Taste The Barcelona: Top Nearby Dining Spots For Urban Adventurers

Sat Oct 14 2023

Top Nearby Dining Spots in Barcelona

Are you an urban adventurer looking to get a taste of Barcelona? From foodie markets and beach bars to tasty tapas and immersive food experiences, there are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the region's culinary delights.

Anthony Bourdain, the renowned chef and food enthusiast has even named his 14 favorite spots in Barcelona! In this blog post, we'll explore some of the top nearby dining Spots for Urban Adventurers in Barcelona that offer a unique mix of flavors from around the city.

Whether you're looking for gourmet market tours or midnight snack stops by the beach, this guide is here to help you make the most out your visit – so let's start exploring!

Key Takeaways

  1. Barcelona has a wide variety of vibrant markets, beach bars and tapas bars for travelers to sample the area's traditional and contemporary cuisine.
  2. Join an immersive cooking class to make Spanish dishes from scratch or explore photographsque food markets filled with local specialities!
  3. Sample delicious Catalan wines on a tour or head over to one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite spots such as Jamonisimo or Quimet y Quimet
  4. Visit Xurreria Dels Banys Nous for light fluffy churros & savory classics like empanadas - this iconic spot has been highly reviewed by locals & visitors alike!

Where to Eat Like a Local in Barcelona:

Forget the tourist traps and explore these authentic gastronomic destinations for a truly memorable experience!

Foodie Markets

Barcelona offers a vibrant atmosphere to explore when talking about food markets. From the bustling 150 maker and food truck All Those Food Market in La Barceloneta, to the renowned Boqueria Market on La Rambla Street, these places provide a rich experience with local flavors and aromas.

Sant Antoni is also another trendy market for foodies looking for exploring new culinary experiences; it has different stands of meat, fish or vegetables as well as fresh fruit juices that make an amazing meal.

With its vast selections from typical products like cured sausages, Catalan cheese varieties and succulent fruits, Barcelona's colorful markets grant visitors an opportunity to taste the city like a locals and discover its diverse cuisine.

Sunny Beach Bars

Barcelona boasts a stunning shoreline and is home to some of the most alluring beach bars in Europe. From Montgat to Castelldefels, there are plenty of sunny spots to relax with a meal or grab an ice-cold drink after taking advantage of one of Barcelona's pristine urban beaches.

The Barceloneta Beach is the closest and most popular beach from the center city, and foodies can find amazing local favorites at nearby restaurants like Salt Beach Club and Bambú Beach Bar.

For something different experience, Xiringuito Escribà is situated over near El Masnou marina where visitors can savor delicious signature dishes while soaking up incredible views across both sea and mountain sides.

Tasty Tapas Bars

Barcelona is renowned for its vibrant and unmissable tapas offerings. From delicious markets to sunny beach bars, the city offers a wonderfully diverse selection of bite-sized dishes and drinks that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

For a traditional take on this Spanish staple, there’s Pinotxo, an institution in Barceloneta known for their popular montaditos (sandwiches made with cured meats). Meanwhile, Blavis serves imaginative tapas with sustainably-sourced ingredients outside of Las Rambles in Plaka.

If you’re looking to visit some slightly more luxurious establishments – look no further than Cerveseria Catalana near La Rambla del Poble Sec; offering terrazas de tapes alongside 150 different types of beer! Finally, Sensi Tapas should serve as your go-to spot for creative cuisine combined with aromatized gin tonics—recommended by locals everywhere.

Immersive Foodie Experiences:

For the ultimate Barcelona culinary experience, join a cooking class to make all your favorite Spanish dishes from scratch, explore vibrant food markets around town and sample local wines.

Cooking Classes

Barcelona offers the perfect opportunity for travelers to get a taste of true Spanish cuisine, with immersive cooking experiences that offer a unique window into local culture. Cook&Taste, one of the most popular providers in Barcelona specializes in providing both hands-on and online culinary classes ranging from Paella tasting to making Gourmet Tapas.

These experiential classes are designed to provide personalized culinary experiences right at the heart of the city! Prices for these classes start at $69.17 per adult, offering participants an affordable opportunity to throw themselves into authentic flavours through interactive workshops led passionate professionals who share their knowledge around traditional Catalan recipes and dishes.

It's no doubt why Anthony Bourdain labelled it as "One of his favourite cities!" – With amazing foodie markets and tapas bars, this is your chance to find gastronomic joy like never before!

Food Markets

Travellers can experience Barcelona’s delightful cuisine and culture in markets bursting with local ingredients. The best foodie spots are the lively outdoor markets, where popular culinary delicacies abound.

From heritage establishments like Boqueria Market to lesser-known gems such as Sant Antoni Market, every market offers an array of Spanish specialties including sausages, soups, meats, seafood and cured hams – all ready for tasting.

With vendors cooked up a storm right in front of you and offering generous samples to try out before buying, these bustling food centers will leave your tastebuds tantalized! You'll also discover authentic recipes from well-seasoned cooks who have been making their signature treats since time immemorial.

Wine Tasting

Barcelona boasts a unique experience for travelers to discover the diversity of Catalan and Spanish wines. From Secret Urban Wine Tours offering an immersive journey through local wineries, to restaurants that specialize in pairing delicious food with the perfect bottle of wine, there are plenty of options for individuals looking to explore the culture of fine vintages.

Additionally, there are cooking classes tailored around exploring new flavors including those found within different varieties of great regional wines. Xurreria Dels Banys Nous offers tours through their cellars and also tasting sessions covering everything from balanced whites, robust reds or smooth dessert styles.

For visitors who would prefer an outdoor adventure while sampling some flavor-explosive Spanish tapas and drinks, The Barcelona Taste provides a unique e-bike tour with gorgeous views and tasty pairings as part traditional itinerary.

Anthony Bourdain's Favorite Spots in Barcelona

Get ready to savor the flavors of Barcelona like the renowned chef Anthony Bourdain as you explore his favorite spots!


is a renowned ham purveyor in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter that has been supplying top-notch ham to world-renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain. What makes Jamonisimo stand out among the vast array of food options in Barcelona is its quaint little shop atmosphere and its unbeatable quality of products.

Inside this tiny store, you can find gourmet Iberian jamón with different types of hams varying from Ibérico de Jabugo, Serrano, Cebo Campo , Acorn Fed Ham (Jamón Bellota) and even some sausages for take away! In addition to these delicacies, patrons are able to interact directly with producers as they walk around the store taking part in their narrative about how it's produced - making Jamonisimo an interactive experince worth trying.

As a result, there’s no doubt why the small business continues to thrive; offering unique experiences that showcase traditional Spanish cuisine set within an ancient city along with delicious hams found only at Jamoniso .

Quimet y Quimet

is a beloved bodega located in Barcelona, and has been serving up the city's best tapas for four generations. Hailed by both locals and tourists alike, it is renowned as one of the top places to visit when travelling to Barcelona.

This hole-in-the wall bar feels like stepping back into another time; with its vintage vibes - wooden barrels, old bottles on display – you can get an authentic experience here that takes your taste buds on a journey.

Featuring delicious cured meats such as Jamonisimo along with traditional plates including Spanish omelletes or cod al pilpil with small fried fish cakes from nearby Badalona – Quimet y Quimet serve up some of the finest flavors Barcelona has to offer! What’s more all their dishes are made with fresh local ingredients, ensuring each plate packs a punch of flavor without overpowering the natural taste of Spain’s delectable delights.


Known as one of the hottest places to eat in Barcelona, Tickets is famous for its innovative tapas and fun, theatrical atmosphere. Owned by Albert Adria of El Bulli fame, this eatery was featured on Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations," with Jose Andres giving rave reviews.

When inside it feels like you have stepped onto a stage set in a theater-style environment complete with cabaret singers and dishes presented like art works - talk about an immersive dining experience! Enjoy unique cocktails and inventive small plates from Spanish favorites such as paella croquettes to their signature pea salad that everyone goes crazy for.

Whether you are looking for memorable eats or just want to watch the dazzling display put on by staff at Tickets, visiting here will certainly be an eventful night out.

Xurreria Dels Banys Nous

is an iconic churro spot located near the Barcelona Cathedral and La Pineda, a famous Spanish-style charcuterie. Whether you’re after a postcard view of one of Europe's oldest cities or simply strolling around looking for tasty treats, Xurreria Dels Banys Nous gives visitors and locals alike an unforgettable experience.

Known by Anthony Bourdain to be amongst the best in all of Barcelona, this popular destination has been highly reviewed with 686 reviews and 401 candid photos on trip advisor. Not only serving up delicious sweet treats such as light fluffy churros that melt in your mouth along side some coffee or hot chocolate; they also serve savory classics like empanadas that come packed with flavor.

Providing travelers with delicious food from local flavors combined with sights rich in history, cuisine served at Xurreria Dels Banys Nous will make any visitor feel apart of the culture surrounding them while visiting this wonderful city!

Where to Stay in Barcelona and Nearby Dining Options

Uncover the beautiful neighborhoods and sample gastronomic delicacies by exploring Barcelona's luxurious hotels and award-winning restaurants.

Top Neighborhoods

Barcelona has a great variety of neighborhoods to explore, each offering its own unique atmosphere and dining options. In the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic), you will find plenty of local restaurants, tapas bars, shops and cafés in one of the oldest areas of the city.

For an upbeat beachside area with hip shops, head over to El Born. The Eixample district is home to interesting architecture and fine restaurants serving all sorts of cuisines-you can also find beautiful monuments here as well as cafes and other attractions.

El Raval is known for its global cuisine including Venezuelan, Indian, Japanese and Thai food! There’s something for everyone here. Finally Gracia is another neighborhood famous for its excellent dining scene which offers lots of different cuisines as per your taste buds delight! Be sure to try some Catalan dishes while in Spain-try thick hot chocolate or seafood paella while roaming around this vibrant area!

Recommended Restaurants

Barcelona has a rich culinary scene to entice all kinds of eaters. From Michelin-starred restaurants to traditional tapas bars, there’s something for every taste and budget. For Spanish-style charcuterie lovers, there is La Pineda which was Anthony Bourdain's favorite spot in the city.

For diners looking for modern takes on classic dishes, Sensato Platere serves up inventive plates rooted in tradition such as house Iberian ham with Kyoto style mushrooms. And for foodies looking for an ultimate gastronomic experience, Tickets offers a multi-course menu that changes seasonally to delight their diners with unique flavours and textures.

Xurreria Dels Banys Nous is a tasty spot offering traditional crème catalana crepes infused with aromas like orange blossom and cinnamon sticks.

Food Tours

Food tours in Barcelona offer a unique opportunity to explore the diverse tastes of Catalonia. Experience the local flavors with a variety of food and drink options from traditional tapas bars and delicious market stalls, to immersive cooking classes and wine tastings.

Companies that specialize in these types of tours include TripAdvisor Food & Drink Tours, The Barcelona Taste, Devour Barcelona and Secret Food Tours Barcelona. For those looking for a more tailored experience, these companies provide different packages that will satisfy any palate with mouth-watering dishes, artisanal wines paired perfectly with locally produced meals, and hidden gems revealing the true essence of Spanish cuisine.

Whether you prefer a bite sized sampling tour or an all day excursion into Catalan culture through savory food pairings there is something for everyone when it comes to exploring this amazing city's tantalizing culinary offerings!


Barcelona is an ideal destination for foodies, offering a wonderful mix of history, culture and gastronomy. Throughout the city, travelers can discover great restaurants, bars and markets as well as immersive experiences like cooking classes and tastings.

Whether you're looking for unique cuisine or classic tapas bars with a view of the gray coast – there's something to make every urban adventurer’s mouth water in Barcelona while learning about its vibrant culture at the same time! From sunny beach bars to Anthony Bourdain’s favorite spots in Old Town – it's worth exploring what this lively Mediterranean city has to offer.

Explore top 10 restaurants near Beach in Barcelona, visit Barceloneta neighborhood or dive into Taste Of Adventure - one of the best gourmet experiences out there!

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