Prague's Must-See List: 10 Fairy-Tale Spots For Your Bohemian Rhapsody

Mon Nov 06 2023

Prague's Must-See List

Are you planning a trip to Prague and looking for the perfect magical spots? Whether your idea of fairy-tale is grand palaces, unique statues or colorful architecture - this blog has it all! In this article, we'll be taking an in-depth look into the top 10 must-see Fairy Tale destinations that make up Prague's incredible Bohemian Rhapsody.

From Prague Castle to John Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge—we've got you covered with amazing tips so come on board and get ready for an enchanted journey!

Key Takeaways

  • Prague Castle is a must-see historical site, with stretched courtyards filled with ornate palaces and sculptures - including King Wenceslas' Garden.
  • Old Town Hall's Tower offers panoramic views of Prague’s colorful rooftops while Charles Bridge features a beautiful array of gothic and baroque artwork.
  • John Lennon Wall in Malá Strana commemorates the country's freedom of speech through graffiti art from the 1980s alongside unique statues like “Czech Man” near Old Town Hall Tower.
  • Visitors can experience eerie architecture such as Kinsky Palace or explore European craft beer at The Beer Museum - both available for tasting sessions!

Top 10 Must-See Fairy-Tale Spots in Prague

Explore Prague's atmospheric streets lined with palaces, cathedrals, cobbled courtyards and romantic gardens, from the iconic views at Prague Castle to a wander along Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle

The majestic Prague Castle, one of the iconic landmarks in the Czech Republic, is a hugely popular tourist attraction and symbolizes the country's rich history. The medieval fortress sits high atop a hill overlooking Prague’s skyline, offering visitors stunning views of its colorful rooftops, cobblestone streets and unique statues.

Founded in 880 AD, it is considered to be one of the largest castle complexes in Europe with over 20 courtyards for visitors to explore. Within its grounds stands well-preserved historical gems such as the ornate Old Royal Palace and Saint Vitus Cathedral together with smaller artifacts like King Wenceslas' garden or The Golden Lane – an alleyway lined with cottages first built during the 16th century.

No trip to Prague would be complete without exploring this large complex steeped in fairy-tale stories and legends from bygone eras!

Old Town Hall's Tower

The Old Town Hall's Tower is a historic and iconic landmark in the heart of Prague. Located on the southern side of the Old Town Square, this Gothic tower houses a magnificent clock that is an absolute must-see attraction for travelers visiting the city.

The top part features a breathtaking viewing deck where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Prague’s pristine beauty - from medieval structures, handsome palaces to uninterrupted river views! Experiencing Old Town Hall and its surrounding can truly make one feel like they are living within a fairytale world.

Those visiting should not miss out on witnessing this wonder with their own eyes!

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of Prague's famed must-see attractions and an iconic landmark that stretches across the Vltava River. This historic bridge has been built since 1357, making it the oldest conduit in Prague and a true testament to its rich cultural heritage.

Since then, it has become known alternatively as Stone Bridge or simply as The Prague Bridge. Today, this architectural marvel stands as a protected sight due to its immense historical significance; serving both as an important trade route and providing visitors with modern day testimonies of its grandiose architecture which displays both gothic and baroque splendor.

Spanning 520 meters long over 16 stamped stone arches, there are many picturesque places on Charles Bridge offering amazing views of the city – such as Saint John of Nepomuk statue-the oldest sculpture on the bridge or taking in panoramic view from up high.

John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic serves as a vibrant symbol of the country's freedom of speech. Dating back to Communist times, this wall has been used as a site for protest and filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and lyrics from The Beatles songs since the 1980s.

It is located in Malá Strana, a popular Bohemian neighborhood known for its vibrant culture and energy. Over the years, although many layers of graffiti have covered up some parts of the original artwork on the wall, it remains one of documentary photographs depicting life during this time period.

Today this beautiful landmark stands not only as an emblematic reminder of freedom but also draws thousands of tourists who come to experience – even if just a moment – that sense that this movement still lives on through art and music at Prague's very own versionof "Strawberry Fields".

Unique Statues

Unique statues in Prague come in all shapes and sizes, from peculiar to somewhat disturbing. The city is full of bizarre figures, quirky sculptures, puzzles pieces of artwork and distinct displays that will fascinate travelers.

Visit the sculpture "The Egg" on Wenceslas Square or explore a piece of living graffiti history found on John Lennon Wall. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the odd-looking figure known as “Czech Man”, an unexpected work of art located near Old Town Hall Tower.

Each statue creates its own atmosphere and invites visitors to observe its unique story told through eccentric artistic creation.

Insane Architecture

Prague is known as the "City of a Hundred Spires" due to its astonishing array of centuries-old churches with iconic spires piercing the sky. Guests to this Bohemian paradise can also marvel at incredible statues built out of unique stone and an unimaginable variety of architecture from Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles.

The Kinsky Palace is one impressive example; boasting a striking pink and white facade that stands in stark contrast to its ornate brother nearby -the Lobkowicz Palace. Wherever you walk around Prague, your steps will be greeted by some fascinating window grills or latticed balconies - each more intricate than the last! Even street decorations prove that beauty exists in every corner here; it really feels like you have stepped into a fairytale wonderland unlike anything else on Earth!

Beer Museum

Located in the heart of Prague’s historic district, the Beer Museum offers visitors a unique beer tasting experience. With one of the widest selections of beers from across Central & Eastern Europe, this museum serves as a great place for connoisseurs and non-connoisseurs alike.

Here you can learn all about how beer is brewed with insightful tours teaching you every step of the process from malt to bottling. Not only that but here you can also sample several beers from both previous centuries and products made fresh onsite! To top things off, those visiting have a unique opportunity to enjoy four complimentary beers for 250 k relics – well worth it given all else on offer at the museum! As part of Prague's must-see list, which includes 10 fairy-tale spots for travelers to explore, The Beer Museum provides an unforgettable way to experience some truly authentic Czech culture.


Prague offers an impressive selection of night-time entertainment for travelers seeking vibrant energy and a lively atmosphere. From classic beer halls to modern arcades, there's something for everyone in the city known as the "heart of Europe." Popular destinations such as Prague Best Experience and Joystick Arcade Bar offer activities suitable for the whole family, while bars, pubs, clubs, lounges and music venues guarantee nonstop fun throughout the bustling city center.

It's no surprise that guests flock here night after night — there is always something new to explore and experience when discovering Prague by night!

Old Town Square

Possibly the most beloved destination for travelers in Prague, Old Town Square is a glorious site to behold. Located in the heart of Prague, this square boasts captivating architecture ranging from Gothic to Baroque styles.

Standing tall and proud are iconic landmarks such as the clock tower and historic buildings including the Old Royal Palace, Saint George's Basilica, Golden Lane,and Saint Vitus Cathedral.

Tourists have been marveling at these sites since as long ago as 1172! Known for its unique charm that only centuries-old cobblestone streets can provide visitors will be both swooned by and immersed in festive atmosphere during their visit here.

Wenceslas Square

Located in the New Town of Prague is Wenceslas Square, a city square spanning 750 meters and covering an area of 45,000 square meters. The cultural hub has played a significant role in Czech history over the years with it hosting major events such as Russian tanks' invasion in 1968 and mass protests against Communism later on.

It serves as one of Prague's major shopping areas too; at Dum Mody shoppers have five floors dedicated to menswear and womenswear imported from around the world. Apart from being a place for shopping it’s also known for its vibrant nightlife – making it an ideal destination on any travelers must-see list when visiting Prague! Enjoy everything from live music to bars or clubs until late hours - there are plenty of options that fit anyone's taste.

Tips for Visiting These Magical Spots

From logistics for Prague Castle to finding the perfect views from above, discover must-know pointers to make your mystical experience even more special.

Logistics for Prague Castle

When travelling to Prague, the crown jewel of Bohemia certainly is the Castle. Sitting atop the hill overlooking the city and its bridges, it’s a sight to behold as one of Europe’s most majestic structures.

To get to Prague Castle, there are several transportation options available: metro line A stop Hradčanská; tram 22 or 23 (old town station); bus 191 from Metro A; on foot by accessing Nerudova street nearby.

Onsite parking is not free but quite affordable at 900 CZK per day (~36US). The entry fee for adults over 15 varies according to what rooms you want to tour but ranges between 250-350CZK (~10-14US).

Viewing Prague from Above

Whether it's from the top of Prague Castle, Petrin Tower, or one of the many churches and cathedrals in Old Town, exploring Prague from high up offers an awe-inspiring look at this beautiful city.

While each viewpoint has its own special charm and vantage point to offer visitors, some of the most impressive views are those taken in at night. This is when cities around the world become immersed in a soft amber light that reveals their true beauty and character.

From these heights you can capture unforgettable snapshots of monuments like Charles Bridge lit up against a crisp sky filled with stars as well as stunning panoramas made all the more majestic due to its natural contrast between land and sky.

Finding Peace at the John Lennon Wall

Prague's John Lennon Wall is more than just a work of graffiti art; it is a powerful symbol of Czech's culture, history and freedom. Located in the Bohemian neighborhood of Malá Strana, this wall has been an important protest site since Communist times.

It was then covered in anti-government slogans written by people seeking to express their dissent with the oppressive regulations at that time. Today, the John Lennon Wall is now a peaceful memorial for freedom and expression - one which attracts visitors from all over the world who come to see its colorful array of words and artwork associated with peace.

The wall offers insight into both Czech Republic history as well as other global struggles towards finding ways of peacefully resisting oppression. So when visiting Prague, take some time out to visit this worldwide symbolic landmark for nonviolent activism - while reflecting on how far society has come towards achieving peace through creative expression!

Exploring Unique Statues

Prague is known for its abundance of spectacular and intricate sculpture masterpieces, each with its own story to tell. From the Baroque statues lining Charles Bridge to the modern sculptures in Old Town Square, there are plenty of unique statues that should not be missed on any visit to this charming city.

For example, one must-see sculpture is the Horseman Of The Apocalypse located at Karolíny Světlé Street 10 – it depicts a legendary Bohemian knight seated atop a horse ready for battle.

Another favorite statue can be found just off Wenceslas Square: “The Drunken Man," which humorously portrays a man in never-ending drunkenness! These pieces offer an amazing experience into local culture and provide stories from days gone by.


The city of Prague is both enchanting and captivating- home to some of Europe's most beautiful monuments and locations. Known as the 'fairytale capital', a visit to this stunningly unique Bohemian city promises experiences that are unforgettable, fun-filled, and full of surprises.

From Prague Castle to the Beer Museum, visitors will be able Immersing in this timeless beauty can provide renewal, stimulation or simply rest for those ready for an exciting excursion into bohemian history.

One need not worry about money when exploring these wondrous spots – many tourist attractions such as Charles Bridge are free to explore! Altogether, a visit to one or all of these fairy tale spots during your stay in Prague is sure to bring you the unforgettable memories that have filled stories since ancient times.

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