Discover The Magic Of Weekend Getaways: Self-Guided City Tours You'll Love

Wed Oct 11 2023

The Magic Of Weekend Getaways

Are you wishing for a weekend getaway that’s different from the average city tours? Discover the magic of self-guided city tours and get ready to explore some of the world’s best destinations.

Instead planning out every tiny detail, take charge with your own route maps and guides! In this article, we will cover popular tourist spots around the globe as well as provide tips on how to plan an unforgettable tour.

So come along and let's uncover new perspectives on our favorite cities..

Key Takeaways

  • Self - guided city tours are a great way to explore new places and discover hidden gems on weekend getaways.
  • Country Walkers specializes in guided walking tours across some of the world's most beautiful locations with 40 years of experience providing immersive experiences.
  • Popular destinations for self - guided walking, driving, and other types of tours include North America, South America, Europe, African & Middle East countries Asia & South Pacific islands
  • Self - guided tours offer maximum freedom and flexibility without compromising on expertly planned itineraries.

About Country Walkers and Their Unique Offerings

With over four decades of expertise in crafting immersive adventures, Country Walkers offers expert-led tours to uncover hidden gems.

40 years of experience providing immersive adventures

Country Walkers has been delivering extraordinary travel experiences to their customers for over 40 years. With decades of experience, they have perfected the art and craft behind their unique offerings, specializing in guided walking tours across some of the world's most beautiful locations.

All of Country Walker’s trips are designed with an emphasis on immersing yourself in unfamiliar environments -- from miles-long hikes through national parks to cycling amongst vibrant city streets - making each tour memorable and enjoyable for all types of travelers.

Their long-standing history provides customers assurance that the service provided is reliable and professional – ensuring your satisfaction with every journey can be guaranteed.

Expert-led tours to hidden gems

With an expert-led tour, you have a guide who can take you to destinations off the usual tourist radar. These specialized tours allow you to explore lesser known locales and get a unique experience in each destination.

From small towns with hidden historical sites, to cafes filled with locals, your expert guides will be able to provide insider information about these places that are usually uncovered by weary travelers on their own.

Whether it’s discovering hidden gems tucked away in picturesque landscapes or visiting quaint villages off the beaten path, this type of self-guided tour offers an immersive experience into some of the world’s most incredible cultures and locations.

Popular Weekend Getaway Destinations

Whether you're dreaming of an African safari, a European getaway, or something closer to home in North America, Country Walkers has the destination for your perfect weekend vacation.

North America

North America has some of the world’s best weekend getaways. From Nashville, which connects highways from all directions and provides a mix of vibrant nightlife, bluegrass music venues, and award-winning restaurants — to San Jose with its iconic landmarks in combination with nearby attractions like wine country experiences or Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.

Couples can enjoy 3-day trips filled with sightseeing tours while families can opt for 5 days exploring natural wonders of the USA. There are countless opportunities here for everyone to make memories that will last forever!

South America

South America is a popular destination for weekend getaways, offering travelers the opportunity to explore and get off the beaten path. Popular destinations in South America include Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia with thriving cities like Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, and La Paz.

Iconic landmarks such as Machu Picchu in Peru or Iguazu Falls crossing Argentina and Brazil are also popular choices among active travelers seeking an adventure-filled journey. With decades of experience providing immersive experiences customized to each traveler’s needs, Country Walkers tours offer self-guided city tours that make exploring even easier - no matter what your budget or interests may be!


Europe is a dream destination for many travelers, offering endless possibilities for unforgettable weekend getaways. From historic cities like Prague and Venice to romantic beach towns such as Santorini or the Amalfi Coast, you can experience something different every time you visit The Old Continent.

Many hidden gems throughout Europe are just waiting to be discovered by self-guided city tours offering an immersive adventure that will stay with you long after your holiday has ended.

Whether it’s a romantic escape for two or an exciting girl’s trip away, traveling through cosmopolitan cities in Italy, France, Spain and Germany promises an array of experiences from art galleries and secret sights to colorful markets overflowing with delicious local cuisine.

Africa & Middle East

Africa and the Middle East offer some of the world's most dynamic weekend getaways, from adventurous activities in deserts and exclusive private city tours to disappearing cultures and untouched natural beauty.

With options ranging from Nature Excursions Adventure Tours in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park to sandboard on epic dunes in exotic locales like Morocco, you are sure to find something for everyone.

The Middle Eastern city of Doha provides a modern twist with its cultural attractions such as markets, restaurants, cathedrals and stunning seaside views. Meanwhile, the ancient Moroccan walled city of Marrakesh is an enduring testament to Arab culture that'd transport visitors back centuries as they wander through bustling souks filled with traditional craftsmen selling their wares down winding alleyways.

Asia & South Pacific

The Asia & South Pacific region is a popular destination for weekend getaways. Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Laos are especially attractive in 2023 thanks to affordability, bustling cities, stunning landmarks, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For budget travelers, the South Pacific islands – such as French Polynesia, The Cook Islands, Fiji and the Solomon Islands – offer an escape from reality as well as amazing sea life experiences.

Tourists can take advantage of first-class private-guided tours which provide access to destinations such as Japan’s Tokyo or Hakone. Cruise ships from ports in Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe and Hong Kong allow visitors to experience even more of this vast area with ease.

The Ultimate Self-Guided Walking Tour Experience

Experience a fascinating voyage into the unknown territory of your chosen destination, discovering hidden sites and gaining insights from locals only available on self-guided walking tours.

Benefits of self-guided tours

Self-guided tours offer travelers maximum freedom and flexibility without compromising on expertly planned itineraries. These tours enable individuals to explore a city at their own pace, while also learning new skills and discovering hidden gems.

With the help of app-led or self-guided walking tours, travelers can gain an even more immersive experience with personalized audio guides from local experts who provide insight into culture and points of interest along a route.

Plus, these audio guides tend to be available in multiple languages so that tourists can better grasp the destination they are visiting. Self-guided tours give travelers complete control over their journey as well, allowing them to customize when —and for how long—they choose each activity, making sure that they don’t miss out on anything important or have to rush through any part of their trip.

Sample itinerary: Walking tour of San Francisco

Discover the beauty and culture of San Francisco on a self-guided walking tour! This 6 mile route takes you through 8 unique neighborhoods, giving you an in-depth exploration of this one-of-a-kind city.

Start your adventure at the iconic Fisherman's Wharf and take in all its attractions - from restaurants to amusement parks. Next, make your way through the Mission District - San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood - where you can explore historical sites, art galleries, and specialty stores.

Further on is Golden Gate Park with over 1,000 acres of open space for outdoor recreation like kayaking or horseback riding. Following that is Pacific Heights with its grand Victorian houses before ending at Land’s End providing stunning views of dramatic cliffs and rugged coastline that awaits.

Tips from a local guide

When it comes to exploring a city like San Francisco on your own, having some expert guidance can make the experience even more enjoyable. A local guide is able to provide invaluable tips and insight into what destinations and attractions are best suited for those looking for an authentic self-guided tour experience.

They are also able to point out lesser known hot spots that offer unique experiences such as secret night clubs, bars or unexplored pastimes like axe throwing and geocaching. With their help you will never again miss a hidden gem in the neighbourhoods you visit; plus they’ll be able to advise when it comes to shortcutting around crowded areas or avoiding dead ends when walking or cycling around town.

Consider utilizing Google Maps, but don’t leave advice from seasoned locals behind! Most importantly - have fun enjoy yourself learning new facts about incredible locations from experts who live there!

How to Plan and Book Your Self-Guided City Tour

Get prepared for your exciting journey by researching the city, packing appropriately, booking accommodations, and checking out any additional activities of interest.

Research your destination

Before embarking on a self-guided city tour, it is important to research your destination: find out about local attractions like landmarks and museums, learn about the culture of the city or country you are visiting, and consider any safety considerations.

Research should also include finding accommodations that meet your needs as well as researching any other activities or tours you may be interested in during your trip.

When conducting travel research online, read reviews from past travelers who have tried and loved self-guided tours for inspiration when planning mini escapes. Additionally, there are plenty of helpful resources available such as Country Walkers—a 40 year expert in providing immersive journeys from their diverse selection of adventure packages taking you to cities around the world or closer to home in North America, South America, Europe, Africa & Middle East Asia & South Pacific.

Pack appropriately

When traveling for a self-guided tour, make sure you pack the essentials! Pack light and bring versatile clothing that suits the terrain of your destination. Make sure to include comfortable shoes and a good pair of walking boots or sneakers.

It's smart to pack basic toiletries such as sunscreen, insect repellent and anti-bacterial wipes for hygiene purposes. Bring along any necessary items or equipment required depending on your tour -- if hiking is part of it, be sure to bring a daypack suited to its length; if cycling is involved, don't forget your bike helmet! With limited space when exploring cities during weekend getaways, plan carefully by curating the right mix between garments and other items before packing – when in doubt leave it out – so you can maximize time spent discovering hidden gems at each city location.

Book accommodations

Booking the right type of accommodation is essential for making a self-guided city tour enjoyable. Pre-booking accommodations ahead of time helps travelers ensure availability and lock in desirable locations, closing off particular spots to chance and making it easier to relax before they arrive at their destination.

When looking for lodgings, consider ease of access – are you looking for somewhere central? Or on the outskirts where attractions may be less crowded? What about close proximity to public transportation? Make sure that the hotel or bed and breakfast offers complimentary Wi-Fi if needed or connected amenities such as restaurants so travelers can take advantage of any downtime.

Most importantly, research pricing to find out what's within budget – don’t forget that some reliable establishments offer big discounts when booking directly through them rather than using third party sites! Finding an ideal place that meets all needs will help make a potential vacation unforgettable.

Consider other activities and tours

By participating in different activities in a destination, travelers can enrich their experience, create lasting memories, and make an ordinary trip into something extraordinary. During a self-guided city tour there are plenty of ways to explore a location like food tours, walking tours with knowledgeable guides meant to take the listener on an immersive journey through history and culture.

For example Ireland's unspoilt landscape is perfect for exploring by car as it allows you to stay at interesting places along the way; from farm stays of Kelly’s hotel in Donegal or Celtic Gaeltacht areas in Connemara both these options enrich your Irish experience.

Moreover if you looking for fun then Salem has its own unique ‘Hocus Pocus Walking Tour’ which tells about Salem townfordold witch trails. To make sure that travelers upcoming trips into memorable ones they should search for related tour companies, rental homes, websites and apps boasting attractions listing according museums apartments near them as well as local guide tips before heading out on their next adventure!

Download tour guides and maps

Whether you opt for a self-guided city tour or exploring on your own, downloading and using digital tour guides and maps can make finding your way easy. Many cities have official digital tours such as the San Francisco City Guides walking tour schedule that users can download.

Additionally, there is an array of websites featuring downloadable guides such as Google My Maps where users can create their own custom travel map based on destinations they plan to visit.

The availability of these resources makes planning your itinerary more convenient than ever and allows total freedom during the trip without having to carry excess paper while traveling around! Furthermore, if you’re looking to explore new places in a shorter amount of time then guided audio experiences by many companies offer pointers from experienced locals which helps with navigation and adding cultural insights into every adventure.


Self-guided city tours are a great way to explore new places and discover hidden gems on weekend getaways. These tours offer flexibility, allowing you to go at your own pace and fit activities into your schedule.

Popular destinations for self-guided walking, driving, and other types of tours include North America, South America, Europe, African & Middle East countries Asia & South Pacific islands Many cities also have free tour instructions available online which can help travelers experience the best of each location without paying extra money.

Every destination offers something special; from San Francisco's hidden neighborhoods to the hit TV show locations in The Office tour or Washington DC’s major attractions that can be explored even within 24 hours.

Finally don’t forget Palermo’s free self-guided walking tours for an interesting no cost pick up!

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