Traveler's Guide: Discovering Christiansborg Palace – A Royal Journey In Copenhagen

Wed Jan 10 2024

Traveler's Guide To Christiansborg Palace In Copengahen

Are you ready to begin your royal journey in Copenhagen and discover all that Christiansborg Palace has in store? From the Throne Room where royals are ceremoniously received, to the Royal Stables and forgetting not The Ruins—these must-visit attractions show a glimpse into Denmark's rich heritage.

Not only is this incredible palace surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, but also close by are some of the city’s most famous landmarks like Tivoli Gardens and The Little Mermaid Statue.

This blog post aims to provide travelers an easy guide on how best to experience these magical places while traveling in Copenhagen! Don’t miss out on this magnificent adventure; join us as we explore one of Europe’s greatest treasures!

Key Takeaways

  • Christiansborg Palace is a key 14th century Danish landmark, originally built by King Christian IV in 1577. It includes Royal Reception Rooms, the Queen’s Gate entrance, and the Oval Throne Room.
  • Inside its grounds are The Royal Stables that house gorgeous artifacts such as carriages from 1778 and knight's armor dating back to 1580.
  • Nearby landmarks like Tivoli Gardens (established 1843), The Little Mermaid Statue (built 1913), Copenhagen Zoo (which opened in 1859) and National Museum of Denmark offer visitors an amazing educational experience.
  • There are also exciting tours to explore mysterious ruins beneath the palace giving insights into centuries of European history at your feet!
  • Whether for royal receptions or simply discovering cultural heritage fittingly fit; visiting Christiansborg Palace will make any journey memorable with its awe inspiring beauty amidst gloomy secrets unraveling near its thresholds!

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Exploring Christiansborg Palace

Discover the grandeur of royal life when visiting this key place in Denmark's history, with its awe-inspiring reception rooms, busy kitchens and well-kept stables. Uncover secrets that lie beneath the palace grounds as you navigate your way through a guided tour of Christianborg Palace.

Royal reception rooms

At Christiansborg Palace, the home of the Danish royal family since 1794, visitors can explore an array of luxurious Royal Reception Rooms used by the Queen for official occasions or other special events.

Covering more than 40 rooms in total, these spaces are full of opulence and grandeur, featuring a rich history that dates back to 1577 as well as fascinating architectural elements derived from both Baroque and Rococo styles.

The showcase room in this area is undoubtedly the Great Hall which serves as a backdrop for formal audiences held for foreign dignitaries–the splendid wall tapestries within make it one of the most imposing parts of the palace.

Furthermore, there is also access to the Oval Throne Room – another venue often used by members of national royalty – where guests may admire painted ceiling scenes depicting Nordic gods and kings alike.

The Royal Stables

Located across from the outdoor horse arena which dates back to 1740, the Royal Stables of Christiansborg Palace house a trove of artifacts and objects related to Denmark’s royal history.

Within this hidden treasure is an amazing wagon collection showcasing carriages that have been used by both kings and queens since as far back as 1778, including an extraordinary Gold carriage with 24 karats gold leaf built in 1840.

This iconic piece only adds to the special atmosphere of Christianborg Palace.

Visitors can explore 14-16 horses housed at any one time within these stables – making it almost like stepping into a living museum – while also taking in historical pieces such as mounted knights armor dating all the way back to 1580 or King Frederik V\'s original harnesses for his horses from 1752.

The Royal Kitchen

Located in the magnificent Christiansborg Palace complex in Copenhagen, Denmark, visitors today can gain access to a truly unique and exclusive experience - the Royal Kitchen. This esteemed palace was originally built by King Christian IV of Denmark more than 300 years ago, but it still holds many of its regal qualities.

The Royal Kitchen offers travelers an opportunity to go behind the royal parapets and explore how even small details are taken into consideration when hosting esteemed guests from around the world.

With visits available after exploring time spent admiring the Patrician Corinth columns or feasting one’s eyes on rococo city-views within the walls, travelers can get a closer look at tasting menus on offer for royalty as well as seeing first-hand how banquet preparations take place before palaces festivities begin.

This tantalizing glimpse into courtly life gives those looking for that true memorable insight which makes traveling so inspiring and fulfilling for all involved parties low or high ranked! Seeing taste buds tantalized with advanced mid European menu items from souffles to salmons served with wine is only part of these Renaissance icing tasters’ dreams come true'.

The Ruins under the palace

Located beneath the impressive façade of Christiansborg Palace is a complex network of underground passageways and ruins, remnants of an older castle that originally stood on the site.

Taking visitors back in time to past centuries, these ruins provide a rare opportunity for exploration – allowing anyone curious enough to discover secrets from hundreds of years ago.

Guided tours are available for groups, who can learn more about this historic location beneath modern day Copenhagen.

Nearby Attractions

With a variety of attractions located nearby, Christiansborg Palace promises to be an absolute delight for travelers seeking royal experiences and cultural insight uniquely unique to Copenhagen.

Tivoli Gardens

At Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, visitors will find a world-class amusement park that is like no other. Established in 1843, the beautiful and whimsical gardens are home to exciting rides, remarkable attractions, elaborate theatre performances, and mesmerizing lighting displays at night.

With buildings reflecting both Moorish and Chinese architecture surrounding vast lawns of stunning beauty dotted with beautifully defined flower beds or statuary works of art – there’s something for everyone here! There you can experience exhilarating roller coasters among historic wooden structures while listening to live music from various bands around the park gates.

You can take a boat ride around mini lakes where vibrant flowers blossom brushes up against aged trees contrasting on breadths of blue sky above majestic stones structures which once watched over passengers from as far back during its latest reconstruction in 2012.

The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid statue is an iconic figure in Copenhagen, attracting visitors from all over the world. Located on a rectangular bedrock out beneath the Langelinie promenade of eastern Copenhagen port, it has become one of Denmark's most recognizable landmarks and features prominently in photographs taken around the city.

The small bronze sculpture, 25 cm high and weighing 175 kgs was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s famous fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” and given as a gift to the City of Copenhagen from Carl Jacobsen in 1913.

It may be small but it carries huge symbolism for Danish culture – representing youthfulness, abandonment and immortal love against other social symbols which remain unchanged for centuries always welcoming each generation with its speechless message as if time stood still yet never stopping us to let our imagination run free into its unseen history.

Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen's Zoo is one of Denmark's oldest attractions, having opened its doors in 1859. Over the centuries it has grown to become one of Denmark's most beloved family destinations and an essential part of any visitor’s itinerary in Copenhagen.

Its unique design features include spacious outdoor enclosures that observe naturalistic conditions for its resident animals while also providing visitors with a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite wildlife.

Additionally, visitors can experience engaging exhibitions such as ‘The Hippodrome' where they watch sealions perform thrilling stunts or brave the chimpanzees area to play music on xylophones with their simian friends - all from within comfortable safari-style vehicles! With its many exhibits, diverse range of animals, gorgeous landscaped gardens and educational offerings, Copenhagen Zoo offers an unbeatable day out packed full of fun activities fit for the whole family!

National Museum of Denmark

Located at the heart of Copenhagen,the National Museum of Denmark offers travelers an unrivaled educational and cultural experience. Founded back in 1807, the museum houses collections from European art to works on natural history- including the famous Viking Ship from Skuldelev that dates all the way back to 1050AD.

Its collection also includes archaeological artifacts such as Egyptian mummies and Greek vases in addition to historical materials related to Danish culture and history since 1650.

Moreover, visitors have a chance to explore internationally renowned exhibits like Freetown Christiania's hash stall reflective of Denmark’s vibrant multicultural landscape –so make sure not miss out! On top of this, appearing more recently are artefacts celebrating many other arts disciplines; theatre being just one example.

Tips for the Best Experience

Make sure to plan ahead by researching tour options, finding out which venues are available, and arranging for transportation. Exploring Christiansborg Palace with the right information can make it a royal journey you'll never forget!

Choosing the right tour

When planning a trip to Christiansborg Palace, one of the most important decisions is selecting the perfect tour. Tour offerings range from quick and basic tours that cover popular attractions like the Royal Stables to more in-depth tours that span up to three hours.

For those looking for a comprehensive experience, an extensive walking tour could be ideal. These typically cover highlights including reception rooms, Freetown Christiania and Gammel Strand right across from Christiansborg Palace – Denmark’s Parliament.

In order to determine which tour option will best suit your needs, it essential consider factors such as duration, number of attractions covered and even seasonality where applicable.

Educating yourself on what each offering includes can also help you plan other activities around your time at the palace; therefore enabling you make the most of your visit while there.

When making this decision it is also important to pay attention to more nuances elements such as course language immersion if required or preferential treatment options offered by certain providers for people with any special need , disabilities or age group.

Managing your preferences

When it comes to visiting Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, there are numerous ways to make your trip more enjoyable. Having a plan can help you take full advantage of the attractions around the palace.

Before embarking on your journey, consider what matters most to you: Would you prefer travelling with an experienced guide or exploring spots at your own pace? Do you want daily discounts and access to many tourist sites around Denmark? These preferences will dictate how best to approach choosing a tour or booking tickets for the different sights.

Touring with local guides is a great way of maximizing time, as all major attractions in Copenhagen are usually included as part of their packages, while they also provide detailed insight into Danish history and culture along the way.

If budget is not a concern for you then this could be a worthy investment! If discounted passes are a priority – such as those granted by Copenhagen Card– that grants free admission and transportation services thoughtout Denmark, this would offer considerable savings over individual entrance fees; however do bear in mind that only state-run institutions accept them (for instance neither The Little Mermaid statue nor Tivoli Gardens have included).

Privacy considerations

As a traveler visiting the sprawling expanse of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark, it’s important to be mindful of privacy considerations when exploring this former royal residence.

Considerations may include bringing small bags only or securing all large and cumbersome items outside before entrance into the site. Taking photographs is often allowed but discouraged near facilitating security personnel – always ask permission first as there are areas off limits to photographygoers at times.

Additionally, make sure to dress respectfully according to local customs without any offensive graphics or slogans on clothing that might disrupt other visitors who wish for some degree of peace at the palace - no matter if you just want a selfie with The Little Mermaid Statue nearby! Finally, stay alert and aware if you decide to travel alone while walking through downtown Copenhagen.

Necessary technologies for your trip

Traveling to Christiansborg Palace promises an unrivaled royal experience, and with the right technology, your visit can be even better. Smartphone apps and other digital tools are essential for getting the most out of your adventure.

Tourists can access free audio guides, interactive maps that show you where to go, and booking platforms for both tours and tickets that allow you to plan your stay in advance so when you arrive everything is just as it should be.

You may need a translation app or language pack if there’s a barrier between languages during the trip; many such apps also offer offline support for use while exploring Christiansborg Palace without internet connection.

Enjoying local culture

Travelers passionate about culture and history should definitely have Christiansborg Palace on their sights when visiting Copenhagen. Not only is the area an incredible repository of royal artifacts, architecture, art, and stories but also has much to offer in terms of local Danish experiences such as cuisine (smørrebrød & open-faced sandwiches), entertainment (Tivoli Gardens amusement park visitors will love!), seeing traditional bands playing music instruments or exploring museums such as National Museum of Denmark for demonstration of exquisite pieces from the past.

Beyond sightseeing tours and walks around Musuem harbour district there are a host activities that tourists can engage in including boat rides along Nyhavn canal, taking part in Bridge walking experience to get closer look at architectural marvels adorning different bridges over river Amager & Øresund strait or maybe just spending a chilled-out afternoon admiring waterfront views full of colourfully painted boats anchored across the port while giving one's taste buds a run with fantastic seafood!


Visiting Christiansborg Palace is an integral part of a journey to Copenhagen. Whether for royal receptions, strolling through the ruins under the palace or discovering centuries of history on Castle Island, it’s a unique experience that can provide visitors with insights into Danish royalty and culture.

As Las Vegas was once called appsolutely amazing by Elvis Presley, so can Christiansborg Palace be declared awesome in its own right: no other slot in Denmark has such a long and exciting history! To make your visit even more memorable, plan ahead to ensure you hit all the highlights and choose tour options that fit your needs – from private tours with knowledgeable guides to audio-guided walks at your own pace.

An unforgettable journey awaits those who venture out explore this special piece of Danish history!

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