Brussels Brilliance: Tourist Information For The Curious Traveler

Tue Nov 21 2023

Brussels Brilliance: Tourist Information For The Curious Traveler

Are you curious about what Brussels has to offer? Are you searching for the ultimate travel destination in Europe that can deliver a unique, culturally enriching experience? Look no further than Belgians' own capital city - Brussels.

With an incredible range of art galleries, museums, castles and parks, the beautiful city of Brusselsis packed with possibilities for travelers seeking adventure. As the business center of Belgium and home to many European Union buildings, it boasts establishments big and small from every corner of Europe - providing a stunning multicultural smorgasbord of influences.

Whether you are drawn by its history or culture or exotic edibles like Belgian waffles and chocolates – there’s something here for everyone! On top of all this, visitors also benefit from free access to 49 museums along with discounts at attractions such as shops, restaurants & bars when they use the ‘Brussels Card’.

This post will provide an overview on all aspects related to touring around Brussels – exploring their neighborhoods and experiencing their vibrant festivals & events – catering curious tourists looking forward have unforgettable yet practical experiences in Belgium’s bustling capital city!

Key Takeaways

  • Brussels is home to a range of captivating festivals and events that will transport visitors into another world, from River Jazz Festival and the Brussels International Guitar Festival & Competitions, to Porsche Driven by Dreams and Joseph Jongen 150 Festival.
  • To make things even more accessible for travelers visiting Brussels are free access to 47 museums when they use the ‘Brussels Card’ plus discounts at attractions such as shops, restaurants & bars.
  • The city boasts establishments big and small from every corner of Europe – providing a stunning multicultural smorgasbordof influences perfect for curious travelers looking forward have unforgettable yet practical experiences in Belgium’s bustling capital city!

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Top Events and Festivals in Brussels

From River Jazz Festival to the Brussels International Guitar Festival & Competitions and Winter Wonders, there are plenty of fun cultural events happening in Brussels every year.

River Jazz Festival

The River Jazz Festival in Brussels is an eagerly anticipated annual event that celebrates jazz music and the city's cultural heritage. The festival brings together three institutions -, La Monnaie/De Munt and Beaux-Arts Bruxelles - to present a wide range of jazz performances from both renowned international musicians as well as emerging local talent.

During the 10 day long festival, which traditionally takes place in mid January each year, over 700 musicians perform in over 200 concerts creating a vibrant musical atmosphere for visitors to enjoy while exploring the city’s sights.

Highlights include everything from intimate club gigs featuring up-and-coming artists, to live outdoor shows with big bands taking center stage alongside fireworks displays to create an unforgettable experience for travelers visiting Brussels during this time.

Brussels International Guitar Festival & Competitions

The Brussels International Guitar Festival & Competitions has become a signature event in the Brussels cultural calendar. Since its inauguration, it has established itself as one of the most noteworthy events for guitar fans and music lovers alike! The festival showcases classical guitar performances with masterclasses and concerts celebrating musical traditions and legacies from around the world while tracing the life and work of legendary couple Ilse and Nicolas Alfonso on stage.

It is also supported by exceptional archives, documents, collectionsallowing attendees to explore great works of art such as King’s House or Place du Grand Sablon. This year's edition will be held at Théâtre du Vaudeville from 24th - 28th November 2023 - an occasion not to be missed by anyone looking for unique experiences related to their passion for guitars! Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself this amazing event which celebrates the importance music plays in our culture and lives!

Winter Wonders

Winter Wonders is an unmissable end-of-year event in Brussels, attracting around 2.5 million visitors each year. This phenomenal Christmas market showcases the mesmerizing grand light show at the Brussels Grand Place and for the first time features Spirit of the North – a magical world offering a unique experience for travelers.

From within this enchanting environment over 250 stalls emerge, giving travelers access to sumptuous street food delights, sustainable restaurants and local breweries to explore throughout their trip.

This enormous festive event plays host to exhibits that transport us through time such as Porsche Driven by Dreams and La Semaine du Son which showcase music from across centuries both modern and classical alike fueled with visual treat displays like Zinneke Parade and Noël au théâtre for radiant joyous vivacity! Winter Wonders is undoubtedly one of most celebrated places that Belgium has become known worldwide – having been rightfully named The Best Christmas Market In The World By Popular Travel Sources!

Coudenberg Sound Box Fest 2023

The Coudenberg Sound Box Fest 2023 is an underground festival held in the heart of Belgium each Sunday from November to December, offering a unique fusion of music and culture. The star-studded lineup boasts double concerts every evening, plus a visit to the archaeological site during the day.

This thematic event celebrates Earth and Water with performances ranging from classical to jazz; all tied back to elements of Belgian heritage. Attendees will be swept away in its immersive experience as they explore their historical connection with Belgium while being treated to remarkable music.

A rare chance for travelers around the world experience something exceptional at this gem near Heysel!

Joseph Jongen 150 Festival

The Joseph Jongen 150 Festival is a celebration of the life and music of Belgian composer Joseph Jongen (1873-1953). Held annually at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, travelers can attend various events such as concerts, workshops, discussions and more.

Many world renowned musicians take part in this festival to commemorate the works of this famous composer from Brussels. The festival also features original compositions inspired by Jongen's musical style throughout history.

Travelers who are looking to get an immersive experience in classical music should consider attending this event for an extraordinary time with their fellow music enthusiast friends or families!

23rd Cinemamed

This December, Brussels welcomes all film fans to the 23rd Cinemamed festival! Headquartered in Cinema Palace, Cinema Aventure, Bozar and other cultural hubs around Brussels, this annual event celebrates the best films from countries across the Mediterranean Sea.

From December 1st to 8th , you can discover fascinating works of cinema as well exploring your favorite directors’ latest projects. Not only that but there will be a full International Competition for those looking to challenge themselves and step up their skillset - don't miss it if you're up for some serious competition! The festival is sure to transport visitors into another world through its enchanting cinematic offerings while offering a special insight into history and culture of Mediterranean region.

Enjoy this privilege of discovering insights into countries' lives through stories told by talented filmmakers, actors, screenwriters producers at one place with one single pass! Don't forget pencil in a few screenings during what promises to be an unforgettable opportunity at Cinemamed Festival 2023 in Brussels.

Music Chapel Festival

The Music Chapel Festival is an annual, top event in Brussels for classical music lovers. Paying tribute to renowned composers like Mozart, Gerschwin, Korngold, Barber and many more.

The festival offers a diverse range of performances and activities with something for everyone; from chamber music recitals by renowned artists including pianists, string quartets or woodwind ensembles at the prestigious evening events in Studio 4 to unique private experiences that explore the city’s musical heritage through workshops with local experts or visits of historic locations associated with music such as Laeken Château which was once home of King Leopold II (famous patron of the Beaux-Arts) or CouRAGes near Boulevard Anspach celebrating Joseph Jongen's 150th anniversary–it's guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Perfect for winter trips to Brussels!

Porsche Driven by Dreams

Porsche Driven By Dreams is a unique event celebrating 75 years of the iconic brand. Organized in collaboration with Porsche Belgium and the Stuttgart Museum, this occasion will be unlike anything else! Attendees will have the chance to view never before seen exclusive models that had been hidden from public eyes for many years.

The expo can be found at the Palace of Parliament and on top of air-conditioned exhibition space, guests can enjoy refreshments inspired by traditional Belgian recipes – all part of a captivating experience for car enthusiasts! Moreover, there are new activities to uncover which include interactive displays, audio installations and virtual reality games that allow visitors to explore deeper into what makes Porsche such an engaging global brand today! Travelers looking for an extraordinary experience should definitely not miss out on this celebration as it sure promises fun times along with immense insight from its history!

Noël au théâtre

is a cultural event and performance festival held in the City of Brussels each year in December. It offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to experience the best of French culture while exploring other entertaining events and activities in the city.

The festival takes place at La montagne magique, which provides practical information, location details, and highlights of the event. Visitors can expect to find performances by world-renowned musicians from across Europe as well as pop up bars, food courts, art installations, live theatre acts and much more.

As one of Brussels' most iconic festivals with an incredibly vibrant atmosphere throughout its duration, Noël au théâtre welcomes all types travelers seeking unique experiences and unforgettable moments within the hubbub of exhibitionism that has made this celebration so renown over its yearly run since 1999.

Brussels Jazz Festival 2024

The Brussels Jazz Festival is an acclaimed annual event that showcases the vibrant and diverse world of jazz. Flagey organises this incredible festival of musical performances, which open up the year with ten full days of jazz.

Every year it attracts some of the best international performers in classic jazz music, making it a true treat for fans around the world.

The atmosphere at this unique celebration is absolutely unbeatable; visitors are invited to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience with traditional jazz performances plus live installations and creative collaborations from artists all over Europe.

Even complete beginners can find something fascinating to enjoy at the festival: special sessions hosted by professionals offer insights for newcomers into understanding and appreciating this beautiful style of music even more deeply than before.

La Semaine du Son

La Semaine du Son is an annual celebration of sound and culture in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2003, it has provided a platform for countless artists to showcase their work. The festival features various live music performances, talks, workshops and screenings from 1-30 November 2023.

Various cafes and theatres around the city are also transformed into stages hosting live events - many offering free or discounted tickets. From film screenings to schools visits by musicians—Semaine du Son gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate different artistic expressions – all within the vibrant city of Brussels! Thanks to its sheer variety of initiatives happening throughout that period each year, Brussels truly turns into an ode to sound with La Semanne Du Son providing insight into the lifeblood that makes this city so unique and inspiringe.

Zinneke Parade

The Zinneke Parade is a highly anticipated biennial event held in Brussels since 2000. It's an exuberant celebration of the city’s diverse culture, featuring bands playing music from around the world, surreal floats and costumes, street food vendors, and up to 70 000 people coming together to enjoy it all.

The parade winds through the city center past iconic locations like Grote Markt/Grand Place, showcasing its multicultural nature and bringing out locals and visitors from across Belgium alike.

With concerts, exhibitions, workshops and a range of other activities taking place throughout the event days - as well as some tasty snacks along the way - this is one not to miss for anyone looking for unique travel experiences in Flanders!

Couleur Café

is an annual urban music festival in Brussels, Belgium that attracts over 70,000 concert-goers to the iconic Parc d'Osseghem each June. The multi-genre festival includes hip-hop, soul, funk, reggae and latin highlights from top artists - making it one of the greatest music events in Belgium.

Taking place at the foot of the Atomium offers a vibrant multicultural experience for all tastes with something for everyone.

The highly anticipated Couleur Café 2022 is set to be even bigger and better; scheduled to take place from Friday 28 June until Sunday 30 June 2024. With past lineups including high profile international performers such as Maceo Parker and Culture Club singer Boy George there's no doubt this summer will offer some amazing reveals! So don't miss out on everything Couleur Café has to offer experiencing fantastic live music and discovering exciting Belgian culture when you're visiting Brussels!

Exploring Brussels' Neighborhoods

From eateries to breweries, discover the best that Brussels has to offer in its colorful and vibrant neighborhoods. Read more to find out!

Where to eat

Looking for a bite to eat? Brussels has all the tasty treats you could imagine. The city center offers plenty of cafes and restaurants, so whether you’re looking for traditional Flemish dishes, international options or tons of street food – it’s all there! For something truly authentic, try Cafe La Brocante where you can indulge in traditional Belgian specialties like stoemp (a mix between mashed potatoes and vegetables).

If it's sustainable eats that catch your eye then visit Cocotte Club or Chez Freya. Both provide tasty vegan-friendly meals as well as being eco-conscious eateries! And don't forget about the breweries either! Brussels is home to several local craft brewers offering up delicious beers to enjoy with your meal.

Regardless of what type of cuisine they prefer, travelers will find no shortage of fantastic dining experiences in Belgium’s largest city – both locally inspired fare and fresh new flavors from around the world are at your fingertips!

The best places to eat chips in Brussels

When it comes to fries, Brussels offers a wide range of options for curious travelers. The city is well known for their delicious chips that you can find all over the street. Friterie Clémentine in Place St.-Job is considered one of the favorites spots to get Belgian-style chips and traditional ‘kroketten’ across the region.

Be sure not to miss out on ‘frites mastite’ - a unique variation made with extra finely chopped potatoes and served with an array of sauces, onions, mayonnaise or even ketchup! If you're feeling adventurous, try exploring 'Bicky' located around the european quarter built up along side Worringerstrasse — here delightful frites are served alongside crispy croquettes filled with tender minced beef; guaranteed deliciousness! For another interesting option when visiting Brussels, head to 'Fritland', where classics such as french fries come generously seasoned with garlic butter or amazingy spiced curry sauce: something truly special! Whether grabbing Belgium's best from a food truck or indulging in classic dishes at restauarants— there's no shortage of places where tourists can try scrumptious chips during their travels through Brussels.

Street food options

Brussels offers a diverse array of street food options, ranging from the classic Belgian frites to international recipes. Popular delicacies served as street snacks in Brussels include freshly fried waffles, a variety of sliders and sandwiches, popular soups like shrimp bisque or bouillabaisse, and delicious desserts such as all sorts of cakes with cream or chocolate mousse.

Chocolate is especially important for Belgians – there are several kinds on offer at chocolatiers around the city!

The number of frites vendors alone speaks for itself — more than 4,000 serving up these famous ‘French fries’ throughout Belgium. Famous brands like Fritland have been part of the landscape since 1957 and remain incredibly popular among both locals and tourists alike – you can use their easy-to-find outlets to get your fill before your next sightseeing tour! However there are also modern twists on this well-loved dish such as Vietnamese Chinese Frites or Japanese Faikon Chicken that provide unique tasting experiences for intrepid eaters looking to explore farther flavors.

Brussels' breweries

Are you looking to explore the beer culture of Brussels? The city is known for its delicious brews, boasting many breweries along its riverbanks and in nearby neighborhoods. From Cantillon Brewery and the Brussels Beer Project to oldest brewery in Belgium – traveling through these famous establishments not only offers a unique taste experience, but also an insight into one of Brussels' most uncompromising traditions!

Located right on the canal is Tour & Taxis, offering some great bars with equally good beers as well as street food options. Many of Brussels' breweries have become so popular that several organized tours are available around them.

And don't forget about Saint-Gilles and Anderlecht either; they too host some incredible breweries where visitors can take part in tasting sessions or get help from experts when choosing their favourite beer!

Sustainable restaurants

Living sustainably while traveling is an important priority for many modern travelers. Brussels offers a range of unique eateries that are committed to ecological and ethical values.

Seventy-six establishments in the city have been awarded the “Good Food Resto” label, indicating their sustainable cuisine and practices. Sustainable foodie fans can embark on an ultimate itinerary including stops at LE LOCAL seen as a pioneering destination for seasonal organic dishes with zero waste values, Loomba seen as the only vegan restaurant included in Bon Appétit magazine’s list of seven must-try vegan eats in Brussels, Olga de Caviahue devoted to preserving traditional Latin American menus with locally sourced ingredients from small regional producers – among dozens more destinations awaiting discovery!

Practical Information for Traveling to Brussels

Make your time in Brussels even more enjoyable by arming yourself with knowledge on the basics of getting around, tourist information offices, and other essential details. Read on to plan a trip that's truly meaningful and memorable!

Arriving in Brussels

Travelers planning a trip to Brussels can make their journey to the Belgian capital city an easy one with well-connected transportation links. Located in central Belgium, travelers can reach Brussels from all major cities within Europe by taking the high-speed Thalys or Eurostar trains.

From London, Paris and Amsterdam, for instance, these trains will bring you right into Brussels’ city center in less than two hours. For those arriving from further away destinations, there is the convenient option of flying directly into Brussels Airport (BRU).

On arrival at BRU airport terminals 1 & 2 you have three options to get into downtown: bus lines 12 or 21 which leave from both terminal 1 and 2 and travel along some of Brussels major streets; taking a taxi; or hopping onto the** express train service – Fyra van Vliet **which takes just 16 minutes to reach Central Station.

Getting around the city

Travelers visiting Brussels have plenty of options to move around the city. Public transport is one of the most preferred and efficient ways to explore the City. The public transportation network (bus, tram & metro) is extensive, affordable and reliable; it connects different tourist sites and attractions in a short time frame.

There are some areas which require careful navigation due to chaotic traffic scene, thus opting for public transport can give travelers peace of mind during their journey across Brussels.

Additionally, sustainable modes such as walking or cycling offer a great physical activity while allowing travelers to take in all that Brussels has to offer at their own pace and convenience.

For visitors seeking an eco-friendly experience with minimal carbon footprint cost should consider Soft Mobility options like electric bikes or shared scooters available throughout parts of the city centre.

Tourist information offices

Travelers looking for guidance while exploring Brussels have the perfect resource: tourist information offices. From the main office at BIP on the Mont des Arts to two more located at Grand-Place and Station Europe, travelers can find everything they need to know from top events and festivals in Brussels to practical travel advice such as low emission zones regulations or where to buy a Brussels Card.

In addition, these offices offer brochures with useful maps of popular attractions, directions for getting around the city using public transport and so much more! With this convenient service, travelers will be able to easily navigate their way throughout Brussels without hassles.

Low Emission Zone regulations

When visiting Brussels, travelers should keep in mind the strict Low Emission Zone regulations enforced across the entire Brussels-Capital Region. All cars, vans, (mini)buses and coaches are affected regardless of their country of registration and these restrictions apply around the clock making it necessary to check LEZ compliance before renting or driving such vehicles into the region.

The existing European standards will become even stricter in 2022 when all diesel propelled vehicles below Euro 6 emissions level will be banned from entering. To help with navigating this system there is a special Brussels Card that exempts tourist vehicles from paying additional fees imposed on foreign numbered cars so be sure to consider obtaining one if you plan on bringing your vehicle along for your visit.

For more environmentally conscious travelers taking public transportation is an excellent option given how accessible most areas have become thanks to expansions of bike lanes and tram networks over recent years.

Brussels Card

The Brussels Card offers travelers convenient and affordable access to some of the most iconic sights in Brussels. With free admission to over 41 museums, discounted entrance fees at attractions throughout the city, as well as a host of other advantages such as guided tours and discounts at shops, bars and restaurants–the card is an essential purchase for those looking to explore everything that Brussels has to offer.

What's more, visitors can choose from 24-, 48- or 72-hour durations that will give them enough time to see it all! Additionally, each purchase includes a helpful free app providing maps on how best to expend these precious hours effectively.

Excitingly enough – with this fantastic opportunity here – any traveler will be able view the European Quarter; discover the unique Atomium sculpture; shop around for souvenirs; indulge in local delicacies and nightlife offerings - making their journey even more unforgettable! It’s safe to say that investing into a Brussels Card is really worth giving thought for anyone seeking an enriching experience while discovering what else this wonderful capital has in store!

Top Things to Do in Brussels

Explore the extraordinary attractions of Brussels such as the European Quarter and Atomium, indulge in private experiences, shop till you drop, explore trendy bars and cafes or treat your taste buds with delicious must-try foods - there's something for everyone!

Explore the European Quarter and the Atomium

The European Quarter of Brussels is one of the city's most important and historic sightseeing destinations, with its 12-square kilometer area home to some of the continent's 147 major political organizations and buildings.

The grand Atomium structure towers over the quarter, making it almost impossible to miss upon arriving in Brussels. This iconic 102 meter tall structure was built as a symbol for science and progress in 1958 for Expo '58 and recreates an iron crystal molecule that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Visitors can explore this enchanting area by taking a self-guided walking tour or signing up for a private guided tour which usually includes access inside both the Atomium and Bruparck castle; allowing guests to get up close with Belgium's history alongside stunning views across Brussels' skyline.

Private experiences in Brussels

Travelers looking for a one-of-a-kind experience in Brussels should consider booking private experiences. These can range from curated city tours with experienced guides and exclusive access to hidden gems, all the way to fully personalized itineraries.

With exclusive experiences like mixology classes, visits to secret locations, or even sailing down the picturesque river Maelbeek on traditional boats, travelers can immerse themselves in local culture and make their trip special.

Private tours tend to be more comprehensive than standard door-to-door group excursions that often leave out unexpected attractions visited by locals only. Plus they provide travelers with convenience as all arrangements are made beforehand so they don’t need to worry about transportation or scheduling!


It's not hard to fall in love with the shopping opportunities available in Brussels. From luxury shopping and posh neighbourhoods to small boutiques, designer stores, and budget-friendly options – there truly is something for everyone here! The Bailli/Châtelain neighbourhood offers some of the most exclusive high-end stores, while Sablon has plenty of antique shops and art galleries.

When it comes to souvenirs and unique gifts that you won’t find anywhere else, a trip around the speciality gift stores dotted throughout the city centre is a must. Plus Foodies will be delighted by bustling markets full of fresh local produce or beer lovers can explore Brussels' breweries where they will discover interesting new brews.

And don't forget about street food - from waffles to chips to exotic fish dishes - there are lots of delicious treats ready to tempt your palette! With so much on offer, it's no wonder why this wonderful city is such an exciting destination for shoppers and those looking for some retail therapy!

Bars and cafes

Be it a quaint bistro in the old town, an all-night jazz bar along Grand Place or one of the unique beer gardens scattered throughout Brussels, visitors to this fantastic capital shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to sample some of Belgium’s famous hospitality.

Many bars and cafes are steeped in history with antique interiors including ancient brass fixtures that date back centuries. Tourists can try authentic Belgian beers brewed according to time-honoured traditions whilst sampling world class cuisine at many restaurants around town.

Cities such as Bruges and Ghent offer great alternatives for weekend trips but don't forget about Brussels! Erudite bar staff often provide interesting insights into local culture and may even tell you about hidden gems that regular tourists would otherwise overlook.

Must-try foods in Brussels

Brussels is a foodie paradise, known for its world-renowned local delicacies and cultural dishes. From classic Belgian fare like moules-frites (mussels and fries) to more unique delights such as stoemp (a mashed potato dish), essentiall tasting the traditional foods of the city helps travelers dive deep into the culture of this vibrant area.

Sweets enthusiasts should also try Belgium's chocolates or waffles, which you can find in abundance all across Brussels. As part of your exploration through Belgium's delectable cuisine, don't forget about the national beer — it'll be hard not to notice with breweries open throughout the city! Stroll around any corner in Brussels and you will likely be tempted by some delicious street food options from falafel wraps to crepes to "speculaas" cookies – just make sure to save room for dessert afterwards! Finally, sustainable restaurants have been on the rise lately so if sustainability is important on your travels then consider booking a table at one these eco-friendly eateries before departing from Brussels.


Brussels is a must-visit destination for curious travelers, offering experiences and attractions that are sure to delight even the most discerning traveler. Shop in Grand Place or explore a charming neighborhood for unique local eateries – you won’t soon forget your stay in this stunning city.

With its vibrant cultural hubs, rich history, delicious cuisine, and endless things to do, Brussels has something for everyone. If you can manage it on your trip, don't miss out on all the amazing attractions―there's no better way to discover what makes Belgium so brilliant than by visiting Brussels!

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