Copenhagen Insights: A Tourist Information Expedition

Thu Nov 23 2023

Copenhagen Tourist Information Expedition

Copenhagen is a fascinating city full of incredible sights and experiences for visitors to explore. From its vibrant art scene and rich history, to its bustling nightlife and commitment to green living, this Danish capital has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for Michelin-star dining in the shape of Noma or wondering how best to navigate the city by bicycle with eco-friendly choices, an expedition through Copenhagen's captivating tourist hotspots will have you itching to book your next holiday.

Rikke Holm Petersen, Director of Communications at Wonderful Copenhagen shares her insights into what sets this European metropolis apart as one of the most desired travel destinations in the world.

No matter what kind of travellers you are – from culture buffs who seek out historical sites like Kronborg Castle in Elsinore or thrill seekers wanting more urban activities - there is always something new to discover in Denmark’s picturesque capital city!

Key Takeaways

  1. Copenhagen is a vibrant, sustainable city teeming with sights and attractions from Little Mermaid statue to Rosenborg Castle.
  2. Tourists can explore the local culture by taking part in walking tours or engaging with communities away from tourist traps full of souvenir stores.
  3. Sustainable tourism continues to be at the forefront of travel developments through initiatives such as green energy projects and bike lanes, plus resources like Planet Copenhagen App for visitors to determine how best they can enjoy while minimising their environmental impact.
  4. Danish cuisine has been reinterpreted and reimagined over recent years – where travelers can sample traditional dishes ranging from fresh seafood catches, elegant pastries made with organic flour or smoked meats cooked low-and-slow over Nordmann fir wood logs!

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Getting to Know Copenhagen

Embark on a journey of exploration to uncover the history and culture of this vibrant city, revealing must-see tourist attractions and landmarks, as well as local recommendations.

The history and culture of the city

Copenhagen has a long and fascinating history stretching back more than 1000 years. Its past is deeply rooted in royal tradition, as it served as the capital of Denmark up until 1814.

Over the centuries, various architectural movements have been influential in shaping its skyline - from Baroque to Renaissance and even modernist architecture. The city was home to many famous Danish figures over time, including storyteller Hans Christian Andersen and painter Brycelinde Christiansen, which can be seen throughout Copenhagen’s streets today in renowned statues or thought provoking artwork.

Today Copenhagen is known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant culture. It acts as a beacon of sustainability for Scandinavia by leading initiatives such as eco-friendly public transportation systems, green energy projects, bike lanes all around the city centre and walkability options alongside pedestrian friendly areas designed with pedestrians' needs in mind.

Tourist attractions and landmarks

Copenhagen is a city overflowing with rich history and culture, with plenty of iconic attractions to explore. From old inner-city churches and lush gardens to contemporary architecture, there's something for everyone to discover on their visit.

Some of the top tourist attractions include the iconic Little Mermaid statue, Rosenborg Castle, Trinity Church, The Round Tower, Nyhavn – Copenhagen's picturesque waterfront area – and Tivoli Gardens – a 19th century amusement park featuring rides and other entertainment attractions.

In addition to these seven historical monuments are several other areas of interest including the harborfront area along Islands Brygge Street where visitors can find restaurants serving fantastic traditional Danish cuisine as well as Michelin-starred gastronomy experiences.

Shoppers will also love browsing through some of the unique retailers in this part of town such as Illum Bolighus which offers Scandinavian design treasures from Denmark’s renowned furniture makers or Georg Jensen’s flagship store selling world class silverware designs since 1904.

Recommendations from locals

Copenhagen natives know all the city's secrets and treasures - from hidden galleries tucked away underneath cobblestone streets, to boutique shops and eclectic eateries that draw tourists in for their unique atmosphere.

Ask a local to get inside information on which places are worth visiting, whether it’s an underground jazz bar or street art museum; interactive performance theatre or traditional pastry shop - they will happily share experiences guaranteed to truly immerse you into Copenhagen.

From bike tours through picturesque neighbourhoods with gorgeous architecture, to cultural walks highlighting hauntingly beautiful old buildings - there is always something interesting around every corner of this vibrant city.

Local knowledge helps when navigating specific sights such as Tivoli gardens or admiring artwork at the National Gallery of Denmark too – be sure not forget Frederik II greeting tourists wearing full Renaissance garb! Respectful locals also suggest engaging with the communities when travelling on a budget; many hostels offer free walking tours throughout downtown Copenhagen providing guides with local expertise who could direct travellers towards lesser-known attractions away from tourist traps full of souvenir stores.

Sustainable Tourism in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is committed to sustainable tourism, with green initiatives ranging from its transportation networks and bicycle lanes to eco-friendly eateries.

How the city promotes sustainable tourism

Copenhagen is well known for its strong commitment to sustainable tourism and other green initiatives. The Wonderful Copenhagen institution, the official body that promotes and markets the city’s many attractions to tourists, has a declared goal of having both local and global sustainable development positively impacted by tourism within just ten years.

To achieve this, they have already begun implementing several programs designed to educate and promote an environmentally friendly approach among visitors. One example is their educational program for visitors from China which includes lectures on climate adaptation topics such as energy savings, waste management, water preservation methods in buildings and public areas as well as cycling lanes dedicated exclusively for travellers arriving from China.

Additionally, resources like Planet Copenhagen App are meant to make it easier for travelers to determine how best they can enjoy Copenhagen while minimising their environmental impact.

Eco-friendly choices for tourists

Copenhagen is well known for its commitment to sustainability and green practices, making it a great destination for eco-conscious travelers. The city has a comprehensive bike lane infrastructure with miles of dedicated lanes, encouraging visitors to get around the city on two wheels instead of public transport or cars—an activity that’s both fun and good for the environment.

There are also plenty of opportunities to explore local life in Copenhagen by taking part in organized tours designed to introduce visitors to sustainable living; from discovering urban farms with unique produce, sampling culinary delights from Michelin-starred restaurants serving traditional Danish cuisine made using ethically sourced ingredients or enjoying art exhibits based on environmental themes.

In addition, tourists can visit various attractions in the area such as The Old Inner City, The Harbour Area and The Royal District which strive towards zerowaste initiatives or find quality products certified according UNESCO standards at Design Museum Denmark.

Copenhagen's ranking as a sustainable city

Copenhagen is renowned for its commitment to sustainability, which has been consistently recognized by organizations like the United Nations. The city has adopted a range of initiatives and policies designed to promote eco-friendly practices and reduce its environmental footprint.

This includes public programs aimed at encouraging greener forms of transportation such as biking, walking or taking buses; an initiative that aims to change the way locals interact with their environment; and curbside recycling systems that enable people to easily dispose of their waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Copenhagen also offers visitors access to green spaces, conservation areas and water parks, providing tourists with plenty of options when seeking out enjoyable activities that don't contribute negatively towards the city’s fragile ecosystem.

Culinary Delights in Copenhagen

Sample some of the region's world-class gastronomy and traditional Danish cuisine with a modern twist - dive into Copenhagen's culinary delights now!

World-class gastronomy scene

Copenhagen offers a truly world-class gastronomy experience. The city's culinary reputation has been built on its New Nordic cuisine, which promotes seasonality through local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

This approach to cooking has gained recognition in the food industry with Copenhagen becoming an international hotspot for renowned chefs and tourists alike who flock to savor its flavors.

From traditional Danish dishes such as smørrebrød (open sandwiches), meat roasts, pastries, cheeses, freshly caught seafood - visitors can explore the vast array of enticing options available all across town.

Traditional Danish cuisine with a modern twist

Danish cuisine has undergone an incredible transition in recent years. The traditional dishes of Copenhagen have been reinterpreted and reimagined, mixing classic preparations with modern techniques that reflect the principles of New Nordic Cuisine—which prioritize local and seasonal ingredients, full flavor, sustainability and ecological consciousness.

This movement first took off in Scandinavia in the early 2000s and was spearheaded by world-renowned restaurants like Noma in Copenhagen. Since then it has grown exponentially and inspired eateries all over Denmark's capital city to go above and beyond when crafting new dishes for their menus.

Today, travelers from around the world come to Copenhagen to sample some of this unique cuisine—where they can find a variety of flavors ranging from fresh seafood dishes featuring local catches such as herring or cod, elegant pastries made with organic flour, succulent smoked meats cooked low-and-slow over Nordmann fir wood logs; plus exquisite vegetables sourced seasonally right here on Danish soil.

What Makes Copenhagen Stand Out?

From its enchanting Renaissance architecture to its modern art tour and vibrant cycling culture, Copenhagen is full of unique experiences for visitors to explore. Get ready to immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage!

Unique features of the city

Copenhagen embodies a unique mix of modern architecture and sustainable living, making it stand out from other destinations around the world. The city is committed to sustainability and regularly pushes eco-friendly initiatives such as encouraging bike culture over private car use, offering organic food options in restaurants, and partnering with innovative start ups on green development projects.

Additionally, its rich architectural heritage can be seen throughout the city in sites such as Renaissance-style Nyhavn Harbour canal which boast brightly coloured buildings; Christiansborg Palace which showcases baroque style constructions; or the cutting edge designs by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels - including his iconic 8 House building that spirals up like a Texas lasso.

From contemporary structures to ancient palaces there's something for everyone when visiting Copenhagen - ushering tourists into an age-old journey of exploration only enhanced by sustainable practices at every turn.

Personal recommendations from the Director of Communications

Copenhagen's Director of Communications has a host of tips, suggestions and insights for travelers wishing to experience the city. These insider pointers often include fascinating stories about the city’s history, culture and unique attractions, all of which help shape an immersive visitor experience.

At certain sites that hold historical significance in Copenhagen such as Rosenborg Palace or Nyhavn harbourfront, the Director will provide context on what makes them so iconic to the Danish capital.

Furthermore, with his understanding of intercultural dialogue executions that make Copenhagen particularly special - such as nominated works from architectural projects supported by locals - he is able to guide visitors towards experiences they won't find elsewhere; further prove why The Hans Christian Andersen City holds its title as UNESCO Creative World Capital for architecture within Europe.

Future of Tourism in Copenhagen

The city of Copenhagen continues to develop and strive for sustainability, making it a top travel destination in the world. Discover its potential and stay informed with the latest news on tourism development in this vibrant city.

Predictions for development in the coming years

The tourism industry in Copenhagen is bursting with potential for growth, and there’s already a steady increase in the interest from visitors over recent years. Wonderful Copenhagen are aiming to drive development of these initiatives towards more sustainable practices between 2018-2021.

According to research conducted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) on how COVID-19 will impact global travel and tourism this year, it's estimated that international tourist arrivals could suffer a 60-80% drop in 2020 due to its disruption.

However, looking into 2021 onwards projections indicate there may be positive developments due to pent-up demand for travel from domestic travellers, which could help offset some losses caused by decreased international visitor numbers.

As part of this shift towards sustainability the Comeback Copenhagen initiative aims at developing leisure as well business tourism that puts local community residents front and centre while also maintaining environment friendliness practises for an optimal experience all around.

Upcoming events and attractions

Copenhagen is a city that loves to celebrate, and it offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to get in on the action. From music and arts festivals to bicycling events, locals can be found mingling with tourists throughout the year at gatherings across the city.

Street parties, markets full of local designs and produce, elaborate Christmas celebrations—there’s something new each month! Some noteworthy attractions include The Round Tower – an iconic 17th century tower offering panoramic views over Copenhagen, Parkmolen - Denmark's oldest still-functioning windmill located at centennial lakeside Amager Fælled Common Nature Park - perfect for outdoor recreational activities, Carlsberg Armorial Hall – a historic castle that presently serves as a venue open to public visits.

For those looking for more immersive experiences there is always Hareskov Museum; here visitors get acquainted with Jutland Peninsula history and art by taking part in theatrical performances set in a 19th-century village setting surrounded by nature trails equipped with benches made from 12 different types of wood native to Denmark.


Copenhagen is a vibrant and welcoming destination, loved for its rich history, sustainable tourism practices, and world-class gastronomy scene. The city's commitment to promoting eco-tourism ensures tourists visiting the Danish capital can enjoy all it has to offer without compromising on sustainability.

With unique features such as Frederik's Castle, Freetown Christiania, Tivoli Gardens and more - capita Copenhagen offers endless opportunities for exploration. Not only is the city home to an array of exciting attractions but it also boasts upcoming developments that promise even more experiences with new events and activities in store for visitors in the coming years.

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