Frankfurt Uncovered: A Comprehensive Tourist Information Guide

Sat Nov 25 2023

Frankfurt Comprehensive Tourist Information Guide

Planning a trip to Frankfurt and need some guidance? Look no further! As a resident of this bustling European city, there’s no one better than me, an experienced traveler, to reveal all the secrets behind visiting this cultural hub.

From navigating its public transport system to discovering interesting attractions and more, I have the insider insight that will make your visit extraordinary. So buckle up for an informative journey as you explore all that Frankfurt has to offer - whether it's attending concerts or exploring museumsufer, you won't be disappointed! Be prepared to discover why Frankfurt is considered Germany's business capital with endless entertainment options along the way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Frankfurt is an ideal destination for individual travellers in April through September due to its hospitable climate with mild temperatures and plenty of sun.
  2. Old Town offers a unique experience showcasing traditional 17th - century structures that have been restored closely to their original designs.
  3. Museumsufer, on the banks of River Main, consists of 9 museums covering everything from ancient history to cinema and architecture.
  4. Navigating Frankfurt is easy with efficient public transit systems, car rentals, taxis, or by biking or walking around the city heart on its extensive infrastructure made for both pedesrrians and cyclists alike!

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When to Visit Frankfurt

The best time to visit Frankfurt is during the summer months when temperatures are mild and sunny days are plentiful.

Best time to visit

Late spring to early autumn is the most popular time for individual travelers to visit Frankfurt due to its mild temperatures and sunny days that make it an ideal destination during this period.

The city enjoys warm, comfortable weather throughout spring and summer months, making it an enjoyable experience for sightseeing or enjoying outdoor activities such as walking through Old Town or exploring Museumsufer.

In addition, rain showers are very rare in late spring and early fall which add to the attraction of visiting during these months. There are also many cultural events held during this time such as the Frankfurt Book Fair or Oktoberfest that are drawing more tourists year after year.


Frankfurt has a temperate climate with moderate temperatures. July is the wettest month, while June has the most sun with temperatures reaching up to 80 degrees F in summer months.

The best time to visit Frankfurt is between late spring and early autumn when the weather is pleasant and there's plenty of greenery. Autumn brings cooler temperatures making it ideal for those who prefer milder weather.

Either way, rain can occur throughout the year so visitors might want to bring some sturdy umbrellas or raincoats during their trip!

Top Things to do in Frankfurt

From sipping a craft brew at one of Frankfurt's chic rooftop bars to attending a live concert, there is no shortage of enjoyable experiences to be had in this vibrant city.

Enjoy a drink in a rooftop bar

Frankfurt is a great city to experience from high-up - and one of the best ways to do this is by enjoying a cocktail at one of the many rooftop bars. From The NFT Skybar with its stunning views of the skyline, to OBEN, CITY BEACH and LILY'S BAR where visitors can consistently find lively music and upbeat vibes, there are plenty of options for visitors looking for an elevated evening out on the town! For something more artsy yet low key, visit CHICAGO ROOF ROOFTOP BAR for drinks accompanied by hip hop beats.

Popular events like 'Sundays in Summer' provide extra incentive to take advantage of these extraordinary overlooks during Frankfurt's warmer months. Whether it’s with friends or lovers, solo or in groups – a night spent drinking a delicious cocktail while overlooking Frankfurt's impressivescenery will make your vacation truly memorable.

Walk through Old Town

Frankfurt’s old town is a unique experience, juxtaposing sheer historical significance with modern touches. After the area was largely destroyed by Allied forces in 1944, the city launched an ambitious plan to reconstruct it as close as physically possible to its original design.

Today, visitors can explore winding cobblestone streets and marvel at beautifully restored 17th-century buildings throughout Altstadt Frankfurt. Notable landmarks here include Römerberg Square, complete with reconstructed replicas of historic Frauenkirche and Saint Bartholomew’s church on either side; energetic Konstablerwache square; Goethe House museum where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe spent his formative years; Main Tower offering sweeping panoramic views across the city from its viewing platform located hundreds of feet above ground level; Old St Nicholas Church dating back to 1250AD; and much more! A walk through Old Town should be top on any itinerary for travelers visiting Frankfurt - this area will provide not just insight into ancient German history but also a real sense of how tradition collides consciously with modernity in Europe today.

Visit the Goethe House

The Goethe House in Frankfurt is the home turned museum of celebrated German author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and his family, an unmissable stop for literary buffs. With its ornately decorated interior and beautiful Baroque staircase, visitors can explore the kitchen, Goethe's mother’s reception room, the library and his father’s art collection on the ground floor.

The modern glass-fronted annex holds a comprehensive library of materials pertinent to specialists interested in learning more about one of Germany’s most iconic writers and poets; private tours are available with licensed guides allowing visitors to gain deeper insight into this historic building.

A unique feature found within the house is a preserved wall painting illustrating Goethe as Prometheus – clearly differentiating him from other 19th century authors due to his ambitious work.

Attend a live concert

At the Old Opera House in Frankfurt, visitors can experience an atmosphere of quality arts and culture while enjoying a live concert. This prestigious venue has hosted renowned performances from leading international orchestras, choirs, and other musical ensembles throughout its long history.

Visitors can expect to enjoy classical concerts by some of the finest performers in Europe in this grand building which once welcomed Goethe himself! Attendees also get to take part in dance recitals or cabaret events for a truly unique and unforgettable cultural experience within Germany's vibrant capital.

For music fans looking for an immersive night out with friends or family, visiting the Old Opera House is sure to be an unforgettable adventure.

Explore Museumsufer

Museumsufer, located in Frankfurt am Main, is a unique cultural landscape overflowing with museums and galleries. This delightful tree-lined walk along the river Main has 9 glorious museums side by side.

Museums include the Städel Museum exhibiting artwork from the medieval period to contemporary works, and Senckenberg Natural History Museum – home to one of Europe’s largest collections of dinosaur fossils and animals species.

Alongside these two incredible institutions are seven other knowledgeable destinations: The Schirn Art Gallery featuring temporary exhibitions; Deutsches Filmmuseum dedicated to all things film; Iconic graphic design gallery at the Wallraf Richartz-Museum & Fondation Corboud; architecture museum Giersch; Liebighaus for sculptures from antiquity till baroque times; Staatstheater representing theater as an art form \\and Historisches Museum telling tales of Frankfurt past and present.\\ Whether they come seeking knowledge or simply pleasure, all can find something fulfilling among this remarkable array of sites that make up this special cityscape which is rightfully many traveller’s first-choice destination in Germany.

Getting Around Frankfurt

With a highly efficient public transit system, car rentals, taxis, and plenty of opportunities for walking and biking around the city, navigating Frankfurt is easy.

Public transportation

Frankfurt’s expansive public transportation system is one of the most reliable and convenient ways to get around the city. It includes subways, trams, commuter trains, buses, and even ferry services across the River Main.

The RMV (Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) administers this extensive network of public transit routes that cover all parts of Frankfurt and neighboring cities. Travelers can use tickets or passes from Deutsche Bahn to access any mode of transportation in Frankfurt quickly and easily.

Visitors also have the option to purchase discounted travel cards at the main train station or select retailers for unlimited rides within a fixed timeframe. Cycling is another popular way to explore Frankfurt; bike rentals are available throughout the city center at various points along with special biking lanes dedicated solely for cyclists on some roads.

Taxis are plentiful here as well if you need an easy ride anywhere in town during your visit!

Car rentals

Renting a car in Frankfurt is an easy and convenient way to explore the city with its abundant options of rental agencies, making it a great option for individual travelers. For those looking to ensure complete flexibility and freedom while exploring Germany, renting a car can provide that.

When considering your choices for renting your vehicle, be sure to look at the different rates among both airport pick-up locations as well as other non-airport rental locations—each may have unique drop off procedures so it is important to be aware of these before committing.

One major convenience offered by driving around with a rental car when compared to public transportation or taxis is that you are free from schedules or timetables and can come and go whenever you please without having any restrictions on duration during each journey.


Taxis are a great way for individual travelers to get around Frankfurt. They can easily be called by dialing tel. 069/230001 or hailed from the street corner. Taxi tales offer an intimate and immersive way to discover the local culture on four wheels, with drivers often having plenty of insider insight into the city’s best spots and hidden gems! Alternatively, car rentals or bike taxis provide additional transportation options in Frankfurt, such as Blacklane and Locomore.

For tourists wanting a more frugal mode of transport within the city center itself, there are also many public transportation systems that include S-Bahn (S8), Straßenbahn trams (U3 - U7), State Bahn buses (U1) and intercity express trains (IC).

With so many amenities available for their convenience, visitors may want to consider purchasing the Frankfurt Card before arriving in order to gain discounts on traveling expenses including fares on public transportation!

Walking and biking

Frankfurt is an ideal city to explore by foot or bike, with its extensive and well-established infrastructure for both pedestrians and cyclists. The GreenBelt, a 5-kilometer walking and cycling trail that meanders through the outskirts of Frankfurt, offers spectacular views of the River Main and provides plenty of places to rest and picnic along the way.

In addition to this scenic route, there are other options in Frankfurt for those wanting to travel around on two wheels – electric scooters offer residents another form of short-distance transport while biking tours such as Taunus Storm Chase take visitors further out into nature.

For families exploring the city together, child bikes and seats can be rented from multiple outlets across town for eco-friendly fun!

Tips and Resources for Visiting Frankfurt

Discover helpful local advice and guidance for a successful visit, while staying informed about the latest events and attractions in Frankfurt.

Where to stay

When planning a trip to Frankfurt, choosing the right place to stay can be one of the most important decisions. As Germany’s financial center and boasting an incredibly rich history, there are a plethora of areas in this charming city that make for great accommodation.

From Old Town/City Centre, Sachsenhausen, Ostend / Bornheim and Westend to Bahnhofsviertel and Bad Homburg - each area offers something unique for travelers seeking various levels of comfort or those looking for exceptional attractions nearby.

Old Town is home to attractions such as Römerberg with its impressive town hall and Saint Bartholomew's Cathedral as well as many cafes plus shopping hubs like Goethestrasse Transportedeichstraße.

It is popular amongst tourists due to its genuinely German atmosphere offering some outstanding local cuisine and numerous restaurants, pubs & bars frequented by locals. The streets here are lined with delightful boutiques selling exotic souvenirs from around the world making it a great base from which to explore Frankfurt.

Sachsenhausen is almost like an open-air gallery with picturesque cobblestone bridges over the river Main along with magnificent red warehouses lining both sides – traditional settings which evoke royal architecture scattered among modern developments creating quite an enigmatic contrast! There’s no shortage of transportation options in this lively neighbourhood either - it has excellent public transport links being just three stops away from Central Station (Hauptwache S-Bahn) on U4 line for easy connections throughout the city centre including railway stations servicing other cities across Germany.

Dining options here too vary appealing particularly famous European dishes such Kebab available at Yildiz Restaurant or Tofu Grie Soß at Berlin Café & Bar for vegans alike amidst much more international specialties available all around making Sachsenhausen worthy area check out when visiting town – perfect if you're looking quieter travels outside hustle bustle City Centre.

Best areas to eat

Frankfurt is renowned for its diverse and delicious culinary scene, offering visitors an abundance of delightful restaurants to explore. Old Town offers a truly authentic Frankfurter experience with traditional German dishes, while Solzer provides the best original Frankfurt cuisine in vibrant atmosphere.

The residential neighborhood of Nordend has become known as one of the city's hotspots for outstanding food establishments, wine bars, and parks.

The Old Town should not be missed when visiting Frankfurt – ideally located near many popular attractions; this area allows you to dine amid a unique historical atmosphere. Sample some classics such as Handkäs mit Musik or Appelwoi at authentic eateries found in Roßmarkt or Salzgasse streets.

For a taste of local culture look out for Schoppenwein served at cafés along Mainkai promenade area facing the riverbank opposite Romerberg square .Those seeking top-notch seafood will discover some great options around Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse street including Eulenspiegel restaurant and Manne Normanns Bar which serves classic cocktails against views over Main river.

Solzer is a lively spot on Zeil Avenue that must be experienced on any visit to Frankfurt - here guests can enjoy dinner outdoors surrounded by one busy shopping district with big brand stores as well as plenty smaller ones selling vintage items and hand-crafted products originating from all ends of Germany.

How to spend the perfect day in Frankfurt

From exploring the unique museums around Museumsufer and indulging in a cider-tasting session at Apfelweinwirtschaft, to taking a ride on one of the many ferris wheels in the city, Frankfurt has no shortage of interesting attractions.

Start your day with breakfast at Cafe Kneipe in Sachsenhausen as their French toast is loved by locals and travelers alike. Then take some time to meander through Romerberg Square where you can admire iconic buildings like Römer, St Bartholomew’s Cathedral (Frankfurter Dom) and Goethe House before making your way upriver for beautiful views near the Eiserner Steg or Iron Bridge.

Make sure you stop off for lunch before heading to Palmengarten for an afternoon of enjoying lush gardens dotted with greenhouses filled with exotic plants from around the world. From there catch a show at Alte Oper Opera or visit Jewish Museum Frankfurt which houses over 700 years worth of history about Frankfurt’s Jewish community within its walls.

Events in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a vibrant and exciting city full of cultural events that attract tourists from all over the world. Throughout the year, visitors can experience everything from street markets and festivals to traditional folk fairs and outdoor concerts, giving guests an opportunity to sample Germany's unique culture.

One of the most popular annual events in Frankfurt is its famous Street Festival, which showcases music and entertainment as well as traditional German food. For a more traditional affair, guests can visit one of Frankfurt's many rural open-air markets or local craft fairs for handmade trinkets and souvenirs.

The city also boasts various live music performances at venues throughout the year, both inside iconic concert halls like Alte Oper or outside in parks for a truly special atmosphere.

How to get from the airport to the city center

You can choose from several options when it comes to getting from Frankfurt Airport to the city center. Taxis are a convenient and relatively fast option, with it costing around 25€ for a 20-minute journey into downtown.

The public transportation system is another great way of traveling around the city, including the S-Bahn line 8 that runs between Frankfurt Airport and Central Station. Traveling by S-Bahn takes approximately 15 minutes and requires only one transfer in between lines, making it an easy and accessible method of getting around the city quickly even after arriving with limited time.

Additionally, considering how frequently trains run on this route (2 – 3 times per hour), you’re likely to never wait too long at any station before finding your next connection.

Bus routes 60 and 73 offer further connections from central station to other major areas of the city such as Rödelheim or Offenbach Ost respectively (though these may take slightly longer).

Tourist information

Frankfurt is a bustling metropolis filled with an abundance of attractions and experiences that make it an ideal destination for travelers. From its historical landmarks to vibrant events, there's something to explore around every corner.

The city boasts numerous museums, galleries, and exhibitions showcasing both classic and modern artwork. With its mix of old-world charm and contemporary style, Frankfurt has plenty to offer visitors from all walks of life.

When it comes to getting around the city, public transportation is the most efficient option. U-Bahn (subway) lines U5 and U6 run along a few stops in each direction while S-Bahn (regional train) lines S3, S5/S6 allow for more convenient accessibility on either side of Frankfurt's center district as do Stadtbahn trams within Innenstadt itself.

For those traveling by car or bike rental can also be arranged through some hotels downtown or online service providers like Car2Go or Free Now which provide carsharing services within certain limits areas throughout the city.

Travel inspiration and guides

Visiting Frankfurt can be a great experience, with something to appeal everyone's interests. Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, or just want some rest and relaxation - this city has it all.

From the state of Hesse to the European Central Bank building found in its banks district - there is always something worth exploring here in Frankfurt. In addition to making use of public transportation lines such as S-Bahn S8 and the City-Tunnel line that runs from Frankfurt South Station (Südbahnhof) through Alt-Sachsenhausen up until Frankfurt Main Station (Hauptbahnhof), visitors can also choose between taking a shuttle service for travelers outside the city center or getting around by car rentals, taxis, walking and biking options.

For those on budget mode tours, check out exhibits like The Goethe House Museumsufer Exhibition located in central Sachsenhausen or visit nearby Wiesbaden with just And before entering any restaurant establishment do not forget about their unique "Würstchens" customs!


Frankfurt has evolved from being a business and banking capital to an exciting city full of cultural landmarks, museums, and entertainment. There's a lot for tourists to discover in Frankfurt.

From centuries-old churches to the modern mile of Museumsufer with its 9 distinct exhibits across different disciplines, there is something that appeals to everyone's interests. Whether you prefer bustling nightlife or peaceful outdoor activities like bike tours along the riverbank.Thanks to its convenient public transit system including buses, trams, rail lines and airport connections it’s especially easy for travelers from all over Europe – not just Germany – to visit this vibrant city easily and conveniently.

With so much diversity on offer in such an urban environment—and with one foot firmly planyed in tradition while another reads new ground—Frankfurt will continue appealing as a must-visit destination for individual travellers looking for unique experiences.

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