublin has something special on offer every day.

Suggested activities include sightseeing around key attractions such as the General Post Office, Ha'Penny Bridge, Trinity College and Book of Kells; exploring the streets of Temple Bar district after sundown; enjoying a full Irish breakfast; shopping at Stephen's Green Shopping Centre; marveling at St Patrick's Cathedral and learning about Guinness brewing history at Guinness Storehouse.

With its unique atmosphere and great hospitality – Dublin will make sure you leave with only good memories.

Day 1 in Dublin

Start the day by exploring historical sites including the iconic General Post Office, Ha'Penny Bridge, Trinity College and Dublin Castle.


General Post Office

The General Post Office is an iconic landmark in Dublin and one of the top ten sights to visit-- its role in the 1916 Easter Rising keeping it at the forefront of Irish history. Located prominently on O'Connell Street, it serves as the headquarters for An Post, Ireland's postal service.

The GPO was originally located on High Street before moving to several different locations over time before permanently resting on O'Connell street. It saw much unrest during its lifetime including being occupied by rebels during 1916's Easter Rising who sought independence from British rule - a key reason why this building idolized today.

Therefore, when visiting Dublin, stopping by this historical landmark is essential and a must-see.

Ha'Penny Bridge

Spanning the River Liffey just west of O'Connell Street, the Ha'Penny Bridge is considered one of Dublin's most iconic attractions. Built in May 1816 and originally named "The Wellington," its name was changed to "Ha'penny" shortly after opening due to its original toll of half a penny.

Now approximately 30,000 pedestrians cross the bridge each day, partaking in stunning views of the river as well as 85% of its original railwork which was retained during refurbishments made in 2000.

Whether you're visiting from abroad or are an Irish local, don't miss out on this picturesque piece of history - take some time to pass over the Ha’Penny Bridge and appreciate Dublin from a new angle!

Trinity College

Trinity College is Dublin's oldest collegiate university. Established in 1592, the college was founded as part of a royal charter and has since become one of the city's largest and most popular tourist attractions.

The institution stands out among other Irish universities for its high worldwide rankings, being the only Irish school to break into the global top 100 universities. Within its grounds lies an array of beautiful landmarks such as The Book of Kells and Molly Malone statue which draw tourists from all around every day.

With centuries worth of history steeped within its walls, it is not hard to see why this famous place remains so well-loved by foreign visitors year after year - making Trinity College Dubin truly worthy of a visit on any weekend getaway in Ireland!

Book of Kells

The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript created by Irish monks and scholars in the 9th century. It features elaborate, intricate designs that incorporate Celtic art motifs such as knot-work, zoomorphic images, decorative spirals, cross-hatching and other geometric patterns conveying a sense of motion.

The book is a gospel text written in Latin on vellum and contains the four Gospels of the New Testament. It also serves as evidence or early Christian scholarship and knowledge since it was compiled during a period when much of Western Europe was still dominated by Paganism.

Today, this precious work can be viewed at Trinity College Dublin where it's housed for public viewing year round due to its immense popularity among visitors. The Book Of Kells attracts over one million people annually who marvel at its elaborate design and appreciate its historical value that spans centuries back from now.

Molly Malone

Molly Malone is an iconic figure of Irish folklore, commonly referred to as the ‘Tart with the Cart’. A statue of her stands in Dublin’s Suffolk Street, and she can also be heard through the streets of Dublin - for its unofficial anthem is “Cockles and Mussels (In Dublin’s Fair City)” which tells the story of a young Molly Malone wheeling around town, selling cockles and mussels from a cart.

This song has become deeply embedded in Dublin culture since it began being sung on street corners over two centuries ago. Today, Molly's story continues to capture people's imaginations; she remains one of Ireland's best-known symbols for tourists near and far who come to experience all that this lively city has to offer!

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle is a historic landmark and former government residence located in the heart of Dublin. Established in the 13th century, its present structures were constructed in mid-1700s.

It has since been used for state ceremonies, such as inaugurations of Irish governors and presidents. Architecturally speaking, it looks more like a palace than a traditional castle with finery courtyards, plush ballrooms and royal gardens that are home to both Viking sand medieval structures making it not only an important part of Ireland's cultural heritage but also one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

Christ Church Cathedral

Located on Christchurch Place, just south of the Liffey in central Dublin, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the city's most iconic sites. Established almost 1,000 years ago as a center for religious pilgrimage, it was the first place in Ireland to carry out an Anglican service.

Its elegant Gothic nave can be seen from far away and is truly captivating. Visitors flock to this site to explore its many cultural and architectural gems like stained glass windows, imposing stone columns, and detailed carvings which capture its long history.

Legends also swirl around Henry VIII who is said to haunt the cathedral even though he never visited during his lifetime! Whether you're looking to find some time for quiet reflection or simply take part in a bit of local history while sightseeing around Dublin—Christ Church Cathedral makes for a unique destination that promises something special no matter what your interests may be.

Temple Bar district

Locals and visitors alike flock to Dublin's Temple Bar district to experience its vibrant nightlife, lively Irish music scene, and interesting array of historic sites. Located on the south bank of the River Liffey in central Dublin, Ireland, this area is known for traditional pubs and restaurants filled with locals singing along to Irish folk tunes.

Tourists can take a stroll through quaint streets while marveling at vintage shops or explore major tourist attractions such as Molly Malone Statue. The area also houses important historical sites like the General Post Office and Ha'penny Bridge.

As well as being home to beautiful churches like Trinity College Book of Kells Library, Dublin Castle and St Patrick’s Cathedral where you'll hear humming hymns sung by choristers almost every day.

Day 2 in Dublin

Start the day off with a full Irish breakfast and then explore popular attractions such as St. Stephen's Green, the Guinness Storehouse, and St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Full Irish breakfast

Taste a true Irish classic by getting your day off to the best start with a traditional Full Irish breakfast in Dublin. This hearty and filling dish usually includes bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato, beans, mushrooms, black and white puddings (similar to pudding or oatmeal), and toast.

It is an essential part of the local culture – one you must experience during your weekend stay in Dublin! Beanhive Coffee on Dawson Street is widely considered as offering some of the best full breakfasts in Dublin – their hot freshly-cooked dishes are sure to set you up for another big day exploring the city.

From savory flavors to deep-fried carbs; it’s fulfilling enough that a light lunch may be what your mid-day requires. So make sure not forget trying out this beloved dish while visiting Ireland - especially given its short cooking time – allowing more time than ever before to explore everything else that occupies such a beautiful county!

St. Stephen's Green

is one of Dublin's most beloved and beautiful parks. Found at the end of Grafton Street, it covers an area of around 20 acres, making it the largest Georgian garden square in the city.

This popular destination was opened to public use in 1880, imbued with a stunning landscaped design that has made it irresistible for locals and visitors alike. The park sits pretty right in front of prominent landmarks like Dublin Castle and Trinity College Library; two other must-sees on your itinerary when it comes to exploring Ireland’s fair city! There's so much you can do within St.

Stephen's Green - visit its dedicated flower gardens or peruse historical sites such as the Garden Cottage and National War Memorial Park, where Irish movers have brought attention to those who lost their lives during WWI & WWII & throughout the peace process.

Stephen's Green Shopping Centre

Located at the top of Grafton Street, Stephen's Green Shopping Centre is one of Dublin's most iconic attractions. A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, this pedestrian mall offers a plethora of services such as key cutting, shoe repair and parking facilities along with convenience outlets, making it a great destination to discover the city.

It also has an interesting history; St. Stephen's Green used to be marshy common which was then turned into an esteemed academic institution in 1532 before becoming the shopping centre known today.

Given its close proximity to other tourist destinations like Dublin Castle and Temple Bar district you should definitely add it your weekend itinerary when visiting Dublin!

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Built in 1191, St. Patrick's Cathedral is one of the oldest and most important pilgrimage sites in Ireland. Located in Dublin city center, this grand medieval cathedral holds immense historic, cultural and spiritual significance to the people of Ireland.

The building itself is a marvel as it contains beautiful Gothic architecture with many fascinating features such as intricate carvings on its walls and soaring spires reaching towards the heavens.

Inside visitors can explore historical artifacts dating back centuries including the tombstone of Jonathan Swift who was a renowned author most famous for his novel Gulliver's Travels Once outside, tourists will be captivated by St.

Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is the most visited tourist attraction in all of Ireland. Located at St. James's Gate Brewery, the site has welcomed over 20 million visitors so far since its opening in 2000, making it unmissable on a trip to Dublin.

Visitors can opt for tickets in advance and enjoy skipping any lines or for an all-inclusive pass that includes entry into multiple attractions - including this renowned spot! Inside the storehouse there are tours and experiences dedicated to showcasing not only the brewing process behind Guinness but also its incredible story of more than 250 years worth! From tastings to food pairings and educational showcases, visitors will leave with knowledge about Ireland’s favorite drink as well as possibly some souvenirs too! Make sure to add this crucial visit onto a trip through Dublin.

Dinner at an Irish pub

Having dinner at an Irish pub in Dublin is a must-do for anyone looking to experience traditional Irish culture and cuisine. The pubs are filled with friendly locals, making it an ideal place to mingle during a full night out.

Authentic dishes such as colcannon, champ potatoes, and beef stew make your taste buds go wild while the wide selection of draught beers give you an opportunity to enjoy some of Ireland’s most iconic brews.

Live music or even traditional sessions can be found in many pubs which adds more fun and excitement to dining experience. As one of the oldest running pubs in Ireland since 1198 AD, The Brazen Head Pub offers a historic atmosphere that will take you back centuries in time allowing visitors can fully soak up traditional Irish culture right from food down to music entertainment.

Where to Stay in Dublin

Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly accommodation, a mid range option or luxurious stay, there are many choices in Dublin that can suit any traveller's needs.


Budget options

For those looking for affordable accommodation in Dublin, there are several budget-friendly options available. The Charleville Lodge Hotel is a great option for travelers who want to stay centrally located and enjoy modern amenities at an excellent price.

This Victorian building with its exquisite garden offers guests comfortable en suite rooms with private bathrooms as well as contemporary facilities such as free Wi-Fi and a 24-hour reception desk.

Meanwhile, the Abbey Court Hostel is ideal for young backpackers on a tight budget looking for central Dublin lodgings. It boasts double bedrooms along with dormitories featuring shared bathroom facilities and refrigerators; there’s also bike rental services and games activities provided on site.

Mid-range options

For travelers looking for a more affordable yet stylish accommodation in Dublin, mid-range hotels can offer a great compromise. Popular areas like Smithfield provide fashionable, youthful places to stay, with many reasonably priced options that couples and groups of friends will enjoy.

A notable example is The Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin - an historic hotel located close to the city center. With its rich history and modern amenities, it’s no wonder why this spot is so popular amongst budget friendly travelers who are looking for good value for money along with chic design choices and comfortable accommodations.

Apart from the city center there are other cheaper locales such as Blackrock or Kilbarrack which also offer excellent mid-range options such as the Booterstown Bed & Breakfast which offers extra privacy in beautiful surrounding locations – ideal for family trips or romantic getaways!

Luxury options

For those looking for the highest standard of accommodation and hospitality, Dublin offers a selection of lavish luxury hotels. Many of these high-end establishments provide guests with an elegant atmosphere alongside sumptuous interiors filled with luxurious amenities like spa treatments and plush beds.

Impressively manicured grounds fill these venues and offer up stunning views to enjoy from rooms outfitted in chic decor. From fine dining options to state-of-the-art fitness centers, breath taking balconies overlooking the cityscape or bonfires under stars - whatever your preference you can find something special at luxury hotels in Dublin.

Enjoy attentive butler service that ensures each guest is taken care off along with concierge staff that are on hand to arrange excursions visit attractions around town as well as top notch event management services for celebrating special occasions – making it one memorable escape!


Dublin is the perfect Irish destination for anyone looking to escape and explore in a weekend or two. It offers vibrant atmosphere, diverse attractions, convenient transportation options such as the LUAS tram system - making it easy for visitors to navigate.

There are endless activities ranging from historical sites like Trinity College or Dublin Castle to iconic pubs where one can listen to traditional music – providing unique experiences that appeal especially to young adults, couples and solo travelers.

In addition, visitors can enjoy a full Irish breakfast at Beanhive before exploring St Stephen’s Green park with its shopping centre close by while getting swept away by all of Dublin city’s charm!

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