48 Hours In Munich: A Quick Guide To Beer, Art, And History

Wed Nov 01 2023

48 Hours In Munich

Travelers, are you looking for an epic weekend getaway in Munich? This Bavarian city is beloved by visitors and locals alike – not just for its beer but also art, history, culture and scenery.

Our guide to 48 hours in Munich will show the way through its highlights and hidden gems; from sprawling parks to ancient monuments, exciting nightlife spots to traditional beer halls.

Let's explore this beautiful German destination together and discover all that it has to offer - so read on!

Key Takeaways

  • Munich offers visitors opportunities to explore its rich culture and history, including its beer brewing traditions.
  • Marienplatz is a historic square featuring state of the art infrastructure while Munich Residenz boasts 130 rooms with luxurious decorations and collections from renowned artists.
  • Take your time exploring English Garden's lake, beer gardens and BMW's Hofbräuhaus brewery for unforgettable memories from 48 hours away.
  • Explore the city’s museums such as Neue Pinakothek or Deutsches Museum to experience Bavaria’s world famous culture or embark on day trips to discover nearby destinations like EisbachWave.

Day 1: Exploring Munich's Art and History

Start your first day in Munich with a visit to Marienplatz, where you can experience the historical architecture and time-honored customs of Bavaria.


Visit Marienplatz

Marienplatz is the main square of Munich that has existed since the 12th century. It boasts state-of-the-art buildings, modern infrastructure, and a bustling atmosphere. Marienplatz makes an ideal destination for first-time visitors to Munich as they can experience many different tours and activities on offer here.

From getting lost amongst the shops to listening to traditional Bavarian music at restaurants, there is something for everyone in this popular location. The square is rich with history due its thousand year existence which makes it invaluable part of the city's culture and heritage today.

Whether you’re looking do some shopping or not explore one of Germany’s oldest cities from a unique viewpoint, Marienplatz provides an unforgettable and rewarding experience during your 48 hours in Munich.

Explore the Munich Residenz

For travelers visiting Bavaria, the Munich Residenz is a must-see. Located on Residenzstraße 1, it is the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria and stands as one of Germany's largest city palaces.

With 130 luxurious rooms from its stables to its grounds available for visitors to explore, there are plenty of opportunities to become enamored with this extravagant structure and learn about its interesting history.

The Residence Museum provides detailed accounts of life during the reigns of various kings who have called this place home over time while admiring works from some renowned artists; The Treasury offers a glimpse into how power was consolidated in previous centuries by featuring items that were collected or presented as gifts while; The Cuvilliés Theatre allows you an impressive look at what has survived through art and architecture for more than a century now.

Stroll through Englisher Garden

Munich's English Garden is one of the world’s largest urban parks and it houses a number of beautiful attractions perfect for any traveler. This park features a Japanese teahouse, boating lake, traditional beer gardens, and even its own hyde-park sized size.

Enjoy this relaxing atmosphere as you take in all the sights the garden has to offer - no matter what time of day it is. With its 24 hour opening schedule there will always be something to explore whether that’s laying by the lake or enjoying a cold brew at BMW's infamous Hofbräuhaus brewery located within this magical landscape.

Take your time here before heading off exploring Munich so you can have an unforgettable 48 hours away!

Day 2: Beer and Culture

Spend a day learning about Munich and its beer culture with stops at the Hofbräuhaus brewery and the Documentation Center to learn about the city's history.


Experience Munich's beer culture

Munich is known around the world for its delicious beer and rich culture. Beer has been an integral part of German culture since 1200, when Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV first enacted the Reinheitsgebot (Purity Law), ensuring that only quality ingredients were used in all beer brewing processes.

It is this attention to detail and dedication to perfection that make German beers unique and sought after by people all over the world. For visitors to Munich, there are plenty of opportunities to experience a wide range of traditional styles such as Starkbier, Festbier, Helles, Dunkel, Pilsner, and Ale.

Oktoberfest is one of the most famous events in Germany celebrated at Theresienwiese each year with millions attending annually from far and wide just for a chance to sample these varieties of beer.

Visit the Hofbräuhaus Brewery

Munich's iconic Hofbräuhaus Brewery is known as the most famous pub in the world. With a history stretching back to 1589, it has become an essential part of Munich and Bavarian beer culture.

Visiting this beer hall promises visitors an unforgettable experience with luscious fresh beer, traditional dishes like weißwurst (veal sausage), and good company. The Hofbräuhaus is open 365 days a year from 9am to midnight with its kitchen open until 11:30pm.

As the largest brewery in Munich, many consider a visit here one of their must-do's during their time in the city given its international reputation for offering classic German brewing traditions that have been enjoyed by everyone from Mozart to George Orwell since it first opened its doors centuries ago.

Learn about the city's history at the Documentation Center

The Documentation Center in Munich provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the city’s culture and history. Located within a former military hospital, this center offers visitors a deeper understanding of the events that shaped Munich over time.

Inside you can find artifacts, archives, exhibitions and touring opportunities related to cultural heritage major historical events such as WWII, art and beer brewing which is deeply entwined with Munich's identity.

Also presented are educational programs suited for all ages. Tour guides available here provide guests with insights into local lifestyles while workshop leaders talk about meaningful subjects such as how people have commemorated war throughout times and generations.

Tips for Your 48 Hours in Munich

Get ready to take your travel experience up a notch with practical advice on where to stay, transportation options and must-try cuisine experiences.


Where to stay

Munich offers a wide variety of accommodation options, perfect for travelers with various preferences and budgets. For those wanting to be in the heart of the city, Marienplatz is an ideal choice.

Here visitors can experience culture and history first-hand, while also being within reach of plenty of restaurants and cafes. Alternatively, families might prefer staying near Chinesischer Turm where there is a beer garden, restaurant and playground – all only moments away.

Those seeking out nightlife should head south to Schwabing or Glockenbachviertel as these highly popular areas are brimming with clubs and bars for a fun evening out. Visitors looking for more luxurious accommodation need look no further than Maxvorstadt where grand historic hotels boast some truly pampering services that will make any vacay truly unforgettable!

How to get around

Munich offers an efficient public transportation system that is easy to navigate, making it a convenient way for travelers to explore the city. The MVV network runs buses, trams and metro lines throughout the city, as well as allowing travelers to reach nearby towns like Dachau or Freising with regional trains.

Visitors can get single tickets or daily passes depending on their needs.

For active exploration of the city center and off-beat destinations, consider renting a Citybike — also available from most train stations and bike shops around town — or use one of many tourist walking routes in historical districts like Schwabing or Glockenbachviertel for an authentic Munic experience.

Must-try foods and drinks

When visiting Munich, travelers must try the traditional Bavarian cuisine and local beers. Weißwurst is a white sausage comprised of minced veal, parsley, onions, lemon zest and spices.

Often enjoyed for breakfast or brunch with sweet mustard called süßer senf and pretzels – another essential snack in Munich- beer plays an important part in culture here too! At Hofbräuhaus Brewery guests can enjoy their famous free house beer as well as mouthwatering dishes made with fresh ingredients such as roast pork knuckles served with sauerkraut or spiced beef goulash over potato dumplings.

The city’s many beer gardens are also great spots to sample a cold brew alongside authentic regional delights like kasespatzle (a cheesy egg noodle dish) while enjoying the scenery around them.

For those looking for something lighter, there are plenty of cafes serving irresistible pastries from sourdough rye bread topped with poppy seeds to raspberry cream cakes filled with vanilla custard.

Other activities to consider (such as a visit to a museum or taking a day trip)

During your 48 hours in Munich, there are a number of wonderful attractions to explore beyond the main focus of beer, art, and history. Munich offers several prestigious museums that should be explored during your stay.

Consider visiting palatial art galleries such a Neue Pinakothek and archaeological discoveries at Alte Antikensammlungen or natural sciences exhibitions at Deutsches Museum. Alternatively you could stroll through 132 acres of lush greenery Englisher Garden perfect for outdoor activities such as feeding wild ducks or visiting Japanese teahouses.

One day trips can also provide great experiences away from the city center - Check out EisbachWave for surfing near sun-soaked lake Wurmsee or enjoyable cycle rides across Bavaria’s vineyards around Höhenstrasse road.


Munich is certainly a city of culture and history, offering visitors the chance to take in all sorts of fascinating sights. From museums and beer halls to stunning gardens and architecture, Munich has something for everybody.

For those with just 48 hours in the Bavarian capital; make sure you swing by Marienplatz for an insight into Munich's past, Hofbräuhaus Brewery for a taste of traditional German brewing techniques, documentation center museum to learn about its dark Nazi history or perhaps stop at one of Munich's Art Galleries or collections on offer.

Whatever you choose to do - enjoy your stay!

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