The Globe Theatre: Reliving Shakespeare's London

Sun Oct 22 2023

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre in London is a cultural landmark of immense importance-- not only for theatregoers, but also for those who want to learn more about the plays of William Shakespeare.

Built in 1599 and burned down in 1613 before being rebuilt again, it stands as a physical reminder of Elizabethan drama and Renaissance culture. This blog post reveals all you need to know if you plan on visiting or learning more about The Globe Theatre: its building history, the kinds of theatrical performances one can expect there today, tips for planning your trip, and nearby attractions that aim to bring the city's rich past back alive.

So why wait? Read on and explore this incredible adventure opportunity!

Key Takeaways

  1. Built in 1599 and burned down in 1613 before being rebuilt, the Globe Theatre is a physical reminder of Elizabethan drama and Renaissance culture located near South Bank Thames River in London.
  2. Visitors can explore to surrounding areas associated with William Shakespeare such as his Globe Theatre, Royal Exchange and All Hallows Church through an immersive guided tour or the new walk-through exhibition opening March 2023.
  3. The interactive family activities include dressing up sessions & taking pictures with recreated scenes from famous Shakespearian plays as well attending performance events hosted by the Globe Theater while learning interesting facts about life during his time.

The Story of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

The first Globe Theatre was built in 1599 and an iconic cultural landmark of Elizabethan London, until disaster struck and it burned down just fourteen years later in 1613.

Building the First Globe Theatre

In 1599, William Shakespeare's acting company, The Lord Chamberlain's Men, built the Globe Theatre in London near the south bank of the Thames River. Part-owned by Shakespeare himself and financial backing from several theatrical patrons such as King James I, this Elizabethan era playhouse was constructed with traditional English Renaissance theatre architecture to hold up to 4 thousand audience members.

This allowed The Lord Chamberlain's Men room for an increase in ticket sales and a larger audience base for their theatrical productions which often included some of Shakespeare's works such as Julius Caesar and Macbeth.

Today, historians have reconstructed a new Globe Theatre close to its original location creating an immersive experience when exploring this landmark of our history. Whether it be impersonal encounters with theater goers who flocked from far away or witnessing archival recordings that include performances held inside its mezzanine walls; another breath has been taken into reliving the inspiring story of Shakespearer within his beloved city -London.

Disaster at the Globe

On June 29, 1613 disaster struck the original Globe Theatre during a performance of "Henry VIII". In what many believe to be an accident involving special effect cannon fire and dry thatched roofing, the Globe theatre was engulfed in flames.

The resulting blaze destroyed not only much of Shakespeare's famous work but much of London's theatrical heritage as well. Rebuilding the theater proved difficult due to disruption caused by civil war in England yet construction began again in 1614 and it continued operating until it's closure alongside all other theatres in the city following a Puritan ordinance issued in 1644.The tragedy at the Globe provides an important reminder and testament to how quickly life can change, inspiring many people over centuries since its destruction then successful reconstruction.

Rebuilding and Relocation of the Globe

The story of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is one of destruction and rebirth. Originally built in 1599 on the south bank of the Thames, the original Globe Theatre was destroyed by a fire in 1613 during a performance, causing its irreversible destruction.

Its remains were eventually turned into tenement buildings in 1644 before rehousing plans commenced for a new theater just one street away from the site. After years of planning, fundraising and collaborations between The Society of Antiquaries, Southwark Council and Sam Wanamaker Playhouse Trust (UK registered charity), work on constructing a replica began in 1993 with construction completed four years later – resurrected to its former glory as well as including modern designs such as wheel-chair accessibility, longer stage runway that can be extended up to 11 meters outwards towards audience seated areas etc., making it a top venue for all kinds of performances today.

It stands testament to humanity’s resilience against time and serves reminders that history will always succeed despite hardships faced along its journey over centuries spanning back since Elizabethan Era onward etc..

What to Expect on a Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour

Step back in time and experience the sights, sounds and secrets of The Globe Theatre with a guided tour or by exploring the new walk-through exhibition coming March 2023.

Highlights of the Tour

The Shakespeare's Globe Theatre tour offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the iconic playhouse where Shakespeare wrote his works, learn about stagecraft during Elizabethan era and feel the atmosphere of life in London during his time.

Highlights include an interactive guided tour of this most famous theater as well as access to unique areas such as: The Balcony, The Yard (where audience members stood during performances), and exclusive viewings into the theatre's recreation of 16th century production methods like trap doors, multiple entrances for profess actors or wayside locals from that period.

Visitors can also take part in fun family activities like dressing up in traditional attire or having their picture taken with background images recreating scenes from some of Shakespeare's classic plays interactively explained by costumed characters bringing them alive.

New Walk-Through Exhibition (March 2023)

The new walk-through exhibition space at Shakespeare's Globe brings 400 years of thrilling history to life. Get ready to embark on an inspiring journey through time as you are invited to explore the sights, sounds and secrets of Shakespeare's London.

Be part of an immersive experience that will transport you back to Elizabethan England with interactive elements and contextual insights into his world. Learn about the impact Shakespeare had on theatre, how he wrote his renowned works and get a sense of what it was like in 16th century London that inspired so many famous stories.

See the wonders for yourself when this brand new walk-through exhibit opens in March 2023 as part of the guided tour through stunningly reconstructed Globe Theatre!

Guided Tours (2021)

At the Globe Theatre, 2021 visitors can experience a unique guided tour led by an enthusiastic guide. These interactive tours take visitors through the history and construction of Shakespeare’s original theatre in London, while allowing them to explore his enchanting plays in an authentic setting.

With this hands-on experience, travelers also get the chance to learn about significant figures of Elizabethan England and understand how our modern day theaters have evolved from the Globe.

Pass holders do not need to book their tickets ahead as they can simply show up at the admissions desk on arrival. Tour goers will leave with fascinating knowledge acquired during their visit - indispensable for all those interested in literature, theater or just want to encounter some authentic London charm!

Experiencing Shakespeare's London

Take a step back in time and explore the spellbinding sights, sounds and secrets of Elizabethan London with a visit to the Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare's Walking Tour

offers a comprehensive tour of 400 years worth of London history. From iconic landmarks to stages shows, the two-hour long guided tour takes you back in time and provides an immersive experience of how it used to be living in Shakespeare's London.

You'll visit sites associated with the legendary playwright such as his Globe Theatre, the Royal Exchange and All Hallows Church just to name a few. The self-guided walking tour includes detailed route maps so that participants can follow their own pace and explore various city locations connected with Shakespeare's life.

Alternatively, leisurely seekers can be part of the two an a half hour Shakespeare's Globe Theater which requires prior reservations. Participants will get exposure towards some breathtaking performances which tell stories from England’s past as well as experience one or more Shakespearian plays while visiting this incredible venue.

Family-friendly activities

At the Globe Theatre, travelers have the opportunity to experience a unique and remarkable culture of entertainment suitable for all ages. With interactive workshops, theater shows, story-telling sessions and more, there is something fun for everyone in the family.

There are special activities made particularly with children's interests in mind; guided tours for kids aged seven up to eleven years old explore Shakespeare’s life and his works at their enjoyable level.

Furthermore, children can learn about different aspects of inglenook construction through demonstrations of rammed chalk subfloor production which explanations fit small minds perfectly.

Must-see performances at the Globe Theatre

A visit to the recreated Globe Theatre in London is an absolute must for any traveler interested in experiencing Shakespeare's London. The open-air theater offers world-class performances of both his classic plays, and new productions from other renowned playwright’s.

Not only that, but it also gives guests the opportunity to be a part of centuries old history; namely the venue where Shakespear originally showcased ‘Hamlet’, ‘Julius Caesar’ and many more memorable works! The theater has two stages: the iconic original Globe theatre which was fully reconstructed in 1997 and now serves as an common outdoor playing space for modern day actors, plus another smaller indoor stage called Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Together they offer six different types of showings with stories ranging from comedy to tragedy - all written by celebrated writers or adapted based on real life events such as Richard III rising up against Henry VII after splitting England into various regions near civil war status otherwise known as War of Roses Epic! Whether you decide to stick with classics or enjoy something outside your comfort zone looking at how characters develop over time, tickets at either stage promises surreal experience amidst a historically charged atmosphere made possible by amazing set designs guaranteeing topnotch thrillers every night!

Practical Information for Visiting the Globe Theatre

Before you visit the Globe Theatre, make sure to check the ticket availability and pricing, wheelchair accessibility as well as nearby transportation options.

Ticket availability and pricing

Visitors to London’s Globe Theatre can purchase tickets to experience world-renowned performances of Shakespearean classics as well as newer works. Outdoors events are held in all weather conditions, with the audience seated under a covering if it rains.

Tickets can be purchased online for both live and virtual attendance, and prices vary according to seating location, play selection and tour type. For those looking for an even more unique theatre experience they can try online packages offering virtual access post-show cast interviews or VIP family workshops led by several Globe actors! Discounted ticket prices are also available on certain days of the week for families visiting the Globe, including special Kids' Price tickets for school holidays activities at reduced rates from normal adult pricing.

With so many options available there really is something to suit everyone when planning a visit or attending a show in London's iconic venue - The Globe Theatre!

Wheelchair accessibility

At the Globe Theatre in London, visitors have access to a variety of wheelchair-friendly information and accessible services. The theatre offers an Access Scheme for deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent individuals in order to assist them when finding suitable seating and better accommodate their needs - this scheme also reduces ticket prices accordingly.

Step-free access is available with assistance from staff; the guided tour specifically provides wheelchair routes so those visiting can experience all the attractions without any obstacles.

For those with hidden disabilities or diverse learning needs, there are tailored activities provided upon request as part of a fully inclusive visit. In addition to these features, the Globe Theatre employs hearing loop systems throughout its premises along with comfortable seating arrangements designed for wheelchair users; performances such as relaxed shows further cater to individual requirements too.

Nearby transportation options

Visitors to the Globe Theatre have plenty of convenient transportation options. Those traveling on foot, train, bicycle and bus can easily find their way to London Bridge Station which serves as the main transport hub in the neighborhood with connections to all forms of public transport.

Underground, coach and riverboat services will take you even closer while car parks are available for those who prefer to drive. With such a variety of options readily available near Shakespeare's theatre, getting there is easy - there really is something for everyone!

Tips for planning your visit

When planning a visit to the Globe Theatre, it's important to consider a few key factors. Purchase tour and performance tickets in advance as availability is limited. Additionally, check the Globe Theatre’s opening hours for when they are open.

Consider researching transportation options to find out which buses or trains may be available near the theatre and whether there is nearby parking available. You should look for any nearby restaurants or food options that may be located nearby before beginning your journey too.

Finally, bear in mind that at the Globe Theatre audience members become an integral part of the performance — so get ready to join in!


The Globe Theatre is an iconic Elizabethan theatre with a fascinating history and today continues to be a jewel in the crown of British theatre. Rebuilt by Sam Wanamaker, this symbol of London's theatrical heritage evokes both the creative spirit and the heady energy that Shakespeare poured into his plays during his lifetime.

Whether you’re reliving Elizabethan dramas on stage or wandering through exhibitions and guided tours, visitors are entranced by the sights, sounds and secrets hidden around every corner.

Steeped in history dating back hundreds of years, immersing yourself in The Globe's culture is like taking a step back in time. Regardless of your budget or schedule restrictions - theater lovers, families alike enjoy breathtaking performances throughout the year at this world-renowned cultural landmark deserving its place as one of London's must sees!

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