The London Eye: A Sky-High Experience Of The British Capital

Sun Oct 22 2023

The London Eye

Are you planning a trip to London? Do you want to experience one of the highest landmarks there is, The London Eye? Standing at a height of 443 feet, The London Eye has become an iconic symbol of the British capital since its launch in 2000.

This blog post will provide you with all the details about visiting this landmark observation wheel from tickets and offers available to accessibility information. Get ready for an extraordinary bird's eye view of London like nowhere else! Experience this incredible sky-high attraction and explore your city’s history from up high with The London Eye!

Key Takeaways

  • The London Eye is an iconic 443 feet tall Ferris wheel located on the banks of the River Thames in central London.
  • Visiting the London Eye can be made more affordable with discounted tickets purchased online and special experiences such as private pods and champagne flights are available.
  • Accessibility features are also catered for, including prebooked wheelchair slots and carer tickets.
  • Various attractions near the Doughnut provide unique experiences, including historic sites, theater shows, modern art galleries and convenient transportation options to explore the British capital.

Overview of the London Eye

The London Eye, best known as the Millennium Wheel, is situated on the South Bank of the River Thames in London, and is currently recognized as Europe's tallest Ferris wheel.

History of the attraction

The London Eye is a giant observation wheel located on the banks of the River Thames in central London. Built to mark the millennium's turn, it has since become an iconic landmark and one of Europe's most popular tourist attractions, drawing over 3.5 million visitors annually.

First conceived as a temporary structure in 1998, with construction beginning two years later, its popularity quickly led to plans for making it permanent commemorate the new century ahead.

Its grand opening occurred on March 9th 2000 and was met with much public enthusiasm; however prominent figures such as Prince Charles described it as “a 300 metre tall publicity stunt” - a description which doesn't seem too far from what it remains today! Since then the London Eye has received numerous accolades including recognition by The Times newspaper as one of its 'New Seven Wonders of The World'.

Design and construction

The London Eye was designed by the husband-and-wife team of Julia Barfield and David Marks of Marks Barfield Architects. The construction project was an incredible achievement in every sense – not only a feat of engineering, but also for its urban impact: providing much needed green space around the wheel itself as well as along the banks of the river.

Mace were responsible for building such a complicated structure, involving significant civil engineering including removing existing jetties and constructing new ones. What’s more impressive is that the wheel was first assembled horizontally before being pulled upright over the river Thames – truly an astonishing feat! Thanks to this ambitious design plan, visitors now enjoy unparalleled views across one of Europe’s most iconic cities from high up on their 32 capsules above ground level.

Opening and early reception

The London Eye, which is an observation Ferris wheel and landmark situated along the River Thames, was opened in March 2000 to celebrate the start of a new millennium. It was designed by Marks Barfield Architects as a temporary structure for five year's duration but its excellence in architecture and popularity earned it a spot as one of London's most iconic attractions.

The opening of the London Eye generated enthusiasm throughout London with over 3 million visitors within its first year alone, making it the UK's most popular tourist attraction at that time.

Many people also commented on how fittingly this giant architectural marvel adorned the city skyline since it exemplified not just 20th century structures but also encapsulated humanity’s progress through centuries past.

Experience the London Eye

Get a unique, up close view of the British capital from the London Eye, with ticket options to suit any budget or preference.

Types of tickets and prices

Visitors to the London Eye have a variety of ticket options and corresponding prices. The official price for a walk-up ticket is £45 per adult, yet by booking in advance, visitors can save up to £14 on their entry fee – bringing it down from £60 to just £46! Those looking for quicker access can purchase an advanced fast track ticket for £48.

Moreover, special experiences such as champagne with chocolates or exclusive use of private pods offer even more unique perspectives with unbeatable views over the city skyline - all at higher prices than standard tickets.

To guarantee entry and benefit from the flexibility of rescheduling without incurring any extra cost, visitors are advised to book tickets online in advance. This way they'll be able to find and enjoy affordable prices combined with exciting experiences without having to wait in line!

Popular ticket options

Visitors to the London Eye have a varied selection of tickets, allowing them to access expedited entry or enjoy special experiences in and around the iconic attraction. For those looking for fast-track admission, there are expedited entry tickets available.

Multi-venue passes offer even more value as they provide access to multiple popular attractions near the London Eye. Those looking for an extra bit of luxury can opt for exclusive VIP experience that includes priority admissin, complimentary drinks and snacks during housed 30 minute rotation time with unique views up to 135 metres above ground level.

Meanwhile, visitors who like having champagne can book a Champagne Experience Ticket which allows travellers bask in stunning views over London while sipping on bubbles served exclusively at 25 dedicated pods onboard revolving wheel built across two 256 meter diameter wheels – both facing The Shard building! Tickets also include Priority Access Tours of Westminster Abbey too if requested beforehand so don’t forget this option when planning your visit!

Special experiences (champagne, private pod, etc.)

The London Eye offers guests a range of exclusive experiences that transform the experience into something truly special. Guests can indulge in VIP treatments with a champagne tasting experience or private luxury pod hire, providing unforgettable memories and incredible views of London's iconic skyline.

The Cupid's Pod is perfect for couples wanting to create an extra-special moment - think one full rotation for two inside your own personal capsule, a luxurious box of Hotel Chocolat pink chocolates, and a chilled bottle of Pommery Rosé Champagne.

Private pods can also be private hired exclusively if you want to enjoy great scenes and breath-taking views in utter privacy and comfort. The London Eye Champagne Experience gives visitors access to delicious bubbly alongside spectacular 360° panoramic views – all while sipping away 3 stories high! These unique experiences provide an extra dimension to the attraction setting it apart from any other sky wheel around the world.

Accessibility and facilities

The London Eye has been designed with accessibility in mind, and offers a range of features and services to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience. The attraction is accessible for wheelchair users, with pre-booked wheelchair slots allowing two people at a time (due to health and safety regulations).

Carer tickets are also available for those who require assistance during their visit. Other visitors may wish to consider special ticket options such as champagne flights or private pods; all accessible facilities should be prearranged directly with the London Eye prior to arrival.

Whatever your needs, the staff at the London Eye will do their utmost best accommodate you so don't hesitate to ask for any extra help upon arrival!

Discover More in London

Explore the nearby attractions, including theater shows, modern art galleries and historic sites while enjoying convenient transportation options to easily get around the British Capital.

Attractions near the London Eye

The London Eye, standing 443 feet tall in the heart of the British capital, offers breathtaking views and memorable experiences. But what else is there to experience near this famous ferris wheel? Tourists will find a wide range of different options to explore close by.

There are many shops and souvenir stands outside the attraction. You can also find several bars, pubs, clubs, and even casinos just waiting to be explored. The River Thames winds its way through London offering amazing river tours from Westminster Pier with postcard-perfect views from our beloved Big Ben.

Guided walking tours of popular attractions like Harry Potter sights or monuments such as Buckingham Palace are easily accessible nearby too! Whether you're looking for some nightlife or an afternoon full of sightseeing near the London Eye – there's something here for everyone!

Transportation options

Tourists visiting London will find that reaching the iconic attraction - The London Eye is made easy and convenient through a variety of public transportation options. Most popularly, visitors can use the London Underground – an extensive network of train lines connecting all points of city with one another.

This option provides efficient and reliable travel across the capital; allowing tourists to navigate their way easily around tourist destinations such as Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus which are all within walking distance from stops on the tube to get closer to The London Eye.

In addition to the Tube, visitors can also make use of bike hire services or even utilize ride-sharing services such as Uber for added convenience when travelling short distances in town and exploring further afield -users can now book vehicle rides via boat in certain areas too! All these cost-effective modes offer attractive tour packages that let travelers save time while sightseeing at nearby attractions and discovering more about this beautiful Capital City!

Other experiences and tours

The London Eye makes for a great starting point to experience the beauty of the British capital. To further enrich this sky-high experience, visitors can book tickets to enjoy other nearby attractions in London.

For example, tourists might be interested in checking out Madame Tussauds Wax Museum or take a 40-minute circular sightseeing boat cruise along the River Thames. Additionally guests can also opt for night ride packages with spectacular views lit up under millions of twinkling stars or plan special occasions such as marriage proposal, romantic date and more on board their own private pod which provides amazing picturesque scenes from atop the eye and immense peace amidst busy bustling metropolis down below - allowing patrons to have some quality time filled with sweet memories.

And there are excellent transportation options available too like bus routes and walking that help travellers reach these wonderful sites quickly and conveniently within no time!

Conclusion: Celebrating the London Eye at 20 and Beyond

The London Eye has firmly established itself as one of the British capital’s most iconic attractions, and for good reason. Its expansive cantilevered observation wheel provides visitors with stunning views of London’s iconic landmarks and breathtaking cityscape from a height that is difficult to beat.

From traditional open-air capsules to private pods; champagne experiences to night flights; whatever your preference might be, the London Eye has it all.

20 years after its official launch in 2000, the 443-foot tall Ferris wheel still captivates millions of visitors each year who come to take in its awe-inspiring views and unparalleled experience on offer.

This speaks volumes about its popularity among tourists and locals alike, entailing the attraction's importance both within London’s tourism industry over two decades later as well as simultaneously serving as an important symbol of modern Britain today.

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