Traveler's Guide To Aspendos And Antalya: Exploring Ancient Ruins And Coastal Delights

Tue Dec 19 2023

Traveler's Guide To Aspendos Antalya

Introducing the traveler’s guide to Aspendos and Antalya: a comforting and informative journey through ancient ruins and coastal delights. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning a trip, don't worry! This comprehensive guide offers all information needed for an unforgettable experience.

Did you know that Aspendos is home to one of the longest-preserved Roman Theaters on the Mediterranean? Renowned for its stunning architecture and artistry - take in classical plays, film screenings, festivals or operas with up to 20 thousand visitors attending each event every year!

From ancient ruins such as Perge & Side's Temple Of Apollo to delightful hidden treats like Kursunlu Waterfalls there's something magical waiting here for everyone! Our blog post brings forth what this enchanting region has to offer so be sure to read it before embarking on your next adventure! Get ready – buckle up – as we explore Aspendos and Antalya; visiting historical sites fulled with rich history, surrounded by scenic coasts perfect for relaxing activities while savouring delicious Turkish dishes.

Key Takeaways

  • Aspendos and Antalya are captivating locations for tourists, offering breathtaking sites such as the Ancient City Perge, Apollo Temple in Side, Aspendos Theatre, Kursunlu Waterfalls and more.
  • Visitors can expect to explore spectacular antiquities from Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilizations such as statues of Hercules & Hippolytus or Hadrian's Gate on a private South East & South Turkey Tour.
  • Local attractions near Aspendos And Antalya include activities like swimming/snorkeling at various resorts near the coast or taking part in unique experiences like Turkish baths overlooking turquoise waters.
  • The monstrous 34 meter high Antalya Aquarium offers visitors an array of interactive 4D cinematic experiences alongside educational displays showing thousands of species from different habitats worldwide.

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Exploring Aspendos and Antalya

With so much to explore, travelers will enjoy an amazing adventure through vibrant historical sites! From Perge and the Temple of Apollo to 16-day private tours and Aspendos Theatre, visitors can immerse themselves in nearby attractions with guided day trips or longer excursions.

Perge, Aspendos & Side Day Tour

  1. This exciting tour takes travelers to the ruins of the Hellenistic city of Perge, Ataturk's birth place in Side City and Aspendos with its grandiose marble theater.
  2. A visit to Kurşunlu Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful areas near Antalya giving away lovely views of mountains and valleys is also part of the tour that will surely make your day a memorable experience.
  3. The archaeological site, located not far from Antalya on Pretty Valley Adventure Park complex, offers an amazing combination of walking through historical places including several Greco-Roman structures and local tastes like Turkish coffee as well as lunch break at a local restaurant before heading back for hotel drop off.
  4. Travelers shall have access to a professional English speaking guide who will accompany them throughout their journey leading you through two ancient cities dating back to Pamphylia era as early as 1000 BC until 7th century AD when they were conquered by Alexander the Great’s successors Kings Lysimachus And Attalus Iii and later Romans during their periodical visits when this region was governed by Rome or Byzantium respectively . Tour highlights include exploring magnificent sites such as Old Zeus Statue still standing 30 feet tall repeatingIts Former Glory after 1500 years; Roman baths where thermal spas used take residents afterwards; Theater made either side with legible stone seats carved on stones adding vividness making it easily understandable how Acoustics Are To Work Well Even without Soundproof Acoustic Room/Arenas; Agora Romans Market Square Double Storey Decorated With Richly Carved Columns Hosting Annual Art Festival So Far Away From Home Which Sold Exotic Raw Materials from East Realm mainly China Like Silk Serves As One Of Addiction For Locals creating Wealthy Lifestyle Back In Tim Itself Without Money Lock involved; Large Bakehouse remainings built 800 years ago along with courtroom Law Chamber witnessing World Class Verdicts As Judicial System Was enforced Instead Lynch Justice Circulated From Turkey To UK America Europe Asia Minor All Playing Same Rules Religion Peace Natural Disaster Management Taxation Currency Plus Managing Conflicts Boiling Due Different Tone Alike Business Trade Deals…etc which has been adopted lately

16-Days Private South East and South Turkey Tour

This tour is a comprehensive experience exploring Turkey, combining historical and archaeological sites with the natural beauty of the Turquoise Coast. It's led by a private English-speaking licensed tour guide with pickup available at your hotel in Antalya or Istanbul, featuring a comfortable touring vehicle.

  1. Perge, Aspendos & Side Day Tour – Explore the archaeological ruins of Perge (2018 Foreign & Domestic Traveler Award Winner), visit one of Turkey’s oldest theater at the ancient city of Aspendos, and visit Side, an important seaport throughout history.
  2. 16 - Days Private South East and South Turkey Tour – Get to know the essential landmarks of the historic country over sixteen days. Visit unforgettable sites such as Gallipoli, Ephesus, and Pamukkale; explore iconic ancient cities such as Perge; view incredible architecture such as Hadrian's Gate; witness the stunning cascades of Kursunlu Waterfalls; and take part in unique experiences such as Turkish baths at cinemas overlooking turquoise waters.
  3. Ancient City Perge, Temple Of Apollo & Aspendos Theatre Tour – Dive into the heirloom culture through guided visits to Apollo Temple on Side coast and experience theatrical performances at world-renowned Aspendos Theater situated near Antalya Resort Area. Tour also includes stops at Aphrodisias near Pamukkale to discover remains from pre-Roman civilization where Athena reigns supremely over many monuments built hundreds of years ago!
  4. Top Sights Near Aspendos And Antalya – Introduce yourself to the wonders that lay right beyond these two destinations: from Antalya Aquarium to Kursunlu Waterfalls — some of nature’s finest creations — you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic settings! Further choices include Porto Ceneviz Koyu (a small fishing hamlet) or even boating along Manavgat River offering breath taking views in every direction you turn your head!

Ancient City Perge, Temple Of Apollo & Aspendos Theatre Tour

  1. As part of the 16 - day Private South East and South Turkey Tour, travelers have the opportunity to take in a spectacular daytrip to visit the historical sites at Perge, Aspendos and Side.
  2. Ancient City Perge is a stunning and intricate example of Greco-Roman architecture, boasting an amphitheater, stadium, gates, replicas of city walls and inscriptions that date back centuries.
  3. Apollo Temple in Side, set in the charming seaside town of Side itself, offers captivating insight into hte architecture and culture of ancient Greece and Rome.
  4. Aspendos Theatre takes travelers on a journey through time as they explore one of the best-preserved examples of a Roman theatre dating back to 2BCE.
  5. Particular attractions in these ancient sites include detailed marble sculptures depicting Greek mythology such as Hercules & Hippolytus and the Antigonus Zeus Altar Panel showing scenes from Dionysiac Mysteries rites.There are also interesting mosaics detailing everyday Roman life within Perge’s ruins from its colorful markets filled with exotic goods to its majestic stadiums where gladiators fought with wild beasts for entertainment.
  6. Visitors coming here can expect to enjoy a professional guided tour that will lead them through each site as their guide imparts their knowledge about its history Agora Forum Square also offer plenty for visitors to explore while the Porto Ceneviz Koyu near Antalya also provide some great views when done exploring all that these amazing historical places have to offer.
  7. In addition, travelers should consider other nearby attractions such as Kursunlu Waterfalls which offers stunning birds-eye views as well as Arab Baths located close by making it an excellent choice for an unforgettable vacation experience with friends or family while getting lost in historic beauty hidden within modern Turkish cities!

Top Sights Near Aspendos and Antalya

Immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere created by stunning palm-fringed beaches, centuries-old fortresses, and arresting archaeological sites. From the Antalya Aquarium to Kursunlu Waterfalls and beyond, explore the natural beauty and cultural attractions of Aspendos and surrounding areas on an exhilarating guided tour.

Antalya Aquarium

Located in the heart of Antalya, the expansive Antalya Aquarium offers visitors a chance to explore an array of underwater attractions and view thousands of species from across the globe.

Imitated with Roman architecture, antiques and artifacts, this immense structure stands 34 meters high and has over 10 million liters of water within its boundaries. Visitors are treated to views of exotic fish through large aquariums containing multiple levels representing various habitats ranging from rainforests to coral reefs.

The area also houses interactive experiences such as 4D cinemas, virtual reality games and even themed swimming pools where guests can swim side-by-side with sharks! Alongside its educational displays, Antalya Aquarium has plenty more to offer in terms of unforgettable experiences – there's a world not typically accessible by foot - both alive and mysterious features drawn straight from mythology – waiting discovery for anyone daring enough take a journey along its depths.

Porto Ceneviz Koyu, Antalya

Located in a natural setting, partially covered by trees, Porto Ceneviz Koyu is an idyllic beach 7.3 km from the center of Adrasan Settlement. It is renowned for its untouched beauty and is one of the most visited beaches near Aspendos and Antalya due to its proximity to top sights such as the Apollo Temple, ancient ruins and waterfalls.

Visitors can also enjoy activities like swimming or simply basking lazily on the sand Rise early and take a soothing walk through pine forests enshrouding brilliant blue waters before exploring nearby attractions like Perge Ancient City and Aspendos Theatre on guided private tours.

Porto Ceneviz provides a dreamy combination of outdoor activities along with archaeological excavations for travelers looking for historical adventure while at coastal delights such as Turkish Riviera hammams, cafés or sunset hotels remain unexcelled options within easy reach just a short drive away.

Kursunlu Waterfalls

Kursunlu Waterfalls are a unique natural attraction located approximately 20km outside of Antalya on the Isparta road. These beautiful falls sit in the middle of a natural park and preserve area, stretching for 20 hectares along one of the tributaries of the Aksu river.

The area is best explored by car since it is 9 miles east-northwest to Antalya and 12 miles from the city on the Antalya-Alanya highway. There is an entry charge for visitors, totaling 16tl; however this cost can be easily recouped when exploring its lush forests, scenic trails and inspirational pools.

In addition to breathtaking views, travelers can enjoy fishing activities or even just relax listening to birdsong as well as discovering amazing wildlife around them such as foxes and wild boar.

Tips for Visiting

Get the local insider tips on transportation, admission and how to explore the site retrieved by your experienced guide for a hassle-free vacation.


Travelers visiting Aspendos and Antalya have the option to rent a car, which can offer flexibility and freedom when it comes to exploring sites in both cities. For those who don’t drive, there are plenty of bus and minivan tours that will take them around the ancient ruins and coastal delights of Aspendos and Antalya.

In addition, visitors can also consider taking local transportation such as shuttle buses between destinations, ferries for offshore adventures or renting bicycles to explore areas close-by.

Whichever form of transportation is chosen for a particular journey, travelers should research prices beforehand so they know exactly what to expect on their trip while keeping an eye out for any discounts or extra benefits that may be available.


Visiting Aspendos Theater is an opportunity to explore its impressive Greco-Roman ruins, dating back over 2,000 years. The theater still hosts performances of ballets and operas today and remains as one of the most well-preserved sites in Turkey.

Admission to the site is available for a fee per person. Due to limited opening times during the COVID pandemic, visitors are encouraged to check with the local authorities or traveler’s office before booking admission tickets online or in advance.

Discounted admissions fees are often available for children who must be accompanied at all times by an adult during their visit, making this ancient attraction a cost effective option for families looking for an educational day out.

Many of Antalya's tourist attractions offer discounts when multiple sites are booked together so look into these options before purchasing individual tickets if possible. Additionally, guided tours can also be arranged separately and may include extra features such as VIP access or interactive activities highlighting special aspects of Aspendos Theater's past; contact your travel advisor to arrange additional bookings prior your arrival at the theater.

Exploring the Site

From unmissable world-famous ancient cities like Perge, Aspendos and the Temple of Apollo in Side to hidden gems just waiting to be discovered near Antalya, travelers will find plenty of opportunities for a memorable experience.

Tour operators operate regular guided historical tours, often providing access with skip-the-line entry so visitors can quickly and efficiently explore the sites. It is important that when visiting or exploring these sites that visitors take care not to damage any artifacts or ruins as they are equally valued parts of our cultural heritage.

When onsite it is best practice follow local guidelines regarding photography and permitted activities within each area. Additionally, there may be areas within which photography is completely forbidden due to preservation efforts - it's worth being aware in advance! Visitors should plan their trip properly so they have enough time for all available attractions while allowing reasonable down time at each site.

Coastal Delights Near Aspendos and Antalya

Uncover spectacular coastal views, seaside attractions and ancient sites when you explore this part of Turkey. Get a true sense of the culture as you explore two stunning destinations, Side and Manavgat Waterfall Tour.

Side, Aspendos, Perge and Waterfall Tour

  • Enjoy an 8 - hour journey through the history and beauty of ancient ruins located near Aspendos and Antalya with a visit to Side, Perge, Aspendos, and Kurşunlu Waterfall.
  • The tour is suitable for ages 6 - 65 and has a maximum group size of 16 people.
  • Explore Greco - Roman City Perge featuring the astonishing Agora Gate, Hellenistic Period Stadion and the Grand Theater.
  • Travelers will also have the chance to wander through Temple of Apollo in Side which was built during the 2nd century AD.
  • Get ready to be mesmerized by the magnificence of Aspendos Theater.
  • Relax at Kursunlu Waterfalls where trekking, swimming in crystal clear waters are enjoyable activities.
  • Spend about one hour exploring this peculiar site before returning back to Antalya.
  • Get access to skip lines tickets to inches cut down waiting time upon arrival at all sites.
  • Get transportation options, admission fees details so that visitors always get best discounts offers & new experience with great value for money investment.

Antalya Tour to Perge, Aspendos and Side with Manavgat Waterfall

  1. Antalya Tour to Perge, Aspendos and Side with Manavgat Waterfall offers a full day of discovery for travelers looking to explore the natural beauty and ancient cities of the area. This guided tour allows visitors to uncover the historical sites including Perga, Aspendos, Side and Manavgat Waterfall in one day.
  2. Those on the tour will visit archaeological sites such as the ruins of Perge, an ancient city whose remains meet in today's Aksu district; Apollo Temple at Side Ancient City; and the remarkable Aspendos Theater whose intricate architecture stands in awe-inspiring condition today.
  3. With breathtaking views over the deep blue waters of Manavgat River Canyon which holds Manavgat Falls, visitors will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that fills this area. There is also ample time for tourists to buy souvenirs or have lunch around popularly attractive spots like St Nicholas Island located at Kemer district, Antalya Region providing stunning views out to sea and some excellent seafood restaurants among its many attractions.
  4. With so much on offer travelers can easily access these hidden gems located within Aspendos and Antalya region with public transport by using local bus services where available besides convenient car rentals from airports or nearby places offering economical fares keeping in mind pocket friendly packages without compromising on comfort and convenience during travel times throughout the entire trip duration schedule. But those who are seeking more luxury while they explore these attractions has optioneither a private van charter or personal driver may be availed suited for their purpose definitely making it a memorable experience full of activity and sightseeing for visitors within budget friendly limits loved by all
  5. Finally, tourists have plenty of choice when picking activities locally such as Theme Parks located near Antalya metropolitan areas suitable for family trips among many others providing ideal recreational time bonding conducive atmosphere experienced adding memories to cherish forever apart from exploring Sunset relaxation watching or suitable private sunset dinners during summer season fulfilling ones holiday desires which will remain unforgettable throughout life..


Aspendos and Antalya are unique travel destinations, that provide a range of cultural experiences for travelers. Here visitors can explore ancient ruins, including the acclaimed Roman theater at Aspendos, which has been preserved to this day.

The nearby ancient city of Side is also worth visiting to discover its Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine ruins. In terms of natural beauty and outdoor activities near the region regarded as two of wide options – you can escape to Kursunlu Waterfalls for haven hiking or bask in the sun-kissed beaches on Perge’s 8km long bay coastline.

While in Antalya make sure you stop by the majestic Aquarium too! Visitors should note that transportation costs vary depending on routes taken from bustling metropolitan cities such as Istanbul towards these historical sites as well; websiteGet Your Guide is helpful with package rates with cancellation fees waived where applicable - so book early for great deals! From exploring breathtaking sights to discovering vibrant nightlife and culinary delights, travelers have many memories to look forward when traveling within South East Turkey discovers – an adventure awaits those who are willing reach out experience life amidst surreal terrains successfully envisioned throughout centuries long past!

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