Waffle Wonderland: Unveiling The Quest For The Best Waffles In Brussels

Fri Dec 22 2023

Best Waffles In Brussels

Introducing the sweetest and crunchiest wonderland of Brussels:Waffle Wonderland! Are you on your quest for the best waffles in Brussels? Find out all the delicious secrets behind Brussels’ iconic golden treats, from Liège to Veganwaf' and more.

This comprehensive guide will explore where to find the tastiest waffles through an insider's tip or two, what types of Belgian waffles are available and how they should best be enjoyed.

Ready for a scrumptious journey through one of Europe’s oldest cities? Let’s dive into Waffle Wonderland!

Did you know that Belgium is not only known for its tasty beer breweries but also famous for their mouth-watering decadent compound-slab waffles popularised around 1850 when first cast iron irons were introduced in street markets? Follow us as we travel through depths of legendary history wrapped in indulgence, pinpointing each tucked away gem along our way.

Don't forget to bring your appetite because it sure gets hungry here!

A pleasant adventure awaits those who want take part this culinary journey though earthly wonders; unravelling with many helpful tips from experts like ourselves resulting in getting ever so close to finding not one but multiple safe havens filled with pure bliss.

So buckle up tight, let's get started to explore Brussels' hidden secret gems together!

Key Takeaways

  • Maison Dandoy is widely considered as the best spot for waffles in Brussels offering signature Liege Waffle and Brussels Waffle made with secret recipes from high-quality local ingredients.
  • The Sister Brussels Café offers a variety of vegan and gluten free options for those with dietary restrictions.
  • For adventurous eaters, Woodpecker 47 serves up authentic Liège Waffles cooked on heavy cast iron irons and topped with unique concoctions like Tangerine Yogurt & Fresh Mango.
  • Pardon Brussels provides rich mahogany furnishing paired with abstract décor making it perfect place to satisfy your craving for Belgian waffles accompanied by beer selections.
  • Veganwaf\\\'s scrumptious treats stand out from traditional styles while staying true to classic Brussels flavors found citywide; ideal for vegans looking for an authentic taste of Belgium's favorite pastry.

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Where to Find the Best Waffles in Brussels

With the reputation of being home to some of the warmest, most delicious waffles in Europe, Brussels is a paradise for those who appreciate the artistry behind this delectable pastry.

Discovering these hidden gems among the bustling city can be quite a challenge — follow this guide to learn where you should go on your quest for exquisite Belgian waffles!

Maison Dandoy

Maison Dandoy is widely considered the best spot for waffles in Brussels. Founded in 1972, this family-run business has created a wealth of delicious traditional recipes to choose from, including their signature Liege Waffle and Brussels Waffle.

The Liege Waffle is filled with sugar bits that give it a uniquely caramelized texture when buttered and toasted. Meanwhile, the Brussels Waffle offers an airy lightness with crispy edges and creamy centers--the perfect contrast! Maison Dandoy's warm atmosphere makes it popular among locals as well as tourists thanks to its proximity to Grand Place which allows visitors easy access to sample these treats.

From its secret recipes that make use of high-quality local ingredients, made fresh while you wait, down to the generous helpings (including plenty of sweet toppings!), everything about Maison Dandoy gives testament why this place is widely regarded as one of the premier spots in all of Belgium for finding delicious waffles.

Waffle Factory

Located behind the Grand Place and City Hall, Waffle Factory is one of the top places to sample waffles in Brussels. This popular establishment is open throughout the day and offers both savory and sweet options so that customers can satisfy their cravings any time.

The extensive menu includes everything from classic Liege or Brussels-style waffles with ice cream and fresh fruit toppings to buckwheat pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, salads, hot drinks, smoothies, desserts, and a full beer list for those wanting something other than coffee.

Many customers have commented positively on the customer service at Waffle Factory; many remarking that it is what truly puts this spot above its competitors when it comes to finding good waffles.

Mokafé Taverne

Mokafé Taverne is renowned for serving up some of the best waffles in Brussels and has won several awards to prove it. Established near Galeries Royales Saint Hubert, Mokafé Taverne offers a convenient spot to try classic Belgian waffles, praised by food critics everywhere.

Visitors can indulge in their signature Liège Waffle with its crunchy crust and chewy center topped with caramelized sugar or opt for the lighter and airier Brussels Waffle. Both come in unique flavors such as hazelnut chocolate, coconut lime, or meringue almond strawberry adding zing to every bite.

For an extra special treat, guests can top off their hot w Riyadh if building restaurants were easy already there would have been no anxiety experiencing chef would be running after housekeepers.


Located in the heart of Brussels, Veganwaf\' is a must-visit for anyone searching for an authentic Belgian waffle. Rated 5 out of 5 stars by TripAdvisor and ranked #47 out of 3864 restaurants in the city, this family-run eatery specializes in vegan and gluten-free waffles that are topped with an array of eye-popping delights.

The restaurant is conveniently situated next to La Grand-Place in the Agora gallery, making it readily accessible for travelers who want to experience vegan version of one oft he most beloved Belgian classics.

Offering house made batters and sauces coupled with fresh raw ingredients; you can easily enjoy a unique waffle experience here. All served up with homemade recipes passed down through generations, Veganwaf\'s scrumptious treats stand out from traditional styles while certainly still staying true to classic Brussels flavors found citywide.

The Sister Brussels Café

Located in Brussels, The Sister Brussels Café is renowned for its delicious waffle offerings and outstanding selection of beers. It's a popular choice among travelers on the quest for the best waffles in Brussels due to it's excellent taste and quality.

Visitors can choose from a variety of vegan and gluten-free options, making it great for those with dietary restrictions. Additionally,staff members at this fun café are always helpful and friendly which contributes favourably to an overall positive dining experience.

With so much to offer, this café is sure to be part of anyone’s search for the ultimate Belgian Waffle!

Pardon Brussels

Located in the heart of Brussels, Pardon Brussels is a vibrant and inviting café specializing in Belgian waffles. From their flagship Lièging-style sweet waffle to their more filling savory creations, this restaurant has something for everyone.

With friendly and helpful staff, it’s the perfect place to cure your craving for authentic Belgium waffles.

The restaurant itself boasts an alluring atmosphere with neon lighting that accentuates its modern yet cozy interior decor. Rich mahogany furnishing paired with abstract décor gives the establishment its distinct personality while also making you feel right at home.

When you visit Pardon Brussels, be sure to check out some of their signature dishes like The Volcano – a classic Brusselse Wafel dripping with cold vanilla ice cream then topped off with strawberries fresh from the market; or New Yorker – one of their international offerings made up of delicious almond biscuits and cinnamon apples sauce; definitely giving you a taste unlike any other! And don't forget about house specialties such as ‘Mokka-Crescenza' – boasting layers of crescenza cheese flavored Italian meringue that'll make even Belgium's biggest gourmet jealous.

Woodpecker 47

Woodpecker 47 is the premier destination in Brussels for adventurous eaters in pursuit of Belgian waffles. Authentic steel-based irons built from heavy cast iron are used to ensure that each handcrafted batch is crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, with a complex flavor unlike any other.

The menu features an array of intriguing toppings sure to tantalize even a die-hard foodie's taste buds - including sweet caramelized onions paired with savory taleggio or tangy goat cheese accompanied by rich honey.

From traditional Liege Waffles served warm and redolent of pearlsugar, to original creations such as Chocolate Fondant Waffle Soaked in Cocoa & Ice Cream – Woodpecker 47 will not disappoint! Try their signature sweet creations like Tangerine Yogurt Waffle topped with Fresh Mango or Instagram worthy fares like Bubblegum Pink Profiterole filled with Pistachio Cream for an experience guaranteed to delight your eyes as much as you’re taste buds.


Known for their amazing waffles, Galet is a popular spot amongst travelers in Brussels. It stands out from other spots in the city due to its traditional recipe and high-quality ingredients used to make their waffle dough by hand at the workshop.

When it comes to toppings, you name it - they have all your favorite sweet treats like whipped cream and syrup, as well as savory options like cheese & ham. In addition to this, animal lovers can also rejoice with vegan options available - perfect for those looking for an indulgent but ethical snack! For many returning visitors - Galet’s signature dishes are a must-try when visiting the city and a great way to indulge without feeling guilty about it afterwards!

Los Churros & Waffle

Located in Brussels, Los Churros & Waffle is renowned for their top-quality waffles. With two different locations across the city, this establishment is known for providing some of the best Belgian waffles in town and has been featured as a must-visit destination in the quest for authentic Brussels' delights.

At Los Churros & Waffle, visitors can enjoy delicious handmade waffles crafted with fresh ingredients and made using traditional methods that have been perfected over generations. They specialize in both Liège waffles (made with pearl sugar) and classic Brussels waffles, each offering a unique taste sensation sure to satisfy sweet cravings.

Perfectly crunchy on the outside yet soft and fluffy on the inside they come topped with everything from chocolate sauce to creme chantilly - all guaranteed to put a smile on your face! What's more? This place offers vegan options too so even those following plant-based diets can join in on the indulgence!

Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles

Located in the heart of Brussels, Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles is a fine dining restaurant that serves up some of the best waffles in town. Found close to the Grand Place and within UNESCO's protected area, this quaint eatery manages to stand out with its unique decor and cozy atmosphere.

Not even being an Italian-focused restaurant stops them from offering delicious Belgian recipes for their customers – including doughy classic Brussels Waffles or sweet Liège style treats! Whether you like it with ice cream and fruits, chocolate sprinkles or just plain sugar; the only thing better than their selection of topping options is tantalizing smell coming from all three concesssion areas filling up your nostrils as soon as you walk in through the door! The light texture swirled around melted butter on top guarantees more than one type worth trying.

Add in one’s favorite pick among creamy gelatos or silky smooth ices creams - perfect ones to complement these wonderful masterpieces – and no doubt Aux Gaufres De Bruxelles certainly stands high on every foodie\'s list when visiting Brussels!

Bonus: Gaufres & Waffles

Gaufres & Waffles is a unique twist on the classic Belgian waffle experience, located right in Brussels. At Gaufres & Waffles, patrons can taste an inventive version of this beloved treat that has been completely reinvented and reimagined.

Keeping tradition alive, their version of Belgium's famous Brussels waffle incorporates all of the familiar chocolate chips and creamy topping offerings while also adding a savoury element to create something truly different and special.

With ingredients like bacon mixed into the batter itself as well as clever new toppings such as Parmesan cheese or pulled pork, it’s easy to see why Gaufres & Waffles is one not-to-miss destination when searching for great treats in bruxelles!

Secret Expert Tips for Finding the Best Waffles in Brussels

When seeking out the best waffles in Brussels, it pays to tap into local knowledge. Many small eateries often offer freshly-made waffles that rival those served at iconic spots like Maison Dandoy or The Sister Brussels Café.

Word-of-mouth recommendations can help travelers hunt down hidden gems and avoid queues at tourist hotspots. Furthermore, pay attention to texture – well-baked Liège waffles should be crispy on the outside and lightly chewy inside while Brussels versions are typically lighter and fluffier.

Quality ingredients also equate to more flavorful results so take a minute to inspect your treat before you start chowing down. Don’t forget condiments either - Belgian waffle toppings range from nutella, whipped cream, caramelized sugar cubes and jams.

Therefore always survey the menus before deciding! Last but not least, sometimes breathing in the aromas of fresh waffle batter is reward enough: steer clear of spots where previous batches have left an oily smell..

Types of Belgian Waffles and How to Eat Them

Discover unique and traditional recipes of Belgian waffles ranging from the light and fluffy Brussels to the heavy, dense Liège–and learn how to accompany them for a tasty treat.

Brussels Waffle

The Brussels Waffle is one of the iconic Belgian dishes that has gained international popularity. These waffles are distinguished by their light and fluffy texture, achieved through the use of yeast in the batter.

The resulting dough yields a more rectangular shape compared to other types of waffles, such as Liege waffles. Whereas Liege waffles use pearl sugar for sweetness and crunchy edges, Belgian and Brussels Waffles generally do not contain any added sugar but rely on syrups or toppings for sweetness.

Additionally, since they are lighter than regular dough-based options, they typically require less baking time than global counterparts like American-style Buttermilk Waffle which results in thinner and crispier versions depending on preference.

Liège Waffle

Liège waffles are a type of Belgian specialty, and native to the city of Liège. Unlike its more famous counterpart, the Brussels waffle, Liège waffles have a much different texture and flavor profile due to their dough-like batter.

This thick texture is from natural pearls of sugar spread unevenly throughout the batter that caramelize when cooked with yeast giving it an unmistakable sweetness without being overly sugary.

Although these treats come in lots of shapes and sizes depending on where you find them, they typically have irregular edges formed from the cooking iron's stamping process - no two lieges are quite alike! Best enjoyed still warm or taken home for a quick reheat in a skillet or perhaps drizzled with chocolate sauce for dessert lovers - there's something special about liège waffles that make it hard not to keep coming back for more.

Conclusion and Recommendations

From Maison Dandoy to Los Churros & Waffle, Brussels offers a delectable selection of waffles for all tastes and preferences. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory, like a classic Brussels waffle or Liège variety, the city promises an extraordinary experience.

The key is to arm yourself with knowledgeable tips on where to find the best venues and what flavors to try. Head over any day of the week and be sure not to miss out on other local delicacies such as French fries or gooey Belgian chocolate—either one accompanied by some crispy golden goodness will make your food adventure even more memorable!

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