Scandinavian Serenity: Best Places To Visit In Sweden

Sat Nov 18 2023

Best Places To Visit In Sweden

Are you looking for the perfect getaway in Scandinavia? Sweden has so much to offer when it comes to beautiful areas and picturesque landscapes. From modern cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, & Malmö to untouched Arctic wildernesses as well as eco-friendly accommodation alternatives -there is something for everyone! In this article we will take a look at all the must-visit places and attractions that make up this breathtaking Scandinavian beauty.

So if you’re planning your trip or just want some inspiration – read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Sweden is a perfect destination for travelers looking to enjoy modern cities as well as untouched wilderness areas.
  • Visitors to Sweden can explore vibrant cities such as Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö or discover unspoiled natural beauty in unique destinations like Gotland, Dalarna and Swedish Lapland.
  • There are also plenty of activities for adventurers seeking thrills from outdoor adventures like fishing, skiing and boat tours to eco friendly stays in treehouses & cabins with breathtaking views.
  • During the summer months travelers have the chance to experience some truly captivating cultural events like Midsummer's Eve - all adding up to an unforgettable Scandinavian serenity!

Must-Visit Cities in Sweden

Explore Sweden's vibrant cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö to experience a unique mix of modernity and Nordic culture.


Often referred to as the "beauty on the water", Stockholm is one of the second most visited and celebrated cities in the Nordic countries. It has an extraordinary history with its well-preserved medieval city center, beautiful islands, and picturesque streetscescape that combine to provide travelers with a truly unique experience.

The city also boasts excellent connectivity through Arlanda airport which offers flights to many major European capitals and North American cities. A visit to Stockholm promises visitors spectacular heritage museums, ancient towns dotted by grand courtyards, captivating lanes filled with colorful facades and cruises along serene landscapes - all adding up to a perfect destination getaway!


Located on Sweden's West Coast, Gothenburg is the country's second-largest city and a thriving hub of activity. Year-round, visitors come for its dynamic cultural scene, laid back ambiance, charming old town and lively waterfront promenade featuring local cafes and restaurants.

Famous for its maritime heritage due to its location on the glorious Göta älv River, Gothenburg also provides plenty of opportunities to explore further than city limits—through idyllic islands in the nearby archipelago or up into northern Sweden’s wilderness.

The city has become known for trendsetting neighborhoods – including Haga with its colorful wooden cottages as a backdrop to independent boutiques and cafes. Here guests can enjoy award-winning cuisine crafted from locally sourced ingredients such as fresh seafood from the west coast or traditional Swedish fare.


Malmö is the third-largest city in Sweden and an ideal destination for travelers. Combining modern industrial architecture with a touch of traditional Nordic design, Malmö boasts an eclectic atmosphere that’s vibrant and multicultural.

Explore its rich cultural heritage via its historical sites or admire new buildings featuring modern architectural styles. Experience all Malmö has to offer through diverse culinary options as well as art, theatre, clubs and shopping.

From fine dining to relaxation spots on the waterfront, there’s something to do for everyone who visits this dynamic Swedish city!

Nature Escapes in Sweden

Experience a unique blend of forrests, mountains and lakes in Gotland, enjoy fishing on the shores of Dalarna or marvel at the enchanting sights of Swedish Lapland.


Gotland, situated 60 miles off the southeastern coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea is an idyllic vacation destination. This island boasts a wealth of cultural heritage and picturesque natural beauty with its medieval streetscapes, limestone formations, and sun-drenched beaches - making it the perfect spot for keen adventurers looking explore something different.

It’s also home to Visby – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – full of captivating historical sites linked to Scandinavian culture and home to inviting eateries serving up local delicious fare.

On Gotland visitors can explore unique attractions such as the Tree Hotels where restful nights are spent suspended above the trees or take part in outdoor activities like hiking excursions along coastal trails lined with beautiful vistas while fishermen catch their bounty by oceanfront waterfront restaurants.


Dalarna is a Swedish province located in central Sweden, known for its vast natural beauty. Visitors to this enchanting region can enjoy incredible outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and exploration of the Lake Siljan region – with its majestic lake views and charming traditional villages.

Travelers looking for an immersive experience should look no further than Dalarna; go on guided mine tours or take advantage of the abundance of ski resorts around Sälen and Idre.

With cozy cabins situated at picturesque spots throughout the woods you can savor beautiful surroundings while still enjoying all modern comforts such as WiFi and 3-course dinners prepared by local chefs! There's something for everyone here from stunning idyllic nature hikes to historic crafts.

Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland is a stunning and diverse destination, renowned for its exciting outdoor activities, captivating Sami culture, breathtaking Northern Lights displays, and extended periods of midnight sun.

Home to iconic attractions such as Icehotel and Treehotel as well awesome backdrops like lakes and rivers that make it the ideal place to explore the health benefits of communing with nature.

With remote wilderness areas stretching from Skellefteå to Kiruna complete with its unique landscape made up of mountains rather than endless forests like much of Finland's Lapland region; storytelling, hikes into hot or ice caves are all available.

You can double check this with the short days as you take in breath-taking sights during winter celestial performances such as the Northern Lights or summer moments when experiencing Midnight Sun events.

Unique Accommodations

From Tree Hotels and sustainable stays to campsites where you can enjoy the unique Scandinavian experience - don't miss out on the perfect getaway!

Tree Hotels

In Sweden, travelers can enjoy a unique and unforgettable accommodation experience: staying in a Tree Hotel. These tree hotels range from basic to luxurious, offering rustic eco-lodges, historic cabins, floating hotels, and modern glamping experiences set amongst the beauty of the Swedish forest.

One of the most popular tree hotels is the Treehotel in Swedish Lapland which allows guests to truly live among tall pine trees and comprises seven small cabins nestled high up in different varieties of tall trees.

From here they are both close to nature but also able to soak up stunning views across the surrounding countryside – providing an ideal escape for those looking for something truly special!

Sustainable Stays

Sustainable stays in Sweden offer travelers a chance to experience the wilderness of Scandinavia in an eco-friendly way. With 29 sustainable places to stay close to nature, visitors can find cabins tucked away in the woods or explore luxurious cabins with sweeping views.

Whether you’re looking for remote accommodation located among wild landscapes or more luxurious self catering lodges, these ecologically conscious stays provide everyone with unique experiences that extend beyond traditional hospitality options.

Locations across Swedish Lapland, Västerbotten, Jämtland, Hälsingland and Dalarna are also popular destinations for eco-travelers seeking new adventure and unforgettable experiences.


Sweden is the perfect destination for travelers looking to stay in a unique accommodation with plenty of options available to suit any type of traveler. Whether looking for a rustic retreat or glamorous camping option, visitors can find something perfect at one of its many campsites.

With more than 75,000 camping pitches and 9,000 cottages and cabins across the country, there are plenty of chances for guests to relax close to nature while enjoying picturesque settings within Sweden’s natural beauty.

Campsites offer an array of services such as on-site restaurants and swimming pools as well as activities like fishing and kayaking that continuously change depending on location. Not only do some campsites provide comfortable lodging complete with bedding but also \"treehouses\" accommodations offering unique stays among previously untouched woodland areas aside from other luxurious amenities found around the sites itself.

Summer Activities in Sweden

During the summertime, vacationers can enjoy a variety of activities such as celebrating the Summer Solstice, exploring breathtaking outdoor adventures and immersing in cultural events.

Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Embrace the long days and warm nights of the Swedish summer by celebrating one of its most cherished holidays - the summer solstice. The event, also known as Midsummer's Eve, marks the longest day of the year.

Swedes have celebrated this turn in seasons with their own festivities for centuries. Locals adorn their heads with handmade floral wreaths and gather around giant bonfires to eat traditional foods, sing around campfires, and dance ‘round a decorated maypole.

Alternatively, those venturing further north will witness an awing phenomena -the midnight sun! This natural phenomenon occurs every night during June where travelers can experience sunshine deep into twilight hours under painted skies full of vibrant colors.

Outdoor Adventures

Sweden is a prime destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. From beautiful coastal regions to rugged mountain terrain, the Scandinavian country offers a plethora of activities for thrill seekers.

Hiking, kayaking, camping and rafting can all be enjoyed in the summer months while fjord kayaking, mountaineering and glacier climbing are popular choices in winter. Wildlife watching makes an unforgettable experience too – endemic species like elks (or moose) roam through Sweden's forests! Mountain bikers will find plenty of challenging routes and scenic views throughout the country while rock climbers take advantage of some of Europe’s best cliff faces.

Birdwatchers are also rewarded with sightings from colourful larks up in Lapland to puffins nestling by Gotland’s shoreline - whatever your passion or preferred activity level there really is something for everyone!

Cultural Events

Sweden has no shortage of fascinating cultural activities to explore during the summer months. One of the most popular is Midsummer's Eve at Skansen, a historical open-air museum and zoo in Stockholm.

Celebrants traditionally dance around a maypole decorated with wreaths and bright ribbons – it’s truly a quintessential Swedish experience! Cultural events like these are held year after year as part of ancient folk traditions, each going thousands of years back in time.

Visitors can also take part in traditional dances such as polskas or schottis, showing off everyones favorite moves on boardwalks along Sweden’s coastline. More modern experiences available include attending musical festivals, theater performances by local actors, outdoor movie screenings under the stars and more.


The unique mix of experiences and attractions that Sweden offers make it an ideal destination for travelers. From exploring modern cities such as Stockholm to venturing into untouched Arctic wilderness, visitors can enjoy a vast array of activities throughout the country.

With its reputation for mysterious forests and stunning coastlines, there is something at every turn from serene islands to picturesque landscapes. Travelers enjoy vibrant cities with a variety of cultural experiences as well as some truly remarkable accommodations like Tree Hotels and ethical sustainable stays in remote locations.

Scandinavian Serenity at its best: Sweden has given us a harmonious blend of exploration opportunities over land and sea that heighten any traveler’s experience!

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