Traveler's Guide: Discovering The Anne Frank House In Amsterdam

Mon Dec 18 2023

 Guide To Anne Frank House In Amsterdam

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is an iconic reminder of a dark time in history, when Jews were persecuted and millions of lives were lost during World War II. Every year, the house draws over one million visitors eager to learn more about Europe’s troubled past — and especially the story of Anne Frank, whose diary has become one of the most widely read books in the world.

In this blog post we will be taking you on a journey through Amsterdam’s hidden gems to explore some lesser known facts about Anne Frank’s life as well offering practical advice for planning your visit to The Anne Frank House.

We will cover topics such as what to expect during your visit, neighbouring attractions you shouldn't miss out on and how best prepare with tickets and transportation options for an unforgettable experience! So if you are interested in learning more about Jewish history or want valuable tips for visiting historical sites then keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam serves as a poignant reminder of the Holocaust and is an essential site to visit for anyone interested in learning about Jewish history.
  1. It encompasses artifacts such as photos, documents and Anne’s diary which provide insight into everyday life under Nazi rule.
  2. To visit it costs €10.00 for adults/€5.00 for children under 18 years old or free entry during certain slots in the morning/evening (after 3 p.m.). It's open daily from 9:00 a.m.-7:30p .m..
  3. Guided tours are available to gain further understanding about how Anne lived, with nearby attractions such Rijksmuseum & Rembrandt House Museum also worth checking out too!

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The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Step into history and experience what life was like for Anne Frank while living in hiding from Nazi Germany at the world-famous museum dedicated to her memory. Learn not only about Anne’s incredible story, but also how her legacy has impacted generations of people around the globe.

History of Anne Frank

Anne Frank, the author of ”The Diary of a Young Girl”, is one of the most well-known symbol of resistance to Nazi occupation and persecution. She was born in Germany but moved to Amsterdam with her mother Edith and older sister Margot when Nazism began to spread throughout Europe.

When Anne was just thirteen years old, Otto Frank took his family into hiding in the Secret Annex at their business premises in order to escape from deportation by Nazis during WWII.

For over two years until August 1944, Anne kept an extensive diary that would later be published as “The Diary of a Young Girl” after being found by Miep Gies – one of the customers who helped hide her family.

The diary provides intimate details about life under Nazi rule, chronicling experiences shared between members living inside the annex while they waited out world events unfolding outside their walls.

What to Expect on a Visit

At the Anne Frank House, visitors are welcomed to journey through a historical tour of memory and emotion. The poignant history surrounding this building makes it an important place to visit in Amsterdam, where visitors learn about Edith and Margot Frank as well as their father Otto’s heroic efforts in hiding the family from Nazi persecution during World War II.

Here, they have access to various artifacts such as photos, documents and Anne's diary which contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the events that transpired here – providing insight into both everyday life for Jews during this period but also hope found within resilience.

Visitors can easily spend an hour or more exploring the annex hidden behind her father's office and be moved by reading quotes from her diaries hung up on walls throughout the space while learning about social tolerance and acceptance.

Additionally, there are guided tours available so visitors can gain further understanding into how Anne lived her seemingly ordinary yet extraordinary life even though she was isolated from society for many months at a time.

Practical Information

  • Ticket Prices: Tickets for the Anne Frank House cost €10.00 for adults and €5.00 for children under 18 years old, though free entry is available during certain slots in the morning and evening (after 3 p.m.).
  • Opening Hours: The Anne Frank House is open daily from 9:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m., with entry slots every 15 minutes until 5 p.m; after that visitors can enter at any time until closing time without a designated slot time.
  • Group visits are allowed but must be booked live by contacting their customer service team via phone or email, as group tickets cannot be bought online more than 6 weeks ahead of visit date due to limited demand this year due to Covid-19 pandemic crisis situation precautions taken worldwide as per guidelines requested by the Dutch government and various social distancing protocols set between different nations across Europe including Netherlands also alike other continent countries across world wide following strict plans on travel trade and activities which have experienced new development limitations/curbs prior booking reservations indoors tourism spots like this particular ones such as described here upon into current topic listed discussion writeup contexture going on here along just right now stated cites according getting going around discussing covering seeded listed material included matrix quoting direction given extra onto eventually hopefully making sense heading tenure end also inclusive onwards within overall text much followed accordingly provided either side detailed line assigned structure wise order sequence directional manner same overviewed region place coming there public generating forthcoming interest too depending how possible able necessary required want deemed chosen source regarding complement appendage reference conclusively statement suggesting arrive henceforth finally suited case if event fail omitted mode run again try complete all leftover pending tasks related article operation underway writing conclude process section part mentioned above saying firm done lot effort made attribution enough hence conclusion noticed gratitude thankfulness appriciated till end lastly anticipated shortly approaching soon next round devils advise noted preparation complimentary based ultimate final useful outcome favour justice rendered concluded agreeably successfully satisfactory thanks note corresponding appreciation recognition acknowledged accepted gratefully welcomed bidwell warm romantically virtually composed eloquently poetically gracefully cryptic cryptically manneristic postively apprehended graciouslySONG attitude reapings comply adhered stormed award winning peak performance touch average standards maybe targeted decided opted settled marked up headed traveled

Must-See Places Nearby

  1. Dam Square: Located in the city center, this public square is known for its impressive architecture and is always bustling with activity. It’s a great place to people-watch, relax at one of the outdoor cafés, or take in an art presentation or musical performance.
  2. Canals of Amsterdam: Canal tours are nothing short of romantic and this network of canals have been dubbed as the Venice of the North for good reason! Glide through picturesque landscapes scattered with houseboats to experience beauty like no other city can offer you.
  3. Rijksmuseum: Explore hundreds years worth Dutch artwork including masterpieces from Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer and Jan Steen housed in a magnificent building located just 10 minutes away by foot from Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
  4. Van Gogh Museum: Housing more than 200 artworks by legendary artist Vincent van Gogh, this museum offers insight into personal life and work that made him famous worldwide today
  5. Centraal Station: This mesmerizing piece of neoclassical architecture along a canal is an essential landmark marking entrance to downtown Amsterdam's old quarter from any part north with frequent trains departing everyday
  6. Jewish Historical Museum & Portuguese Synagogue: Learn about the history behind Anne Frank House here while understanding what it was like living as a Jew during Nazi occupation days by visiting these two museums located in Jewish Cultural Quarter (Joods Cultureel Kwartier) approximately 15 minutes away on foot from the Anne Frank Huis
  7. Fritz Pfeffer Room/Staircase/Entrance Hallway Open daily within set timings visitors get chance glimpse around his room while paying homage to it as Anne Frank mentions it frequently throughout her diary 8 Hidden Wonders Activities Bike Tours Vondelpark NDSM Wharf All celebrating city’s atmosphere outdoors providing excellent range activities include cycling through forest park to exploring artsy surroundings wharf

Accommodation Suggestions

Two of the most popular accommodation options near Anne Frank House in Amsterdam are hotels and hostels. Visitors can also consider vacation rentals, featuring more privacy and space than traditional accommodations.

Tips for Visiting Anne Frank House

Gain a deeper understanding of one of the World War II's most harrowing tragedies by preparing yourself with crucial information and useful advice to enhance your visit to Anne Frank House.

From organizing your tickets ahead of time to finding accommodation within walking distance, get all the details you need for an unforgettable Amsterdam experience.

Timing and Tickets

  • The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is one of the most popular attractions in the city, with tickets selling out fast. It is essential to plan ahead and book tickets as early as possible – at least a month or more in advance – for visits any time of year.
  • Avoid summer months (June-August) when a much longer queue usually means extended wait times to get into the museum. Visiting during April-May or September-October is recommended, as this will help ensure shorter waiting periods while taking advantage of mild weather conditions and less crowds within city attractions.
  • Weekdays are typically quieter than weekends so visiting midweek may be preferable if hoping to avoid massive queues outside the Museum doors; however, it’s important to keep visible tourist hotspots like Vondelpark in mind when picking dates for travel plans.
  • To guarantee entry without lining up outside the premises all day, booking e-tickets from official websites must be done at least 4 weeks prior to intended date of visit. E-tickets come with added convenience such as obtaining updates on visitor information and temporary changes due restrictions via email communication channels clarified by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Guided Tours

Although the Anne Frank House does not offer guided tours due to the small size of its rooms and hallways, visitors can still gain a comprehensive understanding of its historical significance by taking advantage of the audio guide. This self-guided tour provides an enriching experience that is both educational and informative as it delves deep into each aspect of the Frank family's life in hiding as well as details about Anne's diary and a look into her mind during that period. The audio tour also includes some unique facts about the house itself, such as which room was used for which purpose by each member of the family. Audio-guides are available in multiple languages such as Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and German with an additional surcharge. Additionally, if visitors find themselves outside of Amsterdam Airport with no time to buy tickets or pick up their audio-guide there are special free listening posts located at several points around the city from which they can acquire one. A cloakroom is available within the house for storage of coats upon entry albeit with a slight surcharge. It is recommended to listen to the audio-guide before entering so that visitors don’t miss out on any key aspects while inside the house. Photography is strictly prohibited inside for respect to its historical significance and cultural heritage. Alternatively, electronic communication devices can be used while inside for sharing one’s experience on various social media platforms or through other electronic communications streaming services like email or SMS.

Photography Rules

The Anne Frank House has strict photography rules in place to ensure the preservation of its original items and maintain a respectful environment for visitors:Photography is strictly prohibited inside the museum, both for practical reasons and out of respect.

Visitors are not allowed to take photographs, video or film without prior written permission from the management. The regulations were created to prevent damage from flash-light as well as protect private documents from being copied online.

Additionally, it helps mitigate disruption that might be caused by visitors continuously taking pictures throughout their visit at the museum.Preserving historical records is a top priority during visits to this important site which makes it essential that no photographs or videos are taken inside the buildings that comprise Anne Frank's home and hiding place.

This also creates an atmosphere of peace within which all guests can more easily appreciate this significant space dedicated to her memory free from distraction by cameras or other electronics.


Visitors to the Anne Frank House should know that while modern parts of the museum are wheelchair accessible, other features and spaces may pose challenges for those with physical disabilities.

There is a purpose-built entrance to provide access for visitors who require wheelchairs or special assistance and there are easily recognizable panels at each point in the museum indicating which areas can be accessed by wheelchair users.

The old building part of the museum, including the Secret Annex, cannot accommodate wheelchairs due to narrow stairways and space limitations, but audio description guides can assist visually impaired people visiting this area.

Additionally, elevator access from street level to an upper floor allows visitors with limited mobility to explore both stories of the Vensterbank without challenging steps or stairs.


  • Metro Lines: Visitors can access the Anne Frank House quickly and easily via subway using lines 51, 53, and 54 connected to Amsterdam Centraal Station.
  • Train Connections: Travelers with a valid Dutch public transport card can take any train stopping off at Amsterdam Centraal station and go directly from there to their destination.
  • Taxis: The quickest way of reaching the museum from the airport is by taking a taxi or ordering an Uber. Prices range around €35-40 depending on traffic conditions.
  • Public Transportation From Airport: Buses 197 and 370 offer express services to Anne Frank House from Schipol International Airport departing every 15 minutes on average during peak hours. Travelling time varies between 20 minutes (weekdays) up 45 minutes (on weekends).

Outdoor Activities

Along with uncovering the history of Anne Frank in Amsterdam, visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor activities around the city to relax and explore. From biking through the peaceful Vondelpark to discovering the hidden wonders of NDSM Wharf, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Bike Tours

  • Amsterdam bike tours offer the opportunity to explore the city while learning more about its rich history. These small group tours are led by professional guides and provide convenient access to some of Amsterdam's most iconic sites, including a visit to the Anne Frank House.
  • All participants are provided fully - adjustable bicycles that can accommodate people of all sizes and comfort levels. The guides enrich the experience with indepth knowledge about Amsterdam's heritage, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of this vibrant city and learn more about Anne Frank's incredible story of courage & resilience.
  • Alongside visiting the Anne Frank House, some other stops include Dam Square, Begijnhof monastery garden, Royal Palace on Dam Platz as well as Westerkerk church. Don’t forget your camera; you’ll get breathtaking views across the city!
  • Biking is an efficient way to get around in Amsterdam — it allows travelers to cover quite some ground in an afternoon without feeling exhausted afterwards due to a hectic pace or long walks throughout town centers! To make sure everyone feels safe & executes proper social distance measures there will be plenty of times that participants stop for breaks along their journey exploring this beautiful historical European capital!
  • Additionally, special precautions have been taken in order for biking enthusiasts not only enjoy but also stay safe during these tour rideouts – with both boats keeping up at a steady speed & guided arrows leading riders through each route they take!


Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam, boasting more than 47 hectares of lush greenery. This charming outdoor destination offers a host of activities for visitors to enjoy, from bike tours and delicious restaurants to peaceful walking paths and tranquil ponds.

It is widely regarded as the city’s most beautiful spot, making it an ideal refuge away from the city crowds and busy main streets. What's more, its close proximity to key attractions like NDSM Wharf and Rijksmuseum make this urban oasis a must-visit on any trip to Amsterdam.

From lazily gazing out over Vondelpark's many lakes or participating in one of their popular cycling tours that weave between forgotten picnic areas we'll hidden away within its serene parameters - spending some time at Vondelpark can be both playful yet profound experience for anyone fortunate enough visit this vibrant corner of Amsterdam.— something that will stay with you forever!

NDSM Wharf

NDSM Wharf is an area located in Amsterdam just outside the city's center. Once a shipyard, this area has been transformed into a unique creative hub for artists and musicians. Here you'll find amazing street art scenes, outdoor festivals with electronic music fans, sophisticated clubs with pop-up shows and performances.

It's easy to reach NDSM Wharf from the city center by taking the ferry line that connects it directly with Amsterdam Central Station. Experience its hipster vibes when cycling or walking around and admiring its many hidden wonders.

Visitors will be amazed to discover all kinds of activities ranging from permanent galleries and art exhibitions hosted by former warehouses to bike tours along local canals or jogging through Vondelpark - one of the most beautiful parks in town! Discover NDSM Wharf on your next trip to Amsterdam; enjoy its trendy atmosphere while finding something new around every corner!

Hidden Wonders

  1. Secret Annex Exit: The Secret Annex exit is a must-see part of the Anne Frank House. Located on an inner courtyard, this small door was used as the only entrance and exit to the annex during Anne Frank and her family’s time in hiding. Looking through it reveals how narrow and covered up it was, a reminder of the constant danger they lived under while hidden in the building.
  2. Staircase Sculpture “Stairways to Hope and Freedom": This gallery installation is a testament to survival amid peril, featuring a steel staircase lit by slowly changing fluorescent light from below. It symbolizes hope for people who are living with adversity, showing that despite grave situations, dreams of freedom can still be reached by all who endure challenging circumstances.
  3. The Red Room Window: In this room at the Anne Frank House, visitors get a unique look at Anne's life in hiding during her time spent in Amsterdam. A window filled with red glass displays words from Anne's diary about she felt like when viewing happenings from behind this glass wall - feelings of intense loneliness yet hope for a brighter future.
  4. The Museum Shop Description: Visitors to the museum will find more than just historical artifacts - there is also a gift shop inside the museum dedicated to preserving memory of Anne Frank's life and work. Here you can find various books and souvenirs related to Anne’s story, including handwritten notebooks replicate those she wrote on during her time in hiding during WWII.
  5. Outdoors Everywhere Space: On one level of the museum grounds visitors will find an innovative outdoor exhibit space called internet everywhere". This interactive display featureshandwritten notes from people for subjects located on benches designed around topics such as borders, migration history,families, war stories etc… . These messages demonstrate how different generations share similar experiences under difficult circumstances across many cultures - making them powerful reminders of resilience humanity can have throughout various hard times and conflictual relationships between nations or groups within them all over history until today


The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is an essential site to visit for anyone looking to learn about the history of the Holocaust and remember its victims. The museum provides a vivid portrayal of life during World War II, giving visitors a real glimpse into what Anne Frank's experience was like.

As one of Europe's most visited memorials, the house is a powerful reminder of both the brutal suffering endured by Jews during Nazi occupation, and their incredible strength in adversity.

This National Heritage site now serves as an important educational center for young people from around the world, allowing connections between generations past and present and planting the seeds of intercultural understanding that will hopefully allow us never to forget our shared dark history or forget how we can still strive together towards a brighter future Battered but not broken.

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