Traveler's Guide: Unveiling The Splendor Of St. Mary's Basilica In Krakow

Wed Jan 17 2024

Traveler's Guide To Saint Mary's Basilica In Krakow

Are you longing for an escape to a place so beautiful and unique that it seems almost unreal? Then come on over to Krakow! Home to the mesmerizing beauty of St. Mary's Basilica, it is the perfect destination for thrill-seekers and tourists alike.

Located in one of Europe’s most iconic cities, this church has stood watch over central Krakow since its construction in 1300 AD. Get ready to explore centuries worth of history full of myth, legends and awe – all at the same spot! In this blog post we will uncover what makes St Mary's Basillica so special - from its architecture, famous attractions within it as well as insight into great day trips and things to do nearby.

It doesn't matter if you're travelling solo or with friends - with our guide unravelling The Splendor Of St. Mary\'s Basilica In Krakow will be an unforgettable experience!

Key Takeaways

  • St Mary's Basilica is a Gothic architectural structure in Krakow, Poland with origins from the early 13th century. It boasts iconic works of art such as Veit Stoss' masterpiece The Altarpiece of Our Lady With an Ermine.
  • Attractions within the basilica include the National Museum and lady With An Ermine housed in Czartoryski Museum - both offer insight into Polish cultural heritage and religious customs.
  • Close to St Mary's are attractions like Rynek Glówny (Main Square), Rynek Underground Museum, Wawel Hill (Royal Castle & Cathedral) featuring Sigismund Bell emblematic of independence achieved through self rule; Kazimierz district filled with Jewish history & Schindler’s Factory - offering visitors plenty unique opportunities to explore centuries old culture during their stay

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The Wonders of St. Mary's Basilica

Boasting more than 500 years of history, St. Mary\'s Basilica is one of the most iconic and revered landmarks in Krakow, renowned for its Gothic architecture and spectacular works of art like Veit Stoss’ masterpiece “The Altarpiece of Our Lady with an Ermine”.

History and architecture

St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow is one of the city's most iconic landmarks, with its foundations dating back all the way to the early 13th century. It showcases a stunning example of Polish Gothic architecture and was built at the behest of St Stanislaw, Bishop of Krakow in 1290 AD.

The basilica has two towers, both different heights; this difference is explained by legend: work on one tower plain stopped abruptly after appearances of devils ordering construction workers to cease their activities! Over its 700 year history St.

Mary's Basilica has undergone successive improvements and alterations adding a range interior decorations and many famous works of art such as Veit Stoss' 1477 altarpiece known as 'The Altar Of Our Lady'.

Externally it displays an impressive red brick facade furbished by small decorative stones representing geometric shapes, symbols, heraldry figures, scenes drawn from Bible stories or legends about saints featured in some stained glass windows inside the church.

Famous attractions within the basilica (Lady with an Ermine, National Museum, etc.)

Tucked beneath the walls of the Wawel Castle lies St. Mary's Basilica, one of Kraków’s most beloved sites and a must-visit destination for travelers around the world. From its remarkable history to its awe inspiring architecture, this breathtaking basilica boasts some of the city’s most sought after attractions.

The highlights start with Leonardo da Vinci\'s iconic Lady With An Ermine and Czartoryski Museum where it is housed - an exquisite Renaissance painting which has been proudly displaying in Poland since 1796.

Following that is a visit to Krakow’s National Museum featuring multiple artifacts depicting important eras such as medieval Europian history, Jewish cultural heritage, and ages-old religious customs from artworks like sculptures to folk musical instruments furthering any visitors understanding of Polish culture.

Top Things To Do and See Near St. Mary's Basilica

From the iconic Main Square with its medieval Cloth Hall to Wawel Hill and Kazimierz, discover all the must-see attractions in Krakow that are located close to St. Mary's Basilica.

Main Square (Rynek Glówny)

The Main Square of Krakow, known as the Rynek Glowny, is a stunning marvel located in the city center and serves as the gravitational core of this beautiful historic town. The square has been famed throughout its long existence for its majestic architecture and sophisticated ambiance.

Dating to 1257 and surrounded by equally impressive townhouses, it offers glimpses into the city’s royal past with its peculiar statues and vibrant atmosphere. One need not look far to be taken away by wonders such as Wawel Hill, where visitors can marvel at monuments like Johann von Hinke's tribute to President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria that commemorate their tragic deaths in an airplane crash in 2010 – or explore incredible attractions within St.

Mary‘s Basilica such as famous works from da Vinci and Tintoretto depicting key moments from the life of Jesus Christ or Pietro Candiani's "Assumption" painting celebrating Mary Magdalene’s ascent into Heaven according to Catholic belief – which makes a visit well worth one’s time.

Rynek Underground Museum

The Rynek Underground Museum in Krakow, Poland is an archaeological treasure trove filled with historic artifacts from the 11th-14th centuries. Located below the bustling and vibrant Main Market Square (Rynek Glówny), this museum covers a massive 6,000 square meters – making it one of the largest underground museums in existence.

Visitors can explore the oldest foundations that remain beneath today’s cityscape dating as far back as medieval times, when Krakow was first established as a settlement. This vast area houses priceless excavations that range from tools to furniture and personal items of its inhabitants at those early times - vivid reminders of some very turbulent moments in history.

With guided tours also available for further insight into what these ruins tell us about our past, there truly is something here for everyone interested in learning more about life hundreds of years ago before modernity took over Rakow’s dynamic streetscape..

Wawel Hill (Royal Castle and Cathedral)

Located on Wawel Hill in Krakow, the Royal Castle and Cathedral have been a symbol of national pride for centuries. This beautiful site consists of multiple structures including several Romanesque palaces, two churches of different eras, the defensive wall surrounding the castle grounds, and fragments from previous renovation efforts.

One significant element is The Sigismund Bell – one of Poland’s most treasured artifacts that stands as an emblem for independence achieved through self-rule and resilience against foreign powers.

Within its walls hides an array of historic attractions: Rynek Underground Museum is packed with artifacts collected since 18th century; George the Martyr Church offers unique insight into early Christian architecture; Palace on Holy Ghost Street galleries feature exquisite furnishings from Renaissance Era along with Polish artwork scattered throughout its chambers; Arbours displays wooden decorations dating back to XIV century adding charm to Medieval Castle exterior scenery and many more exciting experiences await those willing to explore this fascinating piece of history.


Kazimierz is Krakow's historic Jewish quarter, located just outside of the city limits south of the old town in Poland. Established in 1335, it has been a major cultural center for centuries and was once home to a large and vibrant Jewish community.

During World War II, its population was forcibly removed by the Germans but it later underwent an impressive transformation becoming today\'s vibrant hub filled with art galleries, cafés, quaint shops and monuments commemorating Kazimierz’s past.

Visitors can explore many attractions such as renowned museums like the Rynek Underground Museum or Europe's largest film studio – ICE Kraków Congress Centre – while discovering in-depth information about Polish-Jewish history.

Schindler's Factory

Schindler\'s Factory stands as a museum today, located in the district of Podgórze in Krakow, which is far from Kraków's main tourist attractions. This factory was where Oskar Schindler saved around 1,200 Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland until 1945.

Upon visit to the factory, one can learn about this particular time through a detailed historical tour that is filled with images and artifacts that help to portray what happened within those times.

The tour also features its very own movie exhibition as well as presentations featuring different aspects of life during those years such as music and Jewish culture. Furthermore, there are explanations about job opportunities within the factory for residents who were persecuted at that time.

Tips for Visiting St. Mary's Basilica

Take a closer look by considering the best time to visit, selecting from various tour options and ensure accessibility for everyone.

Best time to visit

St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow offers visitors a stunning look into the history and architecture of one of the most iconic churches in Poland. For those looking to experience this beautiful site while avoiding large crowds, it is recommended to visit between Monday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m.

to 6 p.m., or on Sunday from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. Touring the church can be made even more special by time-touring your visit for precisely 11:50 am when there is an opening ceremony revealing its renowned altarpiece, Lady with an Ermine painted by Leonardo da Vinci's apprentice, reported to be his only oil painting in existence today that was not completed by himself! Even during peak hours of 12 pm till 4pm you would still find yourself exploring practically alone due to a limited number of tourists within this immense place which will allow you enough space for peaceful solitude among other benefits like ample opportunities for clicking pictures without anyone else ruining it with their presence! By visiting during these times, it also allows travelers some flexibility — especially if they are just passing through Krakow on holiday — instead of competing against potentially large tour groups throughout the day or being confined to specific entrance slots/times online bookings may require at certain sites across Europe these days!

Tour options

  • Guided Walking Tours of Old Town: Short, informative excursions through Kraków’s historic Old Town, highlighting renowned attractions like St. Mary’s Basilica. Approximately 2 hours in duration and largely outdoors. Fees typically range from 22-27 Euros per person (price varies depending on tour provider).
  • Private Walking Tour: A unique 3-hour experience for groups up to 8 people; takes you through centuries-old buildings and streets with access inside to must see sights like Lady with an Ermine at the National Museum in Krakow and other popular sites such as Wawel Castle, where kings of Poland historically lived. Private walking tours cost about 320 EUR total for a group of eight or less, but can be customized according to specific preferences or requirements ahead of time.
  • Auschwitz I & II Day Trip tours : Visit two concentration camps including Auschwitz I & II within a single day trip from Kraków; includes a guided tour led by an English speaking guide who provides insightful information along the way (transportation is included). Prices usually start around 80 Euro per person for this 9 hour journey .
  • Traditional Dinner Cruise : This 3 hour boat cruise across Vistula River offers traditional 4 course Polish dinner expertly prepared and served on board while giving incredible views of the most picturesque parts of Krakow overlooking its stunning monuments – perfect for romantic nights out! Typically costs around 46 Euro/person , based on double occupancy .


At St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow, extensive measures are taken to ensure that everyone can appreciate its grandeur and splendor regardless of their disability or access needs. Half of the church is open to visitors with disabilities, giving them mobility access inside the building as well as outside it.

All entrances and routes within the campus have been designed for ease-of-navigation across wheelchairs, walkers or any other equipment you may use when visiting the basilica. To make sure all parishioners and visitors benefit from a fully accessible experience, tour guide materials are made available in formats suitable for those with hearing challenges while braille guides are also created specially so blind persons do not miss a single detail on their visit.

The staff at St Mary's Basilica strive to provide an inclusive atmosphere for all guests regardless of ability - ensuring no one feels left out during this magnificent exploration!


St. Mary's Basilica is a historical and religious landmark of remarkable significance in Krakow, offering a unique insight into the city’s rich cultural heritage. The awe-inspiring Gothic architecture combined with its many artifacts, monuments, and works of art make it one of the most prominent attractions to visit when in Krakow.

From viewing impressive stained glass windows to admiring sculptures from centuries ago such as Lady with an Ermine or Pietro Candiano, St. Mary's Basilica provides an unrivaled experience sure to leave lasting memories for years to come - making it essential for all travelers visiting Krakow!

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